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Plenty of thrills, 25 July 2003

It's been one year since the plane explosion from the first Final Destination

Kimberly Corman (A.J. Cook) has a premonition of a horrible freeway accident.

Her premonition is able to save her life and a group of others.

But as we all learned from the first movie you can't cheat death.

The group most come together and try to survive with the help of Clear Rivers (Ali Larter) the sole survivor from the original.

Gore hounds will not be upset there is plenty of gore to go around, the death scenes are very creative and well done.

The plot for FD 2 is pretty much the same as the first, but to the credit of the Writers J. Mackye Gruber and Eric Bress and Director David R. Ellis they make it work.

A.J. Cook is no stranger to horror movies, but this is her best one yet.

She handles the lead role very well and gave a solid performance.

About halfway through the movie the group tells each other how they avoided death in the past, and all of that has a connection to the first film, I don't wanna spoil anything so i won't go into detail.

But all i will say is the final minute wow what a scene

Rest of the cast includes Michael Landes, T.C. Carson, Keegan Connor Tracy and returning in a small role is Horror movie Icon Tony Todd.

Some people say horror movies are dead, and while yes since the 90's rolled around there haven't been many great horror films. The great ones are few and far between but Final Destination 2 is one of the greats.

Every bit as good as the original if not better.

I give Final Destination 2 8/10

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Awesome!, 4 July 2003

Natalie (Cameron Diaz) Dylan (Drew Barrymore) and Alex (Lucy Liu) are best known as Charlie's Angels.

They're a crime fighting trio who kick major a$$.

The Angels are trying to stop a plot that will destroy individual privacy.

The Angels are helped by their loyal sidekick Bosley (Bill Murray)

The plot is rather thin but Charlie's Angels totally rocked.

I'm not really into these MTV style films but i enjoyed this movie a lot.

I always liked female action heroes since we don' t really see that much.

Director McG does an ok job, he really doesn't have many original ideas but the movie still worked.

Sam Rockwell, Kelly Lynch, Tim Curry, Luke Wilson, Matt LeBlanc also star

There are cameos from LL Cool J, Tom Green and Alex Trebek.

Cult icon Crispin Glover also appears as The Thin Man.

There is some really good action scenes. But above all Charlie's Angels is just an entreating movie from beginning to end.

All three women shine it's really hard to pick a favorite but if I had to I would probably chose Dylan but all the three totally rock.

John Forsythe does the voice of Charlie.

I give Charlie's Angels 8/10

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Come get some, 20 June 2003

When Professor Knowby's tape is played by a professor and a reporter the deadites return and take over Dearborn Michigan.

Ash (Bruce Campbell) now must once again defeat the deadites.

You start off in Dearborn then you head to colonial Dearborn, then the civil war era of Dearborn then a post apocalypse Dearborn.

Some people complained the first Evil Dead game was too hard.

Well this one is much harder. I was stuck several times, but once you get moving the game moves really fast.

Tons of gore and plenty of great one liners from Ash.

The graphics are better in this one then the last.

The deadites all look better and the movie parts look better.

You have some cool new weapons plus a book of spells, which you will need through out the game.

A Fistful of Boomstick took me just under a week to beat.

And the ending totally rocks.

Who knew The Evil Dead would be this popular today?

2 awesome sequels and i guess you could count the video games as sequels so that's 2 more.

As Bruce Campbell said this is the next best thing to a movie.

Also on the game is a making of video, which features Bruce Campbell.

If you're an Evil Dead fan you will like this game, at times you might get annoyed when you get stuck but when things are moving it's really fun.

Evil Dead: Hail to the King was a great game but this one gets a slight edge.

I give Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick 8/10

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Halloween 5, 31 May 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


I reviewed Halloween 5 once before but felt the need for another review.

Michael Myers (Don Shanks) was presumed dead following a shoot out with the Haddonfield police.

Michael fell down a mine shaft where explosives were dropped, but of course Michael lives.

Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris) is now at a children's hospital and has become a mute.

Once Halloween rolls around Michael returns.

Jamie has some kind of psychic link with Michael.

Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) is trying to get Jamie to help him stop Michael.

Rachel (Ellie Cornell) stops at the hospital to visit Jamie all the time brining her friend Tina Williams (Wendy Kaplan) along with her.

Loomis warns everyone of coming danger and this time he is taken seriously.

Sheriff Ben Meeker (Beau Starr) gets the troops ready for another showdown with Michael.

Rachel is thinking about going away with her parents but is having doubts of leaving Jamie.

But before anything can happen Michael kills Rachel.

Tina thinks Rachel decided to go away after all.

Meanwhile there is a new person in town a man dressed in all black who quietly walks the streets with an unknown but sinister purpose.

Rest of the cast includes Matthew Walker and Tamara Glynn.

This time around Halloween became more like the Friday The 13th movies.

Halloween 5 came out in 1989 and by then we have had 8 Friday films and 5 Elm St. movies.

So i guess the producers of Halloween 5 wanted to make sure they didn't fall behind.

The Script wasn't all that great, but good enough to keep things moving when there is no action.

Most people won't agree with me but i think Director Dominique Othenin-Gerard did a good job.

