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I love this show, 12 October 2007

This is an outstanding television series. Today, there are far too many reality TV programs that do nothing other than portray our culture has sex-driven, money hungry, and stupid. Friday Night Lights is a story about a high school team and a community. It's a family show. The characters deal with real life issues, and eventually deal with them in proactive ways. I love the sports aspect, but I also love the story lines. I was hooked after the very first episode. Anyone who criticizes the camera angles, etc. has clearly never watched a full show. I think it catches you from the get-go. While the camera may be a bit annoying at times, the plot and characters pull you in enough to ignore the rest. I do have to say, one fault of Friday Night Lights is, that without having seen the entirety of the prior episodes, the current episode may not seem as powerful (or make as much sense). I also fault the advertising for this series. They have done an incredibly poor job trying to pull in viewers. I really hope this truly "family-oriented" show does not get pulled off the air and replaced by another ridiculous series like "caveman" or a reality TV show.