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Updated list:

To avoid confusion, this list is made up of movies that are underrated OR obscure OR hard to find (or sometimes a combination of any of these three).

I put the more popular/recent titles first to get more views.

So just to clarify with some examples:
"Unbreakable" is underrated as most critics passed it off at the time of it's release but it has since maintained a strong following with over 160,000 votes on imdb.

The Malayalam film "Elippathayam" (Rat-trap) written and directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan is acclaimed but it is obscure even in it's country of production. It is still available on DVD with subtitles from the UK company Second Run, however, so it isn't hard to find.

Whereas the Turkish comedy "Outrageous Class" is very popular in Turkey and has a high rating on imdb, it's not available legally with English subtitles on home video overseas, making it hard to find.
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I have amassed a list of 4000 short films, spanning from the very beginning of cinema (Sallie Gardner at a Gallop/Roundhay Garden Scene) to 2015.

No film is over 49 minutes (with the exceptions of David Lynch's "Rabbits", "My Childhood" & "My Ein Folk", and "The Smiling Madame Beudet").

Also, no feature length anthology films were included.
I began making this list in early 2009. I now finished it in 2015 adding the short oscar nominations for this year.
Enjoy and discuss!
P.S. I really like these short film lists here:

Also check out this website - 100 Important Directors of Animated Short Films:

And don't forget about this list about 16mm Experimental films:

Those lists are bound to have films not on my list, maybe even ones not on IMDB.

Edit: Removed 3 titles: La coiffeuse (1905), Eveready Harton in Buried Treasure (1929), and Transfer of Modulation (1969) for being in the adult category, causing this list to be filtered. This version is otheriwise the same, just republished.
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Classic movies I've seen in revival cinemas on the big screen (I forget which order)
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Horror movies I've seen that I liked and ones that I want to see. Please view by release date (oldest to newest)
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Italian Westerns I've seen/want to see
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Silent movies I have seen or want to see.

Also some more recent movies without much dialogue in them.
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Feature length animated movies from 1926-2020 and beyond
-Each film is in order of release year
-No movie is under 50 minutes

Also, you should follow this tumblr:
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My top 100 filmmakers. Directors, writers and producers that have inspired me.
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Movies, TV, Shorts & OVAS

Also seen but not on IMDB:
Aquatic (1987) (Koji Yamamura)
Petit Eva: Evangelion@School (2007-2009)
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The best films made from 2000-2009, plus some more esoteric choices. No animation, direct to video features, or tv movies.
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The best movies from down under

Some of the rarer title are availble to buy here:
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a list of 322 titles
All movies in order from longest to shortest (3 hours).

All films were shown theatrically in one form or another.

Most films listed are available commerically.

Also included in the descriptions for some movies are links to reviews and where you can buy some of the rarer films.

Lav Diaz, has the most films on this list (nine)
The runner ups are Ulrike Ottinger and Andy Warhol who tie with six each.

Here is are some articles on the films of Lav Diaz:

A possible future addition would be a six-hour version of The Tree of Life, although it hasn't surfaced yet, so I won't add it. I'll also include the extended Django Unchained when it's released (around 3 hours).
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*1001 Reasons Why Cinema Is Great*


*Apocalypse Now*
*Blade Runner*
*Blue Velvet*
*Citizen Kane*
*A Clockwork Orange*
*The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly*
*La Dolce Vita*
*Pulp Fiction*
*The Right Stuff*
*Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans*