Halloween 5 like the original is very dark. Not a lot of lighting.

Director of Photography Rob Draper is no Dean Cundey but did a good job.

Sure Halloween 5 may not make a lot of sense at times like why the old man in the beginning didn't call 911 when Michael passed out in his house.

He saw Michael was hurt. Also the two cops who add the slapstick comedy to Halloween 5 didn't fit the flow of the movie or series.

And how about Michael Myers in a jail cell? I would hate to be his cell mate.

But yeah it was silly having Michael in jail.

But i really like Halloween 5, it's nowhere near the level of the original Halloween.

John Carpenter created a masterpiece.

But of all the sequels Halloween 5 is my fav.

What i also like about Halloween 5 is the psychic link between Michael and Jamie, and the scene where Michael unmasks himself to Jamie was a great scene and showed the human side of Michael before he goes after Jamie again.

The Myers house was way too big yes, but it worked. The house added the creepy feeling.

In Halloween:Resurrection the Myers house was pretty much the same size as it was in the original.

But for me it didn't work, in Halloween 5 there was so much more room to run and hide. It made the chase scenes more intense.

Donald Pleasence is great like always, and once again Danielle Harris is great.

I don't like kids in horror movies all that much they mostly get on my nerves but Danielle was quite different.

I thought she handled the role great.

The one mistake though that was made in Halloween 5 was killing of Rachel in the first 20 min.

Rachel was a great character and should have lasted a bit longer.

The ending of Halloween 5 was great, the man in black shooting up the police station.

It was a great cliffhanger.

Though when we find out more about the man in black in the next part it didn't seem to work.

I personally find Halloween 5 a bit scary at times and find it suspenseful.

All the scenes with Jamie and Michael in the Myers place were awesome and the car chase scene was also very well done.

Halloween 5 may not be the best made sequel in the series but of all the sequels it always will be my fav

I give Halloween 5:The Revenge Of Michael Myers 8/10

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Rob Schneider steals the show, 28 May 2003

Set in the future where crime has gotten out of hand, there is an elite group who uphold the law

Judge Dredd(Sylvester Stallone)is the best the force has.

But when Judge Dredd is set up for a crime and convicted he sets out to clear his name.

Rest of the cast includes Rob Schneider, Diane Lane, Armand Assante, Jurgen Prochnow, Max Von Sydow, Balthazar Getty and Mitch Ryan.

The Script was ok nothing great but did have it's moments.

Director Danny Cannon did an ok job, he was unable to make Judge Dredd any different then any other action flick.

Sly is awesome like always, but Rob Schneider is clearly the standout as Herman Ferguson.

Rob Schneider is the side kick and pretty much provides all the laughs.

I give Judge Dredd 6/10

Undisputed (2002)
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Rocky it ain't, 25 May 2003

George "Ice Man" Chambers(Ving Rhames) is the boxing heavyweight champion.

But Ice man's world soon falls apart when he is convicted of rape and sent to prison.

Once Ice Man gets there he hears all the talk about Monroe Hutchen(Wesley Snipes) who is the prison boxing champ ten years running.

There is tension between Ice Man and Monroe which leads to a showdown in the ring.

Cast also includes Peter Falk, Michael Rooker, Jon Seda, Fisher Stevens and Ed Lover.

And a cameo from Jim Lampley.

The Script was written by Walter Hill and David Giler.

The Script was ok nothing great.

And Director Walter Hill does an ok job not his best work.

Being a fan of Wesley Snipes is why i watched the film though the movie did focus around him, his role wasn't that big.

But Snipes does put in a solid performance as does Ving Rhames.

I won't give away what happens for those who wanna see Undisputed but it's fairly obvious who wins the fight.

I give Udisputed 5/10

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Don't get much worse then this, 23 May 2003

Sfefan(Christopher Lee) is a werewolf hunter.

He teams up with Ben(Reb Brown) who had a sister that was killed by werewolves.

They go from Los Angeles to Transylvania on a mission to kill Stirba(Sybil Danning) who is queen of the werewolves.

Annie McEnroe also stars.

The Script was Written by Robert Sarno and Gary Brander.

These two just might be the worst Writers. The Script was just horrible.

Director Philippe Mora is nothing more then a hack.

Howling 2 is just beyond bad, one of the worst horror movies ever made.

Christopher Lee actually turned down the role of Dr. Loomis in John Carpenter's masterpiece Halloween.

But yet he takes this role what was he thinking?

You can see Christopher Lee just wanted to do his scenes and get the hell out.

The only good thing about this movie was Sybil Danning nude.

They don't get much worse then this.

I give Howling 2 Your Sister Is a Werewolf 0/10

Very Entertaining, 22 May 2003

FBI agent Carl Hanratty(Tom hanks) is hot on the trail of Frank Abagnale Jr.(Leonardo DiCaprio) a young con artist who successfully impersonates a Doctor, Lawyer, and airline pilot.

Frank has a whole bunch of different identities, and is cashing in on over 2 million dollars in fraudulent checks from many different countries.

Top notch cast which also features Christopher Walken, Martin Sheen, Nathalie Baye, Amy Adams and a cameo from Jennifer Garner.

