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My DVD/Blu Ray library. No bootlegs, all factory. Heavy on horror and drama. Starting to collect cult and hard to find titles. If they made better comedies, then I would own more. Many of you film elitists and film retards will downgrade my collection. Whatever. My library is my Corvette or Harley. The title is a joke, but probably true as well.
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Every night in October is movie night. This is my October viewing schedule.
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Drama, action, horror, TV, every genre and medium. These are my favorite actors. Technique, skill, passion, humor and fearlessness all play a part in my choices. Not ranked in any particular order.
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe it's the eyes. Or the hair, smile, body, voice, body or combination of everything. At one point or another, these are the women I have found to be the sexiest. In no particular order.
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Wow, this is a very 80's list. Most of the movies I have listed are of the genre variety. Comedy, teen comedy, horror, teen/horror/comedy. The list has few bona fide classics. Totally radical!! In no particular order.
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These are the best I have seen since 2000. Not really into foreign films. In no particular order.
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Behind the 1970's, the 90's represents the best that Hollywood has to offer. Indie films came to major prominence and many filmmakers took risks that recall the glory days of fresh storytelling and exciting new actors. No Merchant/Ivory stuff. 1999 just may be the greatest single year for films. Ever. In no particular order.
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The best decade for films. End of story. Some are undisputed masterpieces. Some are excellent. Some aren't. Some are ripe for rediscovery. And maybe some you just haven't seen. Either way, this is The 100 Best Films Of The 1970's. Enjoy and feel free to comment. (And also let me know if I overlooked any good ones). As usual, they are NOT ranked in order.
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This list will be in no particular order (as usual.) I am going to include the Fantasy genre. Some of the films on this list will be crossover type films that can be classified in multiple categories. Some are not classics in the broad sense, but are a classic of the genre. I am NOT including comic book based films. They will have their own category. Some I felt were more of one genre than another (e.g. The Thing [1982].)
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In my opinion, these are the most well made, scary, spooky, and unnerving horror/thriller movies ever made. Some may not be classified as horror, so that is why I added the "thriller" tag as well. I have not viewed every horror film ever made. But these are the ones I have been most impressed with. These are in no particular order, except for #1. This is, was, and always will be the undisputed heavyweight of the genre.
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If you are serious about movies, and you are a man with a brain AND a healthy amount of testosterone, then these are essential to your collection. They span genres, era's , and styles. They reperesent the best of creative, collaborative filmmaking. Some were hits, some were misses, and some were red herrings and not appreciated in their own time. Some aren't even considered "good" by any standards. So don't expect many foreign releases on my list. I didn't go to art school. And without further ado...165 Films A Man Should Own (in no particular order.)