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Incredible dancing goes on and on!, 22 February 2003

Film based around the classic Hans Christian Anderson tale of the 'Red Shoes', starring Moira Shearer. I'd wanted to see this for quite a while and even though it didn't quite live up to my expectations, I couldn't fault any of the amazing ballet sequences, which make it easy to see why this film has become such a classic. A good turn too by Shearer, who shows real emotion as the girl torn between her love of the ballet and her love for the young composer (Marius Goring)

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Misguided casting doesn't help this Cinderella retelling, 22 February 2003

This film is based around the retelling of the classic fairytale 'Cinderella', with Leslie Caron taking on the title role and Michael Wilding playing the pronce. Although there are some good moments, overall I found this film a disappointment. The acting is stilted at times and there are some dis-jointed ballet sequences that could have easily been removed from the final cut - mainly a showcase for Caron's dancing skills and little to do with the overall plot. I think my main complaint is the mis-casting of Caron as Ella - I never quite empathise with her enough as the ill-treated and lonely young girl and from then on care little about the overall outcome of the story.

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Wonderful retelling of the classic fairytale., 7 February 2003

This film may be long but it is thoroughly worth sitting through to the end.

The story starts off in the palace, where we are introduced to the Prince and the royal family. There are some great songs to get the film off to a bang and I had some fun spotting all the wonderful British actors who have bit parts - and believe me there are lots! Then we are taken to Cinderella's residence where her stepmother and stepsisters have taken over. (Margaret Lockwood does a super turn as the evil stepmother!) Here we are introduced to Cinderella aka Gemma Craven, who plays the part to perfection. She has a lovely voice and is ideally suited to the role of the young girl who is down on her luck but granted her heart's desire by her very own fairy godmother. It's a shame that Richard Chamberlain, in my opinion, couldn't have brought more to the part, although his scenes where he believes he has lost Cinderella forever were genuinely touching.

I do think that the film could have been cut in length slightly, especially the scenes in the palace but overall it's a beautiful retelling of the classic fairytale.

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One to get you into the Holiday Spirit!, 22 December 2002

With Christmas a few days away I thought I'd watch this film to try and get into the holiday spirit. I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. This is one of the sweetest and loveliest films I've seen in a long time and will be one for the permanent Christmas collection. You know, those films you get out without fail every year!! A young Janet Leigh and a handsome Robert Mitchum meet in the top department of a large shopping complex. Although it is not love at first sight it soon blossoms into something more and I'm sure you'll be willing them to be together, as I was.

This is one of the best roles I've seen Robert Mitchum in - he is wonderful as the kind-hearted man trying to win the woman he loves. There are some heartwarming scenes between Leigh and her young son Timmy, which will sprinkle Christmas magic over everyone.

A 10/10 film in my book!

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A real women's film!, 21 December 2002

I thoroughly enjoyed this film about a group of women being led by Robert Taylor's character to their new town. They are a motley bunch but pull together when the men desert them to travel and start a new life with the men they have chosen to be their husbands. Robert Taylor is fantastic as the man being taken to take them through, even though he believes it to be an impossible task. There are some genuinely touching moments in this movie, I had to have my tissues handy in places, but it is well worth a watch. One of the best Westerns I have seen and even better because the women have the chance to take centre stage for a change.

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James Cagney star vehicle, 21 December 2002

This film turned out to be a real tear-jerker, but in a good way!! James Cagney takes centre stage as the man looking for the son he has never seen. Barbara Stanwyck is good in a supporting role, although I felt she could have been given an even better part. There are some lovely scenes between Cagney and the young girl he ends up bonding with and overall I did enjoy this movie very much.

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Fontaine at her comedic best, 21 December 2002

Joan Fontaine is wonderful in this delightful comedy about a woman who appears to attract men like flies!!! She is about to run off with the man she loves, when he discovers all the so-called 'loose ends' that she has left behind. I am a big fan of Fontaine and this film is one of her best. Watch the way she wraps each man around her little finger without even realising it!! Comes highly recommended.

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What a gem!, 1 December 2002

I had been told to see this movie by a friend, if just for a sight of Stewart Granger with a moustache and I wasn't disappointed. Granger and Jean Simmons work beautifully together again, in this movie based on the concept of a young girl falling in love with an older man - and one she believes to begin with is her father!! Simmons is adorable as the young girl, whisked away from a life of labour and far more likeable in this role than any other. I loved the final scene between the two of them and the running joke that Granger looked better with his moustache after all! Not one to watch if you don't like continuous remakes of the 'old man, young girl' scenario, but in this case it works to perfection.

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Screwball comedy at its best, 1 December 2002

This is one of the best examples of screwball comedy I have ever seen!! There are so many classic moments in this film that you will not stop laughing from beginning to end. Already being a huge fan of Grant, I was looking forward to seeing this and it couldn't have been better. Hepburn is the perfect foil for Grant in what could be said to be one of the greatest films of all time.

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Bit of a tearjerker, 28 November 2002

A fabulous film with an all star cast of Charles Boyer, Olivia De Havilland and Paulette Goddard. Boyer plays a man who is trying to get US citizenship, the only way by which turns out to be, marrying De Havilland's character. There is a sweet scene between the two when they set off on honeymoon and they play beautifully together throughout. Paulette Goddard is wonderful as the scheming other half and it's nice to see at the end that she gets what she's after!! Clever start to the film too - look out for Veronica Lake making a movie - and a lovely ending that really couldn't get any better.

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