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I love zombie movies. They scare the crap outta me. I've been watching a lot of them lately and......they sucked. That's to be expected.There are good ones and there is crap. This list is a little bit of both.[in my opinion]
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In my opinion, these are the women who prove that age is just a number and beauty is timeless.Keep in mind that they're in no certain order and these are all just my way of thinking.
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These are the shows that I would be waiting to watch when I got outta school.The shows I couldn't wait to get up early Saturday mornings and watch til noon These are the shows that I can sit back and enjoy with my family as an adult. And the rest are just shows not really for kids but I enjoy all the same.
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These are my go-to movies that I can just sit back, relax, and enjoy my day while watching. Nothing fancy about these movies but they aren't the regular type of movies that you would associate with a peaceful normal day.......well, some of them aren't.
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I've been going back and watching classic episodes on Netflix. I still enjoy these shows. Like most fans, there are certain episodes I like more than most and these are my some of my all time favs.
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This is my version of the X-Men if I were allowed to make it the way I would want to. Again , big budget and endless resources. I kept a lot of characters the same as in the other movies so don't be too surprised.I added plots and charaters from some of my favorite comic book stories. It includes a plot by Apocalypse involving his Horsemen, Mr. Sinister and his Mauraders, The Upstarts, The Reavers, The Brotherhood and The Hellfire Club taking down the X-men by killing Xavier as a young man. Past ,preasent, and future X-men unite to stop every mutant on Earth from unleashing the deadly Legacy Virus. Theres more to the story but it's incredibly too long.
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Pretty much the same with the JLA movie. Only with different incarnations of the Legion of Doom and The Injustice Gang, and the Secret Society.
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This is just who I would cast if I could make the big screen epic blockbuster the way I wanted to. Big budget, big locations, unlimited resources. I know that there's like a gazillion past, present , and future members of the JLA in exsistence so i just picked a bunch of random favorites from the comics, cartoons and others.
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I'm a child of the 1980'S TV days, so it's no surprise that I have such a fondness for the stuff I grew up watching. Some of this was before I was born so I would catch it in syndication.A lot of this stuff I would catch after school. In any case I still love these shows and I still watch them I can.
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These are the movies that dwell somewhere in the pantheon of science fiction. Although a lot of them also have their places in not only fantasy but in horror as well. A lot of them are sequels and remakes and some are classics and some are fairly new.
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Deep down inside of [ well maybe not all] of us there is that part of us who likes explosions and destructionand guns a-blazing with super unreal martial arts moves and in the realm of the action film, all this and more are not only possible but manditory. In compiling my list I really didn't want to just keep naming sequel after sequel of specific franchises and I didn't want to overload the list with a bunch of superhero movies [that would be too easy]. Alot of these films are straight to video movies that used to run on HBO [back when they were actually good] and Cinemax. i also didn't want to overload it with all martial arts films[ well, that failed!] but I did throw in some of the more unconventional action movies. Enjoy.
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These are the most feard least liked and some of the most dangerous characters around. They've conquered worlds, enslaved nations, killed, maimed, eviscerated and destroyed everyone vwho got in their way.....and then there are those on the list who just give it the old college try and fail.
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So this is my list of whom I think is "off-the-charts-hot"
A lot of these names people have probably never heard of and thats cool but, as you can tell , I have strange tastes in women. To quote my girlfriend, after she saw my list," You definetly have a type"
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For some reason, I find these characters the ones I can relate to in some kinda weird off the wall kinda way. So I just compared myself to a hockey mask wearing fiend, a homicidal baby with mommy issues, a fat morally insensitive 8 year old, a 104 yr old degenerate, a snarky alien who inhales groceries and pops out pudding, and a wise ass talking milkshake.....................yeah, that sounds about right. [just kidding]
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These are the movies that scared the crap outta me as a kid and continue to enjoy as an adult. They range from Universal classics to 50's sci-fi, from 60's thrillers through 70's grindhouse and exploitation, through the slashers of the 80's ,and to the new millenium of horror.
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Come on down to South Park and meet some friends of mine. I love some South Park and Eric Cartman and Butters are my favorites. Outta some 200 episodes, these are my all-time ,absolute picks. I watch these constantly because they never fail to crack me up.
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These are the movies that make me laugh. I can enjoy these movies over and over again. Some are ones you just wouldn't figure to be on anyoones list and some are classics that everone knows.
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They are the heroes we read as kids. They are the characters we worshipped as children. They are the people we aspired to be when we grew up.They speak to our inner child and show us that even in times of darkness, heroes are there to shows us the light. These are those heroes.