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Rapturious (2007)
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Different,definitely different, 21 October 2007

Okay,so I read some reviews about this movie,and I was intrigued that people either liked it or hated it,so I checked it out and I must say what struck me the most was how different and unique it was. John Oppenheimer,who is Rapturious (Robert Oppel) gets haunted by his past,when demons realize who he became. When a series of creepy events happen,Rapturious starts to realize somethings awry. That's the basic storyline,but what I loved was the weird imagery director Kamal Ahmed used in the horror sequences. A lot of sex and bloody guts fused together in these hallucinations Rapturious gets when he takes a mysterious drug called "Afterlife". Some people wrote that this movie looked "Low-budget",I have absolutely no idea what they're talking about. This movie was shot brilliantly,with terrific composition and cinematography. I feel Ahmed was going a "static" old-school style on purpose,and me being from Europe,I loved the pacing of the narrative. This film is unlike the MTV influenced films America makes nowadays. I look forward to Ahmed's next project!