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2002 MTV Video Music Awards (2002 TV Special)
Great show! But, Where is the essence of it?
4 February 2003
This year's VMAs show was better than the past year mainly because there were more live performances, and more presenters. This year Mtv executives spent more time on the nominees and it's reflected on the 21 categories with good quality videos.

The intro of the show was hilarious. Jimmy Fallon parodied Eminem's "Without Me", The White Stripes' "Fell In Love With A Girl", Avril Lavigne's "Complicated", and Enrique Iglesias' "Hero". Jimmy Fallon was a great host overall.

Performances from Shakira, The Vines V.S. The Hives, Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band, and Puff Daddy with some friends were good. But Eminem's "White America" and "Cleaning Out My Closet" was the best. Guns 'n Roses performance could've been better, but the fact that they performed was amazing.

My complaint is that the winners were decided because of high-sells and controversy. The essence (and spinal cord) of the show is to award THE BEST VIDEOS of the year. Seems like MTV lost the main idea of the show since 1997. The nominees in the BEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR category are great, the best picks since 1996. That's it. 6 powerful and emotionally videos were nominated. Though, I think that N'Sync's "Gone" had nothing to do in this category. It wasn't N'Sync's year! Well, a pop video had to be nominated. Eminem won the best video of the year, and that's because he had the best selling cd of the year. "Fell In Love With A Girl" and "Alive" deserved the award because those are truly great videos.

Eminem and The White Stripes were the big winners of the night, getting 3 awards each. P.O.D. and Missy Elliot were the big losers, before the show both had 6 nominations.

Good job MTV, this year's VMAs were the best since 1996, hope next year will be better.
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Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (2002 Video Game)
This is the MORTAL KOMBAT game to worship.
3 January 2003
The best MORTAL KOMBAT game ever. Period.

Before getting into the review, let's refresh our memory with the impact that MORTAL KOMBAT games caused worldwide.

The world of Arcades, and console video games changed back in 1992 when a game called MORTAL KOMBAT took the attention of the entire world. BLood, non-stop martial arts action, motion capture graphics never seen before, and the infamous FATALITIES were the elements that made MK a success, and the game that changed and took the fighting genre to another direction. The game featured 7 deadly warriors with special powers, and ready to fight. MORTAL KOMBAT was a great game, but lacked of more scenarios, more characers, and a best fighting style... ..in 1993 the video game industry changed abruptly again when MORTAL KOMBAT II appeared on the Arcades. MK II featured 12 playable characters : 7 new, and 5 returning characters including Scorpion, Liu Kang, Raiden, Sub-Zero. This time, Shang Tsung and Reptile were playable. The gameplay was awesome, you could never get tired of it. The graphics were improved, and were as realistic as they could be. The score, and f/x were damn good. Overall, MK II is the best fighting game of the period 1990-1995. How could I forget about FATALITIES? These finishing moves are brutal, and will remain as the best fatality moves in the MK saga. It wasn't a game for young players, it was dedicated to mature fighters. It's said to be the best MK game.

In 1995, MORTAL KOMBAT III took a new direction which was not very welcomed by fans. Personally, I think that it's a great game, with a new combo system that allowed the MK experts to have a better fighting experience. Fatalities weren't improved, in fact, some of them weren't cool enough like in part II. Featuring 15 playable characters (one of them hidden)), 2 finishing moves per character, a friendship, a babality, and 1 animality, made MKIII one of the hughest fighting games of it's time. And I mean, HUGE. As a HUGE fan of the series, I'd say that this time the FATALITIES filled our expectations... but got boring soon. Anyways, MKIII had the best storyline of the saga making it a dark and "dangerous" game to play.

1997 saw the birth of MORTAL KOMBAT IV, a game that was even less welcomed by fans. To play this game you need to be objective, and realize that MORTAL KOMBAT need a change. It's gameplay is damn fun! The weapons were a fun addition to the series, but got boring pretty fast. This time we can choose from 15 playable characters, that sadly were similar one to each other. With the exception of Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Raiden, the other fighters were similar in their design and fighting style. That was where MK IV failed.