*Films by director:*
---25 FILMS---
*Alfred Hitchcock* (spellbound, the lady vanishes, rope, psycho, the birds, marnie, frenzy, rebecca, blackmail, foreign correspondent, strangers on a train, shadow of a doubt, notorious, young and innocent, sabotage, lifeboat, the 39 steps, the trouble with harry, to catch a thief, dial m for murder, the wrong man , vertigo, the man who knew too much 1956, rear window, north by northwest)
---16 FILMS---
*Woody Allen* (love and death, sleeper, annie hall, manhattan, another woman, zelig, radio days, purple rose of cairo, hannah and her sisters, broadway danny rose, crimes and misdemeanours, husbands and wives, deconstructing harry, bullets over broadway, sweet and lowdown, + play it again sam)
*Martin Scorsese* (the wolf of wall street, Hugo, mean streets, taxi driver, color of money, last temptation of christ, king of comedy, after hours, raging bull, goodfellas, casino, age of innocence, gangs of new york, american boy, no direction home, journey through american cinema)
---11 FILMS---
*Buster Keaton* (Sherlock Junior, The General, One Week, The High Sign, Cops, college, steamboat bill jr, Our hospitality, the navigator, seven chances, the cameraman)
*Stanley Kubrick* (a clockwork orange, barry lyndon, full metal jacket, the shining, eyes wide shut, lolita, dr strangelove, paths of glory, the killing, spartacus, 2001)
*Coen Brothers* (blood simple, fargo, big lebowsky, no country for old men, o brother where art thou, A serious man, the man who wasn't there, true grit, barton fink, inside llewyn davis, miller's crossing)
---10 FILMS---
*Stephen Spielberg* (Jaws, Close Encounters, ET, Duel, Raiders, Temple of Doom, Last Crusade, Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, Jurassic Park)
*Robert Altman* (Buffalo Bill, thieves like us, mccabe and mrs miller, the long goodbye, 3 women, nashville, the player, shortcuts, gosford park, A wedding)
---9 FILMS---
*Werner Herzog* (strozek, enigma of kasper hauser, nosferatu the vampyre, aguirre, cobra verde, fitzcarraldo, little dieter needs to fly, encounters at the end of the world, grizzly man)
---8 FILMS---
*Akira Kurosawa* (throne of blood, rashomon, ikiru, seven samurai, high and low, kagemusha, ran, dersu uzala)
*Chuck Jones* (rabbit of seville, what's opera doc, rabbit fire, duck rabbit duck, rabbit seasoning, duck amuck, one froggy evening, duck dodgers)
*Howard Hawks* (Big sleep, bringing up baby, his girl friday, red river, scarface, o'henry's full house, rio bravo, gentlemen prefer blondes)
*Hayao Miyazaki* (castle in the sky, kiki's delivery service, my neighbour totoro, nausicaa, princess mononoke, porco rosso, spirited away, castle of cagilostro
---7 FILMS---
*Ingmar Bergman* (seventh seal, wild strawberries, persona, the virgin spring, through a glass darkly, cries and whispers, fanny and alexander)
*Terry Gilliam* (Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Life of Brian, 12 Monkeys, Time Bandits, Brazil, The Fisher King, Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas)
*David Lynch* (eraserhead, dune, the elephant man, blue velvet, twin peaks fire walk with me, lost highway, mulholland drive)
*Federico Fellini* (La Strada, Boccio 70, 8 1/2, La Dolce Vita, Casanova, Roma, Amarcord)
*Quentin Tarantino* (pulp fiction, sin city, Django Unchained, kill bill vol 1, kill bill vol 2, jackie brown, death proof)
---6 FILMS---
*John Huston* (maltese falcon, fat city, heaven knows mrs allison, african queen, asphalt jungle, the misfits)
*Billy Wilder* (Some like it Hot, Sabrina, Sunset Boulevard, The Apartment, Double Indemnity, Witness for the Prosecution)
*Michael Apted* (7 Plus 7, 21 Up, 28 Up, 35 Up, 42 Up, 49 Up)
*Isao Takahata* (Grave of the fireflies, only yesterday, pom poko, my neighbors the yamadas, horus prince of the sun, the tale of princess kaguya)
*Charlie Chaplin* (Modern Times, The Kid, Limelight, City Lights, The Gold Rush, The Great Dictator)
*Paul Thomas Anderson* (Boogie Nights, Magnolia, There will be blood, punch drunk love, hard eight, the master)
*Sergei Eisenstein* (Strike, October, Battleship Potemkin, Alexander Nevsky, Ivan the Terrible 1+2)
*Sergio Leone* (duck you sucker, once upon a time in america, once upon a time in the west, the good the bad and the ugly, a fistful of dollars, for a few dollars more)
