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Loved It, 16 December 2004

I haven't watched this film in about 4 years. But I love the film. Sure, there are things borrowed from previous stories, but there are certainly things unique in this film. Jimmy Stewart was great in his role as the troubled George Bailey. He was not the typical "good-guy." He has flaws. The subject matter is dark which may be the reason the film didn't hit well after WWII. If you look at the movies that were made in that time period, they were upbeat and musicals were hitting their stride----again.

I had a problem with the film, though.....When Bert is going after George, why did Bert shoot at him with innocent bystanders in the way? Could you imagine the lawsuits had he hit one of the pedestrians?

I thought Capra did a wonderful job with this movie. Geroge has dreams of travelling the world but the death of his father postpones his plans. Then he falls in love with Mary and they get married. On their way to the honeymoon, George is sidetracked again, by the crash of the market. Then George is ready to leave again to fight in WWII and he's sidetracked---again because the army can't accept him the the hearing problem. All the while, George is helping people. He just doesn't realize his contributions until a hapless, wingless angle named Clarence shows him just how meaningful his life is. The end of the movie IS uplifting. It's a fantastic movie with a fantastic cast.

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Yes, it was Long, 20 January 2003

It's been 20 years since I've seen this movie and I agree with some who say that the long opening sequence was TOO long. However, for the one guy who said this is the worst movie ever must not have seen Jack-Ass.

I didn't care for the movie. It was too artsy for me. However, Kubrick always made films that made you think in the end.

Loved It, 15 January 2003

I first saw this movie many years ago on TV and thought the movie was just a joke on a TV show. Now it's not David Memmott, but then again, I laugh hysterically at WB cartoons. I don't think this movie was supposed to be taken seriously. Kirk Douglas is excellent as the villain while Whiskey gave a very underrated performance. Mel Tillis was great as the "Porky Pig" character. With all the sight gags and their predicatable outcomes, the ending was the best with Ann Margaret choosing Douglas over Arnold. For those that wrote lengthy barbs at how this is the worst movie ever, I would like to quote Sgt. Hulka..."Lighten Up, Francis." It was a spoof movie. I enjoyed it.

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Fantasy, 23 April 2002

This was truly a great series to watch growing up. Who wouldn't want super strength and super speed? I remember in the movie or maybe it was one of the early shows where there was a guy in a rural area (farm maybe?) who looks out over a flat field and sees a man tearing up the road. In the early days, Steve ran pretty fast, as opposed to the slow motion used later.

The movie was set up very well. A man has an internal battle going on when he loses both his legs, his right arm and his left eye. He didn't want to become a machine. Then, later as he is getting used to the idea of being "bionic," he sees an accident and goes to rescue a little girl who is trapped inside. As he rips the door off, and reaches for the pinned girl, something in the car tears a part of his arm. After rescuing the girl, the mother see the arm and screams. So much for being the hero. I wished they would have kept that conflict going a little while longer. Not overplay it...Just keep it going. But, they weren't sure the show would be picked up, so they resolved the conflict...