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Includes only the films which I have yet to see.
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I did this last year and I believe it was helpful to many.

I have arranged the first 40 films based on how much noise they have made on the festival circuit. I may not find time to cover the remaining films. But do experiment with your film selections; that's where the fun lies.

Let me know in the comments below if you think a film needs to be pushed up.

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I've only begun and I am sure I'll be watching a lot more important movies that released this year. Before the Oscar nominations are out (Yes, I care about Oscars) I hopefully will see them.
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I made this list so that I'd be able to compare and choose movies better. This was never meant for 'public consumption' especially as I didn't want people to throng the screens for movies which I was interested in, which also happen to be the good ones. But here it is, out for everyone to see. The first 24 are the ones that made any sort of noise in the festival circuit, so make them your priority. Do watch them other movies as some haven't had the chance to get reviewed at all, and so we do not know how good they are.

In the order of liking (After Day 5):

A Separation
The Tree of Life
Love Like Poison
The Snows of Kilimanjaro
Sleeping Sickness
Habemus Papam
17 Girls
Good Men, Good Women
Sleeping Beauty
The Truth of the Lie
The Monk