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List of my rated documentaries
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Documentaries that tell stories about people, their living conditions, challenges and battles in their life.
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Documentaries that investigate and expose the power structures, business and corruption in the political, corporate and financial world.
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Documentaries that tell stories of man's exploration of the world and extreme challenges externally and internally.
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Documentaries that deal with the environment or related to that theme.
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This list includes documentaries that tell stories about the phenomenon of religion and belief. These films observe, portray, investigate and many times reveal the inner workings of religious groups, sects and people that are dedicated to them and their belief system.
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Documentaries portraying peoples fight and activities involved in promoting human rights and freedoms against political, corporate and other power structures that inhibit or forbid them.
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Well worth watching!
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Documentaries that tell stories about artists, art projects and cultural subjects.
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Documentaries that explain and tell stories about war in different countries.
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Documentaries that investigate and expose the food industry and health issues.
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My rating of TV-Series
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Documentaries with a general scientific theme, like Astronomy, Evolution, Medicine Etc.
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Documentaries that tell the story of human evolution and history.