FORMAL REVIEW. Five LONG YEARS LATER, fans around the world expected the re-birth of the series with number 5. NOW, imagine a combination of MORTAL KOMBAT II, III, and IV into one game. That's how we get DEADLY ALLIANCE. It's the most impressive MORTAL KOMBAT GAME EVER! with excelent graphics, great character design, a cool soundtrack and chilling sound F/X !!! What else can you ask for? Characters from the past include the infamous Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Kung Lao, Reptile, Kitana, Kano, Johnny Cage, Sonia, Jax, Quan Chi, Cyrax, are joined by new members and let me say, that they are very welcome. The gameplay is great, it's nice to see our loved characters into the next gen fighting genre. The fatalities are as brutal as in PART II, and that's something good. This game is filled with tons of secrets, excelent animations, and anything else you could dream about in a MK game.

Take my word, this is the MORTAL KOMBAT game that fans (like me)waited for 5 long years. It's the best fighting game out there, and by far it's the best fighting game in 10 years. BUY IT RIGHT NOW, Mortal Kombat fans.!!
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The Devil is around... and he is very welcome!!!
30 December 2002
I can't believe how good and enjoyable this film is. Watch it with low expectations, that way you will like it. It's good acting, great direction, a kick-ass and effective score, a good cinematography makes this movie one of the best horror movies of the 90's. No Kidding.

The plot centers on a priest that's obsessed with the upcominng birth of the anti-christ. He has to intentions to kill the devil's son, in order to save the world. He's aided by a heavy-metal fanatic, and a tv star that supposedly predicts the future and knows about mystics. The fatality day comes and the anti-christ is born, could this priest save the world?! Could it be possible that the anti-christ exists? or is it a product of the priest's imagination?... Discover by yourself in this cool chilling movie.

Yes, this movie has great moments! It has plenty of demonic themes, gore, and some creepy settings. The ending will shock all those who don't believe in the devil, and will surprise any horror fan. This movie is recommended for everyone!!!

The word "cool" describes best this movie.
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Second bite in the right direction! "Welcome to Fright Night for the last time"
20 November 2002
"FRIGHT NIGHT II" is a great sequel to one of the best Vampire movies ever. The original "FRIGHT NIGHT" has to be the best Vampire movie of the 80's, and that helped the late 80's release of part II succeed.

Charlie Brewster is back ,this time he's not a geek anymore and he has a new and hot girlfriend, but he denies the existence of vampires. That's his main problem because vampires couldn't me more alive this time around! Everything is going alright in Charlie's life until he meets Regine. Regine is the kind of woman that every man would like to have in their home: she's hot, sensual, and she knows how to be sexy. Now, there's a little problem with her: She's a vampire, and she wants to take revenge for her brother's death. Unknown to Charlie, Regine is Jerry Dandridge's sister and now he has to pay for Jerry's death. The same thread goes for Mr. Peter Vincent "The Vampire Killer" who helped Charlie in the previous film.

Charlie and Mr. Vincent team up again for a second and last time in a deadly battle against vampires... Unlike in the original "FRIGHT NIGHT", this time they are ready and they have no fear for vampires.

FRIGHT NIGHT II is a great vampire/horror movie. In some moments, you can feel the spirit of the original FRIGHT NIGHT, and that makes this movie better. A rolling skater vampire, a vampire that eats insects, and some Evil Ed style weirdo are present to irritate Charlie and Mr. Vincent before they face the sexy (but deadly) Regine Dandridge in the last FRIGHT NIGHT battle.

The ending is great, I won't give away it but you have to check it out carefully. Peter Vincent's last scene is stuff for legend, and he's still the best Vampire Killer in a movie. Check out this movie with high expectations, it won't disappoint you.
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this film goes 10 km/h
5 November 2002
Very slow, boring...

This is an example of a movie too bad but you can't stop watching it. I don't know what Stephen King was thinking when he wrote the script. The plot is not even interesting for sci-fi!.

