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Dark Angel (2000–2002)
bring back a 3rd season!!!!!
13 June 2008
I absolutely love the series....i agree though that the first series was better than the second....i loved the plot more....not that i didn't love the 2nd series....that was amazing to ....but there was a lot going on in the plot....but whatever they both were amazing and i really wish that they will bring it back.....they talked about making it into a movie but id rather see a 3rd season....think about it...if they make it a movie they will have to summarize the first two seasons so that people can get the jist if they've never seen it and then the fact that it has to fit into a 2 hour time limit...i think that we would be jipped out of a really good i think they should put out another series so that they really get into depth of a amazing ending that doesn't leave us hanging or angry as we leave the movie theater. but if it has to be a movie, i would rather it be that then nothing at all.....the open ending is driving me insane...its kind of like having to wait for breaking dawn or harry potter 7 to come out....only more so because there is a big possibility that they wont make an ending....i really hope they do....and i think a lot of fans are going to be extremely mad if they don't come out with a satisfying ending some how!!!!!! please please please bring Dark Angel back. and keep the same actors for the key characters.....i have grown to love jessica alba, Micheal weatherly, and jensen ackles in their parts.
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