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Gone Girl (2014)
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Maginficent acting by Rosamund Pike, and Ben Affleck!!!!!, 5 October 2014

Okay I have to throw props this movie was well written with a sense of suspense t hat keeps the audience going. I was not bored for a minute. I don't want to give away parts of th4e movie all I can say was it was a FREAKING AWESOME movie :)!!! I loved it. Ben Affleck has been doing better roles, since I saw him in the "Town" and a spectacular director :) also have to mention HOT!!!! hey I am a Girl :) come on. Rosamund Pike one of the best performances I have seen so far in 2014 I am still in shock, I thought she was so good acting her role that it wasn't even funny. I just want to say without giving anything away GO WATCH IT! you won't be disappointed "yes This Young Girl White Blonde Tall Green eye Girl loved it, and Ben Affleck of Course :)!!!!! watch IT!!! :).

wow!, 29 July 2014

I just saw this movie mind you I am a big fan of Kathleen Quinlan even though I am young enough to be her daughter :) anyhow I saw this with her in mind, I thought she was amazing, her and the hot looking race car driver, however it was Dianne Wiest Performance that draws you to the movie ! wow THANK GOD THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME ever, nor my family, but its a good learning experience at times to watch it wow I was just wow, anyhow I highly recommend anyone to watch this if you want to see a good romantic love story that involves real issues about life and love. I actually had no idea it was called independence day, I stumbled upon it on you tube. I though independence day was the movie with aliens and BIll Pullman that I like but this movie is so much MORE! no wonder Brad Pitt has stated that Dianne Wiest is her favorite actress :)

Kiss Me (2011)
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It was a good movie, 29 May 2014

OK, I don't generally watch these types of movies, first of all I am a Straight Girl and love the's, what got my attention is that this movie is Swedish and I said why not. In this movie as many commenter's have stated there is a lot of selfishness from one of the leads, but Love is Love and I think this is what this movie is trying to say. Love does not have gender, the relationship between the leads is very believable, and very intense I don't want to give more away if you are interested in a good love story then I would recommend to go and see it. I can surely say its not for a lot of people but it is for others if you love the idea of Love without regards to gender then yes if not then don't see it. I myself was not too crazy its not for me but I gave it a shot Love is Love! that's the only thing I got from it.

Blended (2014)
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not for everyone but I loved it :), 25 May 2014

OK, if you are an Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore Fan like I am, you will love this movie, but please don't compare it to their movies (they have done together in the past), This is your typical Sandler cliché type of movie. It has its moral lessons, and it's funny moments. I love the chemistry btw Sandler and Barrymore. yes a lot of people don't like it, but please see it for yourself I don't want to spoil anything, it is better than Zohan(that movie was awful, that's my boy) no. Its funny I like it, Sandler plays a widow that was set up on a blind date with Barrymore, don't want to give away anymore all I can say it's fun, and it may not be an Oscar worthy but I loved it.

Wild Things 2 (2004) (V)
The first one is always the best, 19 April 2014

This movie is Good because of Susan ward, she's sexy and has that Denise Richards quality. I have no idea who in the world the other actress is, not a fan of Isaiah Washington(never liked in him in greys anatomy), I liked better Matt Dillon Hands Down :) The whole cast I prefer better the first one. The only interesting character was Susan ward my opinion if you are a fan of her's, yet again, I liked the first one I though Matt Dillon Looked super hot :) In lamest terms this is a replica of the first movie, Yup This Young White Tall Green eye Girl(me) is Biased but nothing beats the first one :) Again its my opinion, If I had never seen the first one maybe I'll give this a shot this is saved by Susan ward in my opinion humble opinion. IN Wild things, you had Matt Dillon, Denise Richards, Kevin Bacon (great actor) it was a much better cast.

My Fake Fiancé (2009) (TV)
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awesome, 4 March 2014

I loved this movie comparatively to Christmas in Handcuff's, I actually thought she made a really cute couple with Joey Lawrence lol :) they had so much chemistry. Granted the movie may have been predictable so what? don't we want a happy ending lol come on :) I recommend this movie for anyone who loves cute romantic movies. I just loved it really :) . Joey Lawrence (HOT) Melissa Joan Hart (cute) Cute chemistry lol all around :). I know that most people would Say this movie is a cliché but in my opinion I think it was totally cute, as oppose to Christmas in handcuff's I didn't really like the story line, and I didn't see that much chemistry between her character and Mario Lopez. Aside from this movie I like her in "Drive Me Crazy" with Adrian Grenier, that was an awesome movie of her's and good chemistry with Adrian :)

from the White tall green eye girl from Spain raised in the U.S.