The direction is not that bad, and the soundtrack is cool, but these elements can't save this film from being dumped to the junk yard.
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Grave Robbers (1989)
Your average slasher
2 November 2002
Yeah, it's not a movie that changed the genre or something, but it shows that Mexicans can get into this genre! When the slasher genre was about to die in the early 90's, Mexicans tried to get into this field. And it had a decent success considering that horror movies weren't very popular at that time. "LADRONES DE TUMBAS" has the elements that are required to make a slasher : plenty of gore, creepy settings, a demonic killer, and of course hot girls.

The acting is quite good, featuring Mexican leyend Mario Aldama, and a gorgeous Erika Buenfil among others.

There's not much to say about this movie, but sure it worths 2 bucks for a rental. This is an enjoyable film, but don't expect too much. The creepy ending is very good!
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Bloodmoon (1990)
Not awful, not good
2 November 2002
Those were the days... Where this kind of slashers were a reason for staying home on a Friday night when being 12 or 13 years old.

I remember this movie airing on USA NETWORK almost every 6 months, but it wasn't until the 10th time it aired that I decided to watch it. The first 10 minutes are kind of creepy, then the movie gets boring until the expected end. The killer is no way scary, and even the plenty of gore and hot girls doesn't help "BLOODMOON" being a slasher to be remembered.

Just for die hard fans of the genre.
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Before Resident Evil and almost every zombie flicks..
2 November 2002
Warning: Spoilers
...we have a very creepy film from 1968, none other than the original "NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD".

Taking it seriously, this movie could frighten anyone. You need to watch it to believe it. Excelent direction by Romero, good acting, a haunting score, and scary zombies are all in here. Maybe it's not the best zombie movie ever released, but for it's time it stated the rules for this kind of movies. The last 20 minutes are filled with suspense, and this feeling of anxiety that comes when the main characters are about to be savagely devoured. The ending will be remained as one of the most shocking in horror history.

**SPOILER** I wanted the mention the scene where the zombie girl stabs a woman to death. It's like, you expect the zombie to eat her or something and suddenly she comes slowly to stab her for several times. That was quite scary!. *END OF SPOILER* Give it a try, and convince yourself that true horror does not mean lots of gore and a mysterious killer that is revealed until the end. Way much better than it's remake, or sequels just watch this film and avoid the follow - ups. Truly a classic.
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Jason X (2001)
Jason in all his glory. Dedicated only to fans.
1 November 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Let the bodies hit the floor!

Jason is back and there's no possible way that he's returning to hell. "JASON X" is a great sequel. I'm a die hard fan of the Friday the 13th movies, and other fans have to agree that this movie rocks because it's all about Jason. And now way he's a sell out unlike other villians... Jason Voorhees returns and now the devil has something to fear.

For example, pretend it's your birthday and you are 8 years old. It's your day, and everything it's only for you : the clown, presents, the cake, everything. Your parents pay for a birthday party with the purpose that you will have more fun that the others. JASON X is the same case. The fans pay to see JASON doing his favorite thing : slashing dumb teens and anyone that gets on his way. Fans complained in JASON GOES TO HELL because there wasn't enough Jason, and in JASON X we get Jason all the time! Besides we get PLENTY of gore, creative death scenes, a very very PI**ED off Jason, hot chicks, a cool setting, even a good score.

THE OLD DAYS... In some moments, the feeling inside the previous Friday the 13th movies was present. The creepy atmosphere, the "ki ki ki" and Jason looking mean brought some old memories. *MINOR SPOILERS* All of the death scenes show that Jason hates any living thing, and this time around he has no compassion for anyone unlike in previous films. Oh no, Jason shows no mercy. His machete had a lot of work in this one. The VR Camp Crystal lake setting is pure gold! It shows Jason in all of his glory. Those were the days where Jason would slash anyone around his territory. The death scenes, the score, the direction (which I must say is pretty good) and of course Jason brought the Friday the 13th style back. -END OF SPOILERS-

THE NEW FRIDAY THE 13th Ok, maybe the plot is kind of (!) cheesy but the series needed a new story. The film has lots of black humor and this is why some people think that it's a cheesy film in general. Sometimes the humor is necessary to break tension.