*David Fincher* (Zodiac, Fight Club, Se7en, The Social Network, Gone Girl, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)
---5 FILMS---
*Wes Anderson* (grand Budapest hotel, moonrise kindgom, life aquatic with steve zissou, rushmore, the royal tenenbaums)
*William Wyler* (Dodsworth, The Big Country, the Best Years of our Lives, How to Steal a million, The Letter, Ben Hur)
*Michael Powell* (red shoes, a matter of life and death, the life and death of colonel blimp black narcissus, peeping tom, thief of bagdad)
*Otto Preminger* (Laura, The Man with the Golden Arm, Anatomy of a Murder, The Cardinal, Angel Face)
*Hal Ashby* (Coming Home, The Last Detail, Being There, Harold and Maude, Bound for Glory)
*Richard Linklater* (Me and Orson Welles, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight, Boyhood)
*Nicholas Ray* (They live by night, in a lonely place, bigger than life, rebel without a cause, johnny guitar)
*Terrance Malick* (Tree of Life, Badlands, Days of Heaven, The New World, The Thin Red Line)
*Jacques Tati* (Playtime, M. Hulot's Holiday, Jour De Fete, Mon Oncle, School for Postmen)
*Jean-Luc Godard* (Alphaville, Le Mepris,Pierrot Le Fou, Bande Aparte, Breathless)
*Alain Resnais* (Last year in marienbad, night and fog, hiroshima mon amour, toute la memorie du monde, le chant du Styrene)
*Kenneth Anger* (Fireworks, Puce Moment, Scorpio Rising, Lucifer Rising, Rabbit's Moon)
*Bernardo Bertolucci* (1900, The Conformist, Last tango in paris, the last emperor, besieged)
*Ridley Scott* (Alien, Blade Runner, Thelma and Louise, Kingdom of Heaven, The Martian)
*Elia Kazan* (Streetcar named desire, a face in the crowd, east of eden, on the waterfront, splendor in the grass)
*John Cassavetes* (Opening Night, Shadows, Killing of a Chinese Bookie, Love Streams, A woman under the influence)
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My top 100 films 1960-1969
a list of 100 titles
My top 100 films 1950-1959
a list of 100 titles
My top 100 films 1970-1979
a list of 100 titles
My top 100 films 1980-1989
a list of 100 titles
My top 100 films 2000-2009
a list of 100 titles
My top 100 films 1902-1949
a list of 17 titles
A more in-depth list:
a list of 100 titles
-Spongebob Squarepants
-The Critic
-Family Guy
-Drawn Together
-Attack on Titan
+Making a Murderer
+Band of Brothers
+John Adams
+Generation Kill
+30 Rock
+Chapelle Show
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My top 100 films 1990-1999
a list of 73 titles
a list of 36 titles
All the movies I've seen so far from 2015, ranked from favourite to least favourite. (Some 2014 titles didn't come to Australia until 2015, so they're included here and not on the other list)
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Originally created 10 Aug 2011, but reuploaded to remove adult content (Caligula and Lucas Encoutners)

These films were made by people who never directed a feature film again after making their debut for respective reasons.

Recently removed Zach Braff (Garden State), Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), Shane Carruth (Primer), James Richards (Black Neon) and Vince Offer (Underground Comedy Movie) for returning to directing. José Antonio Sistiaga did make another feature, Laztanak (1970) (16mm, 85 minutes), which is not on imdb. Peter Thompson made another feature besides "Lowlands" (2009), so I deleted it from my list (it's not on imdb, though).
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These are not only some of my favourite movies, but also movies that I consider to be perfect in each and every way; movies so skillful and nuanced, from performance, to story, to production design, music, editing and cinematography, that I can watch them over and over again and find new things to enjoy each time. They're all standouts in the specific genres a and all have qualities that have been influential to cinema and contribute it the legacy of film in some way (through influence of technique, on popular culture, etc.)
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People on IMDB with entires in the hundreds or even thousands
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Which of these releases do you think has divided their audience the most?