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Great series!, 3 May 2013

This series is an absolute winner. It was created with flair, humour and suspense. The actors were well chosen and truly work well together. I just love watching each episode and with my PVR able to watch them over and over again. This is one series that must be and should be continued. Each show is well photographed, acted and well written. This is truly a top rated show and I really hope it will continue. It is such a relief to be able to watch a series that is both entertaining and interesting. The tropical setting adds a totally different aspect and is well integrated. Very well done. Whoever thought this one up should be proud of their effort. Let's keep this one going. As usual another British show is first class and puts the USA and Canadian programmes out in the cold. Keep up the good work folks!

Horsemen (2009)
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Terrible movie, 9 April 2010

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I don't like horror movies. I thought with Dennis Quaid in the movie it would be worth watching, how wrong could I be? No wonder the younger generation lacks respect, morals & common sense when garbage like this is produced. Between the horror flicks, the TV dramas & computer games it is a wonder that there is any youth capable of intelligent thought. This movie depicts a dysfunctional family wherein the father is a policeman too wrapped up in his job to look after his children properly or even spend time with them. This seems to be the norm in families now & I can see where the producer/writers etc have chosen this theme to expand their brand of so-called talent. Isn't there enough of terror & horror without having to have it exposed in the movies? The outcome was predictable as it was evident with the family attending church & the son's fixed stare on the priest & his sermon. I'm glad I didn't spend money to view this movie as it would have been such a waste. Hopefully next time I won't be lured by an accomplished actor's name to watch another of these terrible films.

Great movie - very entertaining!, 7 April 2010

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Hubby & I loved this movie! Don't know what is wrong with the rest of the folks who saw this & gave it such a bad rating but we watch movies to be entertained & this movie did just that. The characters are so red-neck & interesting that we've got a copy of this movie & will watch it whenever we need a good laugh. The actors were great; music was terrific; the script, photography & editing made this movie so entertaining right from the start through to the end. It was interesting see older actors incorporated with the young ones & how well they interacted with each other. I believe this group must have had fun doing this movie - probably as much as we had watching it! I guess to enjoy this movie you must release any expectations or previous encounters with the actors. As hubby & I don't the young ones we didn't have any preconceived ideas of their talent or what to expect. The title - Beer for My Horses was misleading but once we started watching we were enthralled! Loved it & hope this group comes back with another!

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Excellent movie!, 25 March 2010

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Thoroughly enjoyed this presentation of an epic poem. The actors were well-chosen and presented the characters in a believable manner. Each of the characters were portrayed with realism and first-class acting skill. The photography was outstanding and added quality and realism to the movie. The scenery was spectacular and added so much more to the presentation. I recognized many of the actors and appreciated their cultural background being used in a favourable manner for this movie. I would like to see more movies of this quality being produced instead of what is being offered in the current market. This movie is well worth watching a second, third and more times as one sees subtle inferences that one misses upon first viewing.

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Enjoyed this episode!, 15 March 2010

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Once again I must disagree with the first person who wrote a comment on this episode. Hubby & I enjoyed this episode & didn't mind that a murder didn't happen right away but built a story-line to follow. It was good recognizing familiar surroundings & actors from other shows. This episode developed more character & interaction of personalities along with a sense of humour that is lacking in other dramas especially the ones made in the US which have no humour, no story & poor acting. As usual one must watch this program as with the all the other Midsomer Murders at least twice to even appreciate the subtleties that are enmeshed in a well developed show. That along with the scenery and photography is why Midsomer Murders is such a successful program.

The Shadow (1994)
Excellent entertaining movie!, 4 February 2010

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Love this movie. I watch movies to be entertained & am thrilled with this one. I can watch it over & over again & each time find something new in it. The characters are well played. The sets are spectacular. The photography is outstanding & one has to revel in the various aspects. There is action, suspense & the costumes are first-rate. Baldwin is great in this movie & is next in line to Hunt the Red October for his performance. I don't remember this picture being advertised when it was released but find that what critics like & hate is totally opposite to my taste, therefore, I seldom read, listen or bother with what critics have to say. One has to suspend logic & just enjoy all the aspects of the movie from the action to the music!

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This was the best episode ever!, 14 November 2009

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We, hubby & I, have watched - several times over each episode from the Killings at Badgers Drift on to the latest - Shot at Dawn & both agree that this episode is the most lively & entertaining one yet. We love Midsomer Murders & never miss an episode. Unfortunately living in Canada we don't get the immediate releases & have to depend on the goodness of such TV stations as Knowledge & Book to offer whatever they can purchase.

We found this particular episode the best next to Midsomer Rhapsody. Now we didn't mind there wasn't a murder right away as we were interested in the story. This particular episode had more interesting & entertaining dialogue than most. The characters were well played & well suited to their parts. We enjoyed the interaction of each & found the humour outstanding & truly made the show. I even think the actors enjoyed themselves in their parts or at least seemed to.

Well, as my hubby says each to their own taste, but, I'm a bit surprised at the some of the comments of others who deride this most entertaining & different style of Midsomer Murders.

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End of another season, 23 March 2009

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I totally disagree with the previous writer. My husband & I thoroughly enjoy Season 10 of Midsomer Murders & look forward to each episode & love watching them over & over again. I guess when you are used to such high quality programming you tend to get 'bored'. As we live in Canada & have little opportunity to truly enjoy great entertainment in regards to TV productions, we appreciate the quality of programming that we do receive from those stations that provide these shows. Each episode of Midsomer Murders is so well presented - writing, acting, photography, settings & all that is presented it is well worth viewing & enjoying time & time again. The British dramas are appreciated here in Canada & we hope we keep getting them. As 'Death in A Chocolate Box' didn't have lots of bodies but it was certainly interesting in the story-line. It kept us guessing as to who actually did the killings. Season 10, on a whole, presented us with different aspects of the main characters of Midsomer Murders - Tom Barnaby etc. It was very interesting to see Tom in a different light - I'm thinking of 'The Axeman Cometh'. Keep up the good work & we'll keep watching.

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I enjoyed this program., 20 February 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thoroughly liked this presentation of Murder is Easy. I found the acting to be of high quality & think that Julie McKenzie is an excellent choice for Miss Marple. I believe she will add some zip to the character. As for being reader of Agatha Christie's books, I'm sorry but I find her rather dry. I believe that movies & books are 2 different mediums & cannot be compared & to be fair to both, they shouldn't be. I look forward to more of this new Miss Marple. I hope other folks enjoy this new Miss Marple & will support the endeavors of both the writers & actors. It's really nice to have another drama program to be able to enjoy. Let's hope they keep it up.

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Great Series, 11 April 2008

I like this series as it has so much to offer. The scenes & locales are interesting & very real to life. The actors demonstrate their abilities to fit the characters & make the characters real. I've seen both versions of Murdoch Mysteries with the 2 different lead roles & find them both a credit to each of the actors. Yes, obviously, they present different aspects of the character but each brings quality to the part. I really enjoy this series & look forward to each episode. It's great to see a Canadian production of this quality on TV - such a rare gem. I do hope this series is kept on & is appreciated by both the public & especially by the TV providers - cable & satellite.

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