Overall, this is a good slasher and it's because there's Jason Voorhees. This is a movie to add proudly to the Friday series, and that's it. It won't change future plots, and it won't change Jason's fate. This is a reward for all the die hard fans that waited to see Jason lifting his machette again.

Yes, we waited 9 years for this movie to happen, and I'm proud to say that the wait was worth. JASON X will be followed by FREDDY V.S. JASON next summer. Movie in which Jason Voorhees will kick some seriously Freddy's ass! Come on, we all know that our loved hockey masked killer is the best out there. Just wait to see. Long live to the Friday the 13th movies!
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The Doorway (2000)
Another horror attempt that goes directly to the garbage can
31 October 2002
I can't believe this was released in theaters. It should came straight to video. Anyways, this is a very bad horror movie. In fact, it can't be horror as it lacks of gore, scary scenes, creepy direction and settings, etc. It features 4 teens that spend some days trying to fix a house in order to receive some bucks. For their bad luck, there's a doorway in the house that leads to hell. Yes, hell in a very cheesy way. When they find out that they found hell, they immediately look for help... I won't get into details about the plot as the explanation of hell and some strange events that occur inside are very stupid. And guess what? Roy Scheider is on the rescue... What does that mean? Is it something good or bad? There's no reasonable answer.

This movie has only one good aspect : both girls are somewhat attractive, and the ghost girl (when not possessed) can be very attractive.

Avoid this one! Fans of the horror genre will find this a very boring, and no potential movie. Don't even give it a try.
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Michael Myers is very alive and here to stay
31 October 2002
Warning: Spoilers
As a big fan of the series, I'm not disappointed after watching HALLOWEEN:RESURRECTION. It's Michael Myers introduction to this century. HALLOWEEN has taken a new dimension and Michael is ready for it. This is a good slasher/horror movie compared with other movies from the genre in the last 3 years.

The HALLOWEEN series needed a new plot after HALOWEEN 4 : THE RETURN OF MICHAEL MYERS. The stupid explanation of his origin damaged his image. Until part 4, Michael was an unstoppable killing machine; he was scary, he had his own style, he wasn't just a brutal killer with no common sense, in fact he was clever.

If you are a fan of the series read. If it's the first HALLOWEEN movie you've watch then you can't say something bad about this one.

THE BEGINNING -SPOILERS- The first 15 minutes of H:RESURRECTION have the feeling of the previous HALLOWEEN films. The first death scenes show that Michael is really MAD, and he is blood thirsty. Then, the confrontation between Michael and Laurie opens the chance for a sequel... The point is that the first minutes of the movie pay tribute to the old HALLOWEEN style, introducing Michael Myers as the main character of the movie. This has to be the best opening sequence in the HALLOWEEN series just after the original. The explanation of how Michael survived works very well...

MICHAEL MYERS Michael returns bigger, bader, and meaner than ever. Michael's brutality when committing murders is something to be scared of. I can't remember other HALLOWEEN movie where Michael stabs his victims with such anger. Brad Loree gives a personality to Michael in this film, and that makes him scary. This is Michael's movie, let him have fun.

DIRECTION Rick Rossental proves to be one of the best directors in the genre. Now, this movie has a great direction. It can't be compared with the Blair Witch movies! The moving camera shots are great, and work perfectly for some scares. Rossental did a great job in HALLOWEEN II and he returns to make a better job in this movie. You can't complain with the good direction. H:RESURRECTION looks impressive.

