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rubbish, 10 January 2010

i played a number of parts in this film and the only good thing i can say about it is that i met Trevor peacock and Robert Powell, two very nice people and wonderful actors. as to the actual film, it was utter tripe. the making of it was a farce right down to rafts that wouldn't float. it was a welsh production through and through, most production staff, actors, locations and extras were welsh and what could have been a good film turned into an expensive welsh mess. if you ever have the chance to see this film, which was shown on television in the nineties, then my advice is don't. the reason i say this is because it could very well spoil the story should you ever have the chance to see it done properly. having said all that it would probably fit in very well with all the American cods-wallop we are forced to endure on UK television nowadays.

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stunt man, 18 October 2007

my grandfather was the stunt rider in the wall of death scene. i only found out that little bit of info a few years ago when i discovered a lot of family i did not know i had. his name was Frederick William Augustus Cooper aka 'Crash Donovan'. He was born in surrey england on the 16th of august 1912 and he went on to be a world renowned stunt man and motorcycle racer. He worked for great actors like George and John Warwick. If anyone should know anything else about this great man or perhaps has photographs or even film of him please get in touch. i would be most grateful. if you read this before the 19 march 08 then you will have noticed a few changes. thanks entirely to IMDb and the original piece that i placed here my new found auntie Joan and uncle Fred (two of my grandfathers three children) have made contact. Joan has sent me a fantastic picture of granddad sitting astride a dirt track racer C1928 and Fred has kindly written to me explaining some of our family history. granddad held a number of world records in his youth and a very kind gentleman from the Brooklands race track is sending me whatever he has found. sadly i never met my grandfather for reasons that would take far too long to explain here and as he died in 1967 i must hope to meet him in the next life. RIP grandfather, at least i know now where my heavy right foot comes from and your great granddaughter and great grandson are just as bad.