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An instant cult classic!
16 August 2007
The best movie I've seen this year! I laughed to the point of exhaustion. I'd recommend it to anyone with a heartbeat. Must see!The only thing I can't get over is that this Billy Mitchell guy is a real person. I mean you can't make up a character like this. And Steve Weibe... how humble can you get. I mean the guy is the poster child for humility. (Okay so here is where I admit that I actually know Steve personally. Thing is, he actually IS this humble. No lie. For his recent 20 year high school reunion he listed as his proudest accomplishment: "recieving my teacher's certificate", no mention of Donkey Kong. Now that's the kind of hero everyone should look up to. Especially anyone with a huge ego. And lord knows there are enough of those to go around. So don't walk, RUN to the movie theater and see this movie. You won't regret it. (Just make sure you use the bathroom before the movie starts, you won't want to miss a second!)
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Hard Cash (2002)
4 July 2002
To sum up this review, I have one name; Val Kilmer, or GOD if you will (thanks.) Val Kilmer again proves that he can make a very very good, woth-while movie, that is very entertaining with more-than-solid action. The car chase scene, was fascinating and thrilling. Christian Slater is a bit horrible, Darryl Hannah is awful. Everyone who said "MISSED THE VIDEO SHELF" is not only horrendously wrong, it's also on DVD, many copies at every blockbuster in the U.S.A. So no, this didn't miss the 'straight to video' category, so it ain't that bad, you blithering idiots. Hard Cash is a bad title, the only weakness of this film. The story is brand new, and not cliche at all. New action sequences that have never been done, for example, a car soaring through the air violently smashing through a large brigade of plastic water barrels appropriatley placed for a high-speed, intense car chase. Kilmer makes this movie with the line "mushman"...the way he says it, makes the script seem masterful. Also, the nest best thing was 'Jose' who solemly states...'MY NAME....IS MY NAME"....and a stellar line for closure to the wonderful film..."ME...I KILL YOU FOR FREE HAHAHAHA"..Go rent this film, if not for you, for the best actor around, Val Edward Kilmer.
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