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My father was an Extra in this movie!
16 January 2009
During world war II my father was a buck private in the army,while stationed in California a casting agent asked my father and a few of his army buddies if they would like to be in a movie,of course they said yes! When ever he talked about the experience,he always remembered how much Mr.Preminger screamed at everyone! While he was working as an extra he went to the Hollywood Canteen and danced with Judy Garland. So I can always say my dad was in an Otto Preminger movie and he danced with Judy! When I was a young boy I took the snapshots he took on the set to school for show and tell! All the kids were amazed at the way the buildings looked because they were only movie set props and were totally fake, because he took the pictures from the side! My father was only in the movie for about 8 seconds and I never even saw the movie until years after his death when it appeared on AMC one night...thank god for video tape now I have a copy of the movie forever!
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