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An entertaining film...
1 August 2002
I've seen this film because there were nothing better on TV. What decide me not to go to bed is the actors. I know that a film with Dieudonné is always amusing. It is about a woman (played by Emmanuelle Béart) whose husband lost his job. With a piece of advice given by her colleague (played by Anémone), she decides to see a clairvoyant (played by Dieudonné) to know whether her husband to find a new job. This clairvoyant who is in fact a crook understand her credulity and decide to tell her that she is in danger, danger which could be past with his care. This film, which is an entertaining film, wreck all the clairvoyants of the world. I wonder if clairvoyants regulars who have seen the film are still regulars.
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Irreversible (2002)
Is this violence totally gratuitous?
8 June 2002
After having seen Irreversible, a question is remaining: is the violence showed by Noé absolutely necessary to the film? I think particularly about the scene of the final revenge. I admit that film is about a hidden pain which come to light suddenly, but Noé could have limited that violence. So it is not a film for everyone, even for adults. But this film is really good. It makes the audience think about, and that is the most important for a film.
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