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Loved it, 4 March 2014

I love the whole process of her wedding lol, I was amazed her husband is so gorgeous, she did so well for herself, I remember watching this when I was little thinking I want to get married the way she did its awesome especially when she got married in Italy :) I am from Spain, Asturias and Barcelona (White tall green eye girl) and yes still waiting for my prince charming hopefully a cute one that would be nice blondish Guy with blue eyes lol. Anyhow I loved her wedding I know I am the first to review this, I just admire pretty things, and it seemed so real and good for her. :) I think she's an amazing person, wife and mother granted I don't know her she comes across that way :) I love her wedding!. still strong after all these years lol :) that's awesome with three kids :)

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Pretty Good Remake!, 3 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have to say that I went into the theater pretty reluctant since lately Hollywood seems that they have run out of ideas lol, nevertheless I have to say I really like this movie. I know this movie doesn't stay true to the novel, got it. In this time that we are living at times we want to see something refreshing as oppose to the original that seemed pretty depressing, its refreshing to believe that real love exists.. In my opinion this movie basically just let's us know what we are never too late for love, and that if it is real it can surpass anything, love conquers all. I really didn't enjoy the original as both of these movies the protagonists are victims of circumstance, meanwhile in the first movie it just seemed so sad that aka "David" no matter how much he tried he could never be with "Jade" yet again I felt in the original that it was more of an obsession rather than Love". It might have been like this in the novel, but in todays society why are we going to see a depressing movie? there is so much sadness in the world already. The movie varies quite differently in the original as oppose to this rendition. In the original we all know that "jade aka "Brooke Shields" was already the girlfriend of David" its that their love was soo toxic that couldn't get enough of each other, meanwhile in this rendition, David has always loved her from a far but they never had a relationship, so right there its a different plot. In this movie you see what is to love, not obsession just victims of love, as oppose to the original seemed more of an obsession. To be quite frank I always wondered in the original whether Jade's mom was in love with David? and in this rendition, she makes it clear, that she loves the way David loves her daughter. I am not into remakes but I make an exception for this one. ******SPOILER**************(The house doesn't burn down as oppose to the original and it happens under different circumstances. well that's just my opinion I was born in the 80's so I saw the original when I was older and I can compare that this movie is much better granted its not true to the novel but I am a Hopeless Romantic so why not.

Review from The White Tall Green eye from Spain raised in The US :)

Son of God (2014)
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The Perfect Depiction Of Jesus Christ, congrats to Diogo Morgado, 3 March 2014

I just want to start off by saying this movie was stupendous, it might not be for everyone else. I have noticed that many people have compared this movie to "passion Of Christ", after seeing them both they are different. I enjoyed this better as it gives you more of a clear view of what we have learned in school, in church and have read in the Bible. I am not saying anything wrong about "Jim Caviezel" I think he is magnificent but "Diogo Morgado" was just the perfect Jesus, the way that I have always imagined Jesus to be. I thought he conveyed a lot through his eyes, a sweetness about him. There are several parts in the movie that I found very hard to watch, as his crucifixion that he can't barely carry the cross felt so real I couldn't stop crying out of the respect and admiration that I felt for Jesus Christ, and after watching this movie I felt so grateful for everything that I have, and that he has given me. I honestly thought this was a better made film as oppose to "the Passion Of Christ" doesn't give us a full understanding of his life as this movie does.

Kiss of a Killer (1993) (TV)
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It looks Good, 4 January 2014

I am a big fan of Annette O'Toole Just seeing it. I am studying psychology so I love movies that deal with double life/ personality. It's a great movie to see, a great thriller especially I now it going to sound corny "lifetime movies" you learn a lot, thank god nothing ever like that has happened to me, but nevertheless it is entertaining. It's not intended to be an Oscar winning performance, yet for a TV movie its pretty good. This movie, has a lot of plot lines so you have to follow carefully, our main Heroin is great O'Toole is a spectacular actress being a fan of Smallville its funny she has done so many movies yet I haven't seen them shows to show me she has a wide depth of acting abilities and range. Enjoyed the movie.

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