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Protests in Ukraine that lasted for months... absolutely incredible, 28 July 2016

I don't even know where to start as regards the events portrayed. Such courage in the face of adversity and death. The Euromaidan protests changed the path the country was going and instilled a sense of patriotism in a whole generation.

This documentary is very balanced and complete. My Ukrainian friend says its spot on as regards their fight for freedom. Some of the best footage of this historical event. Even if you are not specifically interested in the Ukraine... certainly how a peaceful protest can get big and persist for months should be worth seeing. I certainly drew parallels to protests in my native Brazil... though my people do not have or need the same courage. Watch it... learn...

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Puts you in 1914 and you can feel the tension..., 11 April 2016

Reading some of the previous reviews I feel them to unjustly pick on the music used. I thought it helped and gives the right emotional tone. Its modern yes... so is the audience. Using the music from back then might be awkward.

Be it the music or the camera work... the program gives a fresh view of WW I and of the people who fought it. You feel like you are in the trenches waiting for battle. The actors look very much like the men they portray. I am very glad this is now available in Netflix and I sure hope to see a 2nd season. If you haven't seen it do so... this is some very very good directing and filming.

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Interesting characters and some very good acting..., 27 September 2013

Overall had a very good impression of the movie. I think it balanced well certain aspects... especially in the portrayal of their romance. They avoided being overly prudish and that made the romance seem more real. Without getting too kinky and losing focus. The contrast between the two characters is really interesting.

The actress Gloria Pires who portrays Lota de Macedo Soares has worked in dozens of soap operas and that sometimes comes through in her films, but not this time thankfully. She so embodies the force of nature that was Lota and this comes through the screen very well. I felt like I was seeing a member of my old Rio family... so her amazing portrayal was certainly the highlight of the film for me.

PS: Being a Macedo Soares myself (but too young to have known Lota)... there might be a bit of bias in my review.

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Documentary with a sense of humor, 22 August 2011

Rarely can one say that a documentary brings quite a few laughs and many chuckles. This is the case of this film/documentary.

The film style is hard to define but it basically follows the daily life of a few local people and how their poor region in Portugal is far and forgotten by the capital and government. The once historic and touristic train line is gradually abandoned, then used as a local metro and is now menaced by the proposed construction of a hydroelectric dam that would flood the aging rail line and leave them without any public transport. At the same time it shows the political vote that will decide the future of the dam, region and the Tua rail line.

So that seems like boring stuff ? Well they actually manage to show some really colorful characters, especially the old man who lives in the former train station of Ribeirinha. Some of the dialog is very "colorful" and some of the newscasts from the past are mixed to very humorous effect. Its a rare look at a rural and laid back part of Portugal and how progress brings some problems.

I think anyone can enjoy this film even if a few references might be lost to those that are not Portuguese or acquainted to them. Quite enjoyable for what otherwise might have been another boring protest issue... yet very well made mix of funny and informative. Well worth seeing.

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Maybe over pretentious... certainly slow..., 1 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really want to like this movie. Its almost the new "2001" at times with visually stunning scenes... yet lacking in a stronger story. Some very good acting...

Yes, it will bring childhood memories (of boys for sure)... and family... but when the film finished I was just numb... of going through such a long movie.

So be aware before watching that it is slow and long. That it has some spiritual tones... if you are warned before it might be better. Its not a popcorn movie for sure... and from the comments in the IMDb it does work for many. It just didn't touch me sufficiently.

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Well done... but lacking in story, 17 March 2011

There are some impressive explosions and deaths. Some of this stuff must have been dangerous to the actors. That is the best of the movie. They seem to have used a lot of explosives. Uniforms and guns especially the German ones are very well made.

Militarily there is some stuff that is nonsense... just to give it more drama. The actors are OK.

It's a bit long too... and overall its the same old Soviet style propaganda which gets tiring fast.

So its a competent war movie. Good for fans of the genre only.

Rating 6/10

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Bbbooorrrriiiiinnnngggg...., 19 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was aghast to see this movie rated 8.0 here... its a 6'er maybe if it had some narrative.

The main character is lame to a point of being annoying. I was cheering against him... he has nothing likable. The story is very flat and silly. The video game thingy is cute but gets tiresome quite fast. The Exes though (which I was cheering for) were quite funny... there as some good one liners... some funny moments but otherwise overall it's weak.

I think only teenagers, full time videogamers and indy/alternative people might appreciate this film. So if you've had sex and you are over 18... avoid this movie... please.

Prayers for Bobby (2009) (TV)
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A must see film for Christian families, 15 January 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sigourney Weaver hits the mark as a true story mother Mary Griffith. Great acting. The family too. The movie might seem a bit slow, but in fact it takes it time to show how Mary and her son Bobby eventually took life changing decisions.

I read so much on the internet from fundamentalist christians and what they think about gays. It's hard for them to have a level headed view of homosexuality. I think this film is a unique opportunity to think about how they deal with gays and their religion that should be about love and acceptance.

The movie certainly is a tear jerker and I hope it has a wider audience. I recommend it.

Avatar (2009)
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Great visual... but could have a better story... "Pocahontas in Space", 20 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So it's visually great and action filled. Yet nature documentaries also give me great shots of exotic places.

Somewhere they delved too much into the technical "Let's make new visual sensations" and forgot to make a story that would really capture our imagination.

As for the Na'Vi culture and Planet Pandora... during the film I had this constant impression that the director underestimates the public's intelligence. So he kept things nice and easy to understand. The aliens are basically North American native Indians transported to a night glowing jungle. Elves mixed with Indians... same hair cuts and weapons. The big bad Na'Vi guy even has the voice of the iconic native American actor Wes Studi ! They even have hands, nails and all sorts of human features. Basically blue big humans.

So does "Pocahontas in space" hold up ?! Kind of. Its fun. Its an eye full. In 3 years we won't remember this film anymore. Why ? Because it doesn't really grab my imagination. Still worth watching... but a better script writer and a bit more effort in making the Na'Vi really alien would have made this a true classic.

Could have been so much better..., 21 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This films seems like those paintings or drawings we spoil because we try to put too much into it. Until the middle it seemed like a really good film... the couple seemed almost real... a good story about getting over the loss of a loved one.

Then come the corny parts in Ireland... a way too perfect "how we got together" scene written it seems by a 13 year old girl. That totally sunk the movie... getting to the end was torture by then. Yet it so came close to being a good movie... that is the saddest part.

The last scene with her mom laughing was so so corny it prompted me to write this review. Please stop script writers from doing this damage to films... drama stories can be good... but do try harder.

Your Sincerely

PS: I hope some producer reads this

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