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2012 (2009/I)
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I couldn't believe how trash this movie was..., 25 November 2009

Extremely long with a bad plot, full of clichés, poor choice of actors and even the special effects were nothing and STUPID. I stayed in because my boyfriend wanted to see the end but I was texting to my friends most of the time:) But there were some parts when I couldn't help but laugh: 1. how they escaped in the last minute from a fire/tsunami/volcano/earthquake 2. the one with the sixtus chapel was hilarious scene at the end bw the 2 "heroes" 4.Save the rich the gates...Come on..what about the other millions of ppl who couldn't pay? 5.Of course the dog survived...slipped almost under the door..:)


Pls don't make the same mistake as we did...don't waste your money on this.