ACTING/CHARACTERS Well, this time we didn't get Jaime Lee or Donald Pleasence but the main characters are not that bad. I know, Busta Rhymes has zero experience in acting, but his character is likeable. Maybe his kung-fu imitation sucks, but he beat the hell out of Michael -something that just Donald Pleasence done. Talking about Dr. Loomis, he has really missed this time. Specially when it is mentioned that Michael has been living in his house without being noticed. Even if parts 4, 5, and 6 are ignored we know that Michael's been around every Halloween night, and now it's explained where he's been hiding. Dr. Loomis' character is severely missed, and it's a lack of respect that he's not even mentioned in this one. The main characters in the HALLOWEEN MOVIES are Michael, Dr. Loomis, and Lauire Strode. As it's impossible to bring Loomis back, at least his obsession, and research about Michael should be considered. Talking about the characters here their acting is regular. There's something that the HALLOWEEN movies need and it's character development. Seems like we get the Friday the 13th camp counselors, because if the die or not doesn't matter. A new character linked to Myers needs to be introduced.

-BIG SPOILERS- **************** STUFF TO THINK ABOUT... -Do you REALLY think Laurie died? -Will Michael return for a sequel? -Was it Michael the villian in this movie? Now, what's Michael's purpose?? Is he trying to be like Jason Voorhees just killing because he wants to?
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High Spirits (1988)
Oh no... what's this?!
30 October 2002
This movie sucks! I can't believe I spent almost 2 hours on this. It has a stupid plot, bad acting, poor special effects, and a lame score that would be better used in "Ren & Stimpy". I can't understand how someone can like this one.

I made a mistake : I watched this movie one day before Halloween. I mean, only good horror movies deserve to be watched in Halloween eve.

Avoid this one at all costs. It's not scary, not even funny, not even a movie.
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Nightbreed (1990)
what word could describe this one?
23 August 2002
Confusing? Weird? Bizarre? Sick? Kind of ...cool? I go with kind of cool. It's like you are watching a monster movies, not scary not even creepy but very gory. So the combination works and we got an entertaining movie. What I liked about it it's the amount of gore, it's great amount of red liquid for a film like this! Yeah it's a cheesy movie, very cheesy in fact, but it's perfect for midnight fun. Rent it only if you couldn't go out in the night, or if you are a monster movies freak.

The coolest thing about it is a cameo by Jason!!
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didn't work
21 August 2002
The attempt to bring the ouija board theme to a movie sounds good idea, and the first 10 minutes are kind of scary. There was so much potentinal at the beginning of the movie, sadly it fails. The plot is nothing new, it couldn't scare even if taken seriously, the directing is good at some point, but as we can't see the "djinn" until the end we can't get scared in the death scenes. The good thing about the movie is the acting, and I could say the effective score. The ending is quite good that's all I can say about it.

"Long Time Dead" is recommended for recent fans of the horror genre, even though it failed to promote the horror genre of the new century. Watch it for some fun!
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delivers what one expects
17 August 2002
"El Crimen del padre Amaro" is a film hard to watch, specially for catholics and yes, it could change your vision for Catholic Church if you take as an example recent events in real life.

The movie starts a controversy that surrounds the credibility of the Catholic Church through their priests and the connections between the Church with politics and drug dealers. What is shown in this movie is related to related events in society, and that's where the movie succeeds. The events are so well described that anyone could say this adaptation of the novel is based on a real life event. Gael García in the role of Padre Amaro delivers a solid and believable performance as always. Supporting actors like the great Damian Alcazar, Pedro Armendariz, Angélica Aragón and Ana Claudia Talancón complete one of the best cast in contemporary Mexican cinema.

The movie was released in Mexican theaters this weekend, even though it was almost banned for it's crude thematic. After watching it, I can say that my expectations delivered what I expected. This is by no mean a masterpiece, but it does it right in it's own way as it's not for every audience. I recommend it for everyone, even if you are not Catholic this movie shows how the Church has became a dirty business and not only in México...

