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Hulk (2003)
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Some pretty good stuff., 21 June 2003

I saw Hulk on Friday and I loved the opening sequence, it was great; graphic, and the comic fonts, fantastic. But then it started to go downhill from there. For about half an hour I was seriously thinking "My goodness, Lee's really lost it." Then as soon as the Eric Bana and Nick Nolte's relationship started to pick up, I thought; "Exactly what I was looking for."

The action of course was unbelievably fantastic. I found myself sitting there for a few moments drewling at the special effects. Even though at some points the Hulk did look slighlty cartoonish; what can you do, when you have to apply an emotive face and expressions along with a giant green muscle man?

The final interaction between Bana and Nolte was brilliant. It was so much like a tragedy; it looked so much like a tragedy infested play, and that was perhaps one of the great factors which drew me into the movie.

Overall, I believe that what grabbed me was how different this film was to others. The comic like split screens, the freeze frames; all of this was brilliant. What makes this film good, is just how different it is to others, as well as other comic book films. I give this film 9 thumbs up. No just joking.


The Ring (2002)
A thrill fantastic, 17 November 2002

The Ring is ultimately one of the greatest movies of all time. Or ultimateley one of the greatest horro movies of all time. Although there could've been things that could be better there was in fact nothing that could've been better about this film other than the fact that the Japanese original is fantastically much more horrorifying, although American adaptions generally are terrible, this was quite close to the original and was good.

Although many may not agree, the most terrifying part was in fact the bit where Sadako, no I mean Samara came out of the television. It was extremely well shot and to be honest with you. the make up on Samara was better than when Sadako came out of the television.

It was excellent, and it is my movie now!