Jeff Nathanson wrote a fantastic Script.

And after the somewhat disappointing Minority Report Steven Spielberg makes a great comeback.

Steven Spielberg does one hell of a job no one could have done it better.

I may not be Mr. Spielberg's biggest fan but i do enjoy his work and Catch Me If You Can i feel is one of his best films.

Leonardo DiCaprio gives a brilliant performance. When all is said and done Leo will be an icon in Hollywood.

Tom Hanks also puts in a brilliant performance.

Tom Hanks legendary status continues to grow with each film he does.

Catch Me If You Can is inspired by true events.

The DVD is loaded with extra features and you get to see the real Frank Abagnale.

The stuff that man did is truly amazing and he was only a teenager at the time.

With Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio how can you go wrong?

I give Catch Me If You Can 8/10

Cobra (1986)
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Sly shows again why he is so great, 21 May 2003

Lt. Marion Cobretti(Sylvester Stallone) better known as Cobra is a one man assault force.

Any bad guy that gets in his way ends up dead.

There is a serial killer on the lose known as the night slasher.

But the trail leads to not only one murder but an army of psychos bent on slashing their way to a new order.

They set their sights on Ingrid(Brigette Nielsen) who saw them commit a crime.

But lucky for Ingrid she has Cobra to protect her.

Reni Santoni and Brian Thompson also star.

Sly not only stars but wrote the script.

I like Sly a lot as an Actor, Writer and Director.

The Script from Sly was good not his best screenplay but i found it for the most part well written.

Director George P. Cosmatos does a good job directing.

The action scenes were really good.

The car chase scene was awesome.

And like always Sly rocked in Cobra.

I could watch Sly movies all the time and never get bored he is a fav actor of mine and my fav action hero star of all time.

I give Cobra 7/10

"24" (2001)
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24 Season 2, 20 May 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Season 2 opens up about a year and a half after the events of Season 1 and Jack Bauer(Kiefer Suthetland) is still dealing with the death of his wife.

Jack is trying to get in touch with his daughter Kim(Elisha Cuthbert) who is now estranged from him.

Kim is living and working for Gary Matheson(Billy Burke) his wife Carla Matheson(Tracy Middendorf) looking after their daughter Megan(Skye McCole Bartusiak)

When CTU learns of a Nuclear attack on Los Angeles, CTU tries to get Jack to return as well does the new President of the United States David Palmer(Dennis Haysbert)

The terrorist group second wave led by Syed Ali(Francesco Quinn) is responsible for the nuke.

Finally Jack agrees.

George Mason(Xander Berkeley) is back as the leader at CTU also back is Tony Almeida(Carlos Bernard) New at CTU is Michelle Dessler(Reiko Aylesworth)

Michelle is a possible love interest for Tony

Kim runs into trouble with Gary Matherson which forces her to take Megan and try to escape from him.

Jack goes undercover to learn more about the nuke, the group he is with plans to blow up CTU.

Traitor and murder Nina Myers(Sarah Clarke) Returns for a few guest spots she has ties with the terrorist group second wave

As the hours unfold we learn of a conspiracy against President Palmer in which his estranged wife Sherry Palmer(Penny Johnson Jerald) returns.

Does Sherry have any Involvement with the conspiracy?

Marie Warner(Laura Harris) is getting married sometime during the day to Reza Naiyeer(Phillip Rhys) who is Muslim. Marie's sister Kate Warner(Sarah Wynter) has suspicions about Reza and has him checked out.

New to the cast is Lynne Kresge(Michelle Forbes) who is an aide to the President, Bob Warner(John Terry) who is Marie and Kate's father, And new to CTU is Paula Schaeffer(Sara Gilbert)

As the season goes on we learn of a Cyprus tape with the voice of Syed Ali and government officials from Middle Eastern countries.

But Jack gets a phone call from somebody that informs him the tape is fake, Jack must now find the tape to prevent a war on the wrong nations.

Meanwhile there are some other people who want the tape, so CTU and President Palmer don't find out it's a fake tape.

Over the course of the final few hours Jack continues to try and prove the tape was fake without much help from CTU, only Tony and Michelle are trying to help.

Lourdes Benedicto joins the cast late into the season playing Carrie Turner who works for CTU she has is out for Michelle the two women have a not so good history and she tries to make sure Tony and Michelle have problems helping Jack.

And the season finale was mind blowing! Fans should recognize a certain person from season 1 who makes their return on the season finale.

The Season Finale showed us once again anything can happen on this show.

Kevin Dillon does a few guest spots.

Like Season 1 many twist and turns, 24 Season 2 was solid but what hurt was Kim's storyline each week seemed more and more over the top, it was too soap opera. But every now and then Kim's story would be interesting.

Kiefer Sutherland is even better this season then last if that is even possible, and Dennis Haysbert is also once again brilliant.

The loss of Executive Producer/Director Stephen Hopkins i think hurt early on but as the season went on his loss went unnoticed.

But i still can't help to think what could have been with Stephen Hopkins still involved.

But no matter what 24 once again showed why it's the best show on TV.

I give 24 Season 2 9/10

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