"El Crimen del Padre Amaro" will start a controversy and it will be acclaimed by critics, just like "Amores Perros" and "Y Tu Mamá También".
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Married with Children (1986–1997)
You need to watch it to believe it!!!
1 August 2002
"Married...With Children" has to be one of the greatest comedy series in history of life! The show was hilarious, the chemistry between the actors is amazing. This show rocks!!! In fact, this show started all the family problem thing, before the Simpsons. This show is heavily underrated, and deserves more recognition and respect. Ed O'Neill was the star of the series as Al Bundy, the shoe salesman. Al attributes all his problems and failures to Peg, his wife (Katey Sagal). To make it more complicated, Al has 2 children, Bud -the loser son, and Kelly -the sexy hot blonde that has no brain, and they create new problems for Al. Al Bundy has to be one of the greatest heroes in Television History, he's always in trouble and behind the wall with terrible situations but he manages to keep his good sense of humor. The sex jokes were hilarious, they'll making you laugh off your socks. Every character was perfectly ellaborated, even Buck the dog.

I agree, Jefferson (Ted McGinley) is a great buddy to Al but that buddy relationship left a lot to wish. Marcy (Amanda Bearse) is very funny, and she can get Al out of his mind.

"Married..." was cancelled for 2 reasons. 1) The show didn't work as it use to from season 1 to 5. Then it went down, jokes were lame, Al was the main character not leaving space in the show for the rest of the cast. 2) The cast, and the wrtiers tried to make "Married..." like the rest of the hit seaons of the time, forgeting about the original "Married..." storyline, and it's own sense of humor. I was very sad after the last episode. I think that this series deserved a better ending, and this final episode came very late. I'm sure that the series had more potential in the end, I just don't know why it changed that much, it wasn't "Married" in the end, the show seemed like a cartoon.

What makes this show a winner, it's the actors, and the great chemistry that exist between them. The plot and jokes were damn hilarious. You can't ask for more, watch "MARRIED...WITH CHILDREN" to witness one of the funniest shows ever, one of the best sitcoms in history, and the best "problem family" show uncensored. No wonder how it lasted for 11 years, this show is on the top10 of all time best sitcoms. 10/10
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Prison of the Dead (2000 Video)
Bad but watchable
23 July 2002
For a second I got that 80's horror movie feeling... Just for a second. This one has a silly plot, dumb teens, drug use, sex, gore, and 2 identified killers. After the ouija session the fun begins. One by one this teens get killed by 2 executioners that awake from the dead. The dead come to life and hell arises for this teens.

For being a low budget, this one tries too hard. The acting was bad but not as terrible as in other straight to video slashers. Featuring zombies, an ouija board, devil creatures, and an annoying storm "Prison Of The Dead" is only for die hard fans of the genre. If you wanna spend a fun night watching horror movies, rent this one and other -but good- horror film. If you try to get into the horror films, avoid this one! it'd be a lame way to get started.
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Finally! A good horror movie in the new century
23 July 2002
"Jeepers Creepers" is by no way one of the greatest horror films in recent years but it outstands from others. Seems like "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" and "Night Of The Living Dead" were big influences for this movie. It has some scares, a creepy atmosphere, and a scary villain. Gina Phillips is hot and gives a great performance, and the guy who plays Darry does it very good.

An effective horror film, an easy plot to follow, and gore are all here and work very well. This one deserves to be checked out!. *People who enjoy the new horror movies will love it, and die hard fans of the genre will likely enjoy it.
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Retro Puppet Master (1999 Video)
I hate this movie!
23 July 2002
The first time I watched -at least tried- I fall asleep after 20 minutes of the movie. I couldn't believe it, I was watching one of the worst movies of all time. A retro for a stupid story line, with bad actors, and NO gore !?! Was it necessary!?

Ok, I gave it a second chance. After the ending, I was amazed of how a movie could be so bad. Ok, it has low budget so what?! "Halloween" had a low budget too. This movie is just for the "Puppet Master" series fans. When I think about the "Puppet Master" sequels I get mad because the original was a great horror sci-fi film and it's sequels just ruin the toys (or puppets), the main characters of this series.
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Warlock (1989)
devil fun
23 July 2002
"WARLOCK" is a great horror movie involved with the devil. Making a movie about the devil should be treated seriously, making it believable. This on takes it kinda seriously, but it's not a masterpiece. This movie shows the devil in a human form, but still being the devil! that's what it makes it scary to watch.

