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Made as a counter to this list:
These are movies I own, but haven't seen once.

Other titles not on IMDB:
Radiohead - In Rainbows – From the Basement
Mashed in Plastic: The David Lynch Mash-Up Movie
Drive in Delirium, Vol. 1
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To avoid confusion, this list is made up of movies that are underrated OR obscure OR hard to find (or sometimes a combination of any of these three).

I put the more popular/recent titles first to get more views.

So just to clarify with some examples:
"Unbreakable" is underrated as most critics passed it off at the time of it's release but it has since maintained a strong following with over 160,000 votes on imdb.

The Malayalam film "Elippathayam" (Rat-trap) written and directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan is acclaimed but it is obscure even in it's country of production. It is still available on DVD with subtitles from the UK company Second Run, however, so it isn't hard to find.

Whereas the Turkish comedy "Outrageous Class" is very popular in Turkey and has a high rating on imdb, it's not available legally with English subtitles on home video overseas, making it hard to find.
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Made in conjunction with these two lists: - Anime I Own/Have Seen - 90 Years of Animated Features
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The best movies from down under

Some of the rarer title are availble to buy here:
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DVDs, blu-ray and videos that I've seen before elsewhere, but not on the copy I own.
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Current movies I want to see in cinema or on DVD/blu-ray
Whever I see the movie, I delete it from this list after rating
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TV shows, specials, pilots, movies, documentaries, cartoons and mini-series that I have watched and rated or want to watch.

No live shows (comedy/music), stand-alone shorts, web shows or anime.
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Feature length animated movies from 1926-2018 and beyond
-Each film is in order of release year
-No movie is under 50 minutes

Also, you should follow this tumblr:
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I have amassed a list of over 3500 short films, spanning from the very beginning of cinema (Sallie Gardner at a Gallop/Roundhay Garden Scene) to the present.

No film is over 49 minutes (with the exceptions of David Lynch's "Rabbits", "My Childhood" & "My Ein Folk", and "The Smiling Madame Beudet").

Also, no feature length anthology films were included.
I began making this list in early 2009. I now finished it in 2013, adding the short oscar nominations for this year.
Enjoy and discuss!
P.S. I really like these short film lists here:

Also check out this website - 100 Important Directors of Animated Short Films:

And don't forget about this list about 16mm Eperimental films:

Those lists are bound to have films not on my list, maybe even ones not on IMDB.

Edit: Removed 3 titles: La coiffeuse (1905), Eveready Harton in Buried Treasure (1929), and Transfer of Modulation (1969) for being in the adult category, causing this list to be filtered. This version is otheriwise the same, just republished.
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The best films made from 2000-2009, plus some more esoteric choices. No animation, direct to video features, or tv movies.
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Horror movies I've seen that I liked and ones that I want to see. Please view by release date (oldest to newest)
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Movies, TV, Shorts & OVAS

Also seen but not on IMDB:
Aquatic (1987) (Koji Yamamura)
Petit Eva: Evangelion@School (2007-2009)
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All movies in order from longest to shortest (3 hours).

All films were shown theatrically in one form or another.

Most films listed are available commerically.

Also included in the descriptions for some movies are links to reviews and where you can buy some of the rarer films.

Lav Diaz, has the most films on this list (nine)
The runner ups are Ulrike Ottinger and Andy Warhol who tie with six each.

Here is are some articles on the films of Lav Diaz:

A possible future addition would be a six-hour version of The Tree of Life, although it hasn't surfaced yet, so I won't add it. I'll also include the extended Django Unchained when it's released (around 3 hours).
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Originally created 10 Aug 2011, but reuploaded to remove adult content (Caligula and Lucas Encoutners)

These films were made by people who never directed a feature film again after making their debut for respective reasons.

Recently removed Zach Braff (Garden State), Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), Shane Carruth (Primer), James Richards (Black Neon) and Vince Offer (Underground Comedy Movie) for returning to directing. José Antonio Sistiaga did make another feature, Laztanak (1970) (16mm, 85 minutes), which is not on imdb.
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Silent movies I have seen or want to see.

Also some more recent movies without much dialogue in them.
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Italian Westerns I've seen/want to see
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People on IMDB with entires in the hundreds or even thousands
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Which of these releases do you think has divided their audience the most?
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Classic movies I've seen in revival cinemas on the big screen (I forget which order)