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A poorly written, poorly directed waste of time, 16 November 2008

The writers and director have priests and nuns doing what no priest or nun would do. Simply preposterous. Suspending disbelief is not enough; you actually have to shoot, mutilate, and burn your disbelief and scatter the ashes at one of the poles in order to tolerate this garbage.

Michele Greene's character isn't a nun, but a novitiate. She'd be in the convent or in class, not acting as some visiting priest's aide-de-camp; in fact, no nun would be in that capacity with a priest. It's ridiculous.

The priest wouldn't be at a hotel. He'd be in a rectory guest room. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Priests and nuns wouldn't "pal around" as these two did. It simply wouldn't happen. Preposterous.

Nuns wouldn't gossip with one another in the convent as is represented in the movie. These are not naive schoolgirls who would spend their time ooooohing and aaaaaahing about some boy. It's pathetic what's represented as plausible by the writers and the director.

Too bad. Michele Greene is, as usual, hot, even with her snood, but it's all too, too preposterous. Have a vomit bucket next to yourself if you're forced to watch this nonsense by a Perry Mason/Raymond Burr fan whom you don't want to offend

I suspect Burr needed the money and Greene needed the work. Burr's no doubt spinning in his grave and Greene's still cringing.

Face/Off (1997)
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Ideal film for anyone whose IQ is <80., 20 September 2008

Utterly unrealistic. The premise is as contrived as they get, making it impossible to suspend disbelief even if you have a 15-story crane. The actors hammed it up full-time, but not nearly as much as director Woo did. He must have laughed all the way to the bank with the money the (possbily drunk) producers shelled out. It's too bad that it was handled as it was. If Woo had realized that the story was comic-book material and had elevated the premise to the level of Batman or Spiderman or the like, it could have been acceptable-level tongue-in-cheek entertainment. As it is, it's more like the Marx Brothers without the (intended) laughs. Don't waste your time or your money on this turd.

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A waste of time for the viewer, a waste of money for the producer., 20 September 2008

This is an utterly unrealistic representation of the FBI (an organization that eventually succeeds, despite itself). The plot events are contrived, the acting is hammy, the dialog is stilted, the characters are wooden. It's about as unrealistic as a film can get without entering the realm of animation. Over-the-hill actors and actresses doing their yeoman best to grab a few dollars for their twilight years. Do the world a favor: buy a copy of the tape (if it ever went to tape) and erase it. Then discard the tape. If you're Catholic, it might serve as remission for some of your more egregious sins. If you delight in crappy FBI-oriented films, take a look at Face/Off with Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. Both Travolta and Cage duck under the table whenever anyone mentions the film--and they're right to do so.