It has cheap special effects, but they're not that needed if you get into the story.

Give it a try, it's a good one for the genre.
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Psycho II (1983)
Norman is back...did he change for good?...
23 July 2002
Warning: Spoilers
A great sequel to a masterpiece. That's it. The plot centers on Norman this time. He's out of the asylum after 23 years. That means that horror comes to the Bates Motel. Norman is back, but so is Ms. Lila Crane-Loomis. She's not happy about Norman's reconciliation with society. so she decides to turn him mad with the help of her daughter Mary. They decide to dress and talk like Norman's mother in order to get him out of his mind. Sounds a good plan but Norman is already mad , old times seem to return and that means fun!!!

Believe it or not, this movie has dramatic situations that have to do with Norman's hallucinations, and murders by an unknown shape dressed as Norman's mother. Anthony Perkins looks disturbed and perturbed ,that adds a dramatic realism. Vera Miles and Meg Tilly are great as mother and daughter, their performances are very believable. The creepy Bates Motel, and the crude death scenes are effective. The result is a great psychological horror film, that is at the same time a great sequel to one of the best horror movies of all time.

***MAJOR SPOILERS*** After the ending, I thought "Norman got his ass save this time. He was claimed innocent and luck is by his side this time". What an unexpected ending, he even kills his real mother. This sequel should closed the "PSYCHO" franchise, part III and IV: The New Beginning were not innovative.

Rent this one! You won't be disappointed in any aspect, PSYCHO II got all the elements to be a must see.
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obscenely fun!
20 July 2002
After watching "Don't Go In The House", and "Doom Asylum" the same night, I was expecting the 3rd movie to be worse that the previous 2 , the 3rd movie is : "Mystery Science Theater 3000 : The Movie".

I have to admit that I had a great time watching it! My night was done right after watching it. "Mystery Science Theater 3000 : The Movie" deserve a recognition for turning "The Island Earth" one of the worst movies I've ever seen, into a good movie. It works like this : It's a very bad film that's actually good.

Join Tom Servo , Gypsy and friends for a laugh hard time.
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Can't believe it happened...
20 July 2002
...the flying piranha special effect (is it a special effect?!), it has to be one of the worst moments in cinema history!.

Pros: it has hot girls in bikinis. That's it. Cons: a dumb plot, horrible special effects -the flying piranhas say it all-, a bad score, a bad cinematography, bad acting. It's even worse that the original "Piranha": This one didn't even try to be a good horror movie. I wonder what's James Cameron opinion about this movie, I'm sure he's not proud of it. Avoid this one, watch JAWS instead.
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WOMEN, avoid this movie
20 July 2002
"Don't Go In The House" is the most disturbing movie showing violence

against women that I have ever seen!. And I've seen lots of sick stuff. First of all, it's perfectly understood here that our lead character HATES women because of her mother... Ok, that's the plot but the way women are murdered, and how infidelity is shown may be the reflection on the writers. Don't get me wrong I love slasher movies... now that I think this can't be considered as one.

The TERRIBLE script, the LAME lead actor, the POOR special effects, and the HORRIBLE soundtrack make this one of the worst movies ever. The box cover of the movie does not have to do with the movie, don't be fooled. Well it's gonna be hard to fool someone, because I don't think this movie is still available in most places, and if it is it should be burned like this dude's victims!.

Watch HALLOWEEN -the inspiration for this movie-, it has good acting, a good plot, and a NICE ending. DON'T... rent this one.
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Doom Asylum (1987)
after you watch this movie, you'll be doomed
19 July 2002
hey! it's slasher 80's fun, I agree with the guy that said that this is pure Friday entertainment, we have gore, a deformed killer, some hot chicks, and creepy settings. One thing that creeped me out, is the way this killer uses the instruments to kill,, it's so primitive! Don't be fooled by the box of the film, though it looks stupid, and the killer seems to be a joke, the movie is not that terrible. It's a baaaaaaaad movie, but after you watch you can say , that you can watching ANYTHING. Just recommended for true slasher fans!!!
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