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Sharon you sex goddess, you rule !, 28 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I could not agree more with the fact that people ARE indeed to get this movie just because of their dislike for what they perceive to be a cocky actress full of herself. But if a guy behaves like her (hey JaaAck) they cheer him on. Well Sharon you have a new fan honey. Oh sure some of her movies have been crap, but have you watch anything from DeNiro lately, the only thing left for him to be is in a dog food commercial, plueeeeeese ! Sharon Stone rules the screen on this one, and her male counterpart is also very good. I have never seen this guy on anything before and I was pleasantly surprised. From the opening scene this movie rocks, and entertains the pants off you...almost literally. There is a good plot about who the possible killers might be, but of course you know who the killer is, you have to be dumb not to (so no this is not a spoiler), but it is the doubt that she puts in her psychiatrist mind that is the backbone of the movie, and as far as he is concerned, it COULD be someone else. Now yes, 1 minute before one of the main characters is killed you are like, OK wake up dude, you can't be this dumb, but I am willing to overlook that little factor because the movie has delivered so much fun all the way up to that point without breaking pace. The production is excellent, and like someone mentioned before, the photograph of the buildings of London are beautiful, it makes you realize how uninteresting American cities really are. So stop beating this movie up just because you personally don't like Sharon Stone, there is a LOT to like. You watch !

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Brilliant and uncompromising, a must see, 18 March 2007

Don't ask me why, but when I rented FFN I thought I was renting a comedy about the FF industry. Instead what I got was a gut wrenching portrayal of the people that work in the low paying, dangerous jobs of the fast food industry. Some people seem to be disappointed about this movie, their complaints seem to be about the movie they were expecting rather than the end product they got. I hope I keep seeing more of Catalina Sandino, she was great in Maria Full of Grace and here again she shines as the face of the illegal immigrant underclass. Lots of nice little supporting roles by well known faces. Every time I see Bruce Willis in a good movie I keep wondering why he keeps putting out the crap he usually puts out, because when given a serious role where he doesn't have to use that stupid smirk,he always steps up to the plate. But the bigger message of FFN is not only about the working conditions of the poor, but also about what we are becoming as a nation, or actually what we have already become, an economy where maximizing profits by squeezing every penny from every element of the production line (humans included) is the ultimate goal. Where almost unnoticed every workplace is becoming a sweat shop and the goal is to provide cheap products for a workforce that in the end is losing its economic might. China and India will not turn into America, America will turn into China and India, and the machine won't care. As K. Kristofferson's character says (paraphrasing here). 'The machine has taken over, it is a thing of science fiction, all that matters is pennies by the pound, pennies by the pound'.

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A must see too understand how capitalism really works., 31 March 2006

Excellent documentary about the influence, development and the demise of planet earth under the corporate structure. The film exposes the excesses of corporation and how capitalism has turned into savage capitalism. Lots of business luminaries contribute to the debate on the good and bad of corporations. Although watching this film is a bit depressing, as it exposes how the planet is being plundered and destroyed by a corporate world that is only interested in the bottom line, there is some hope in the fact that most of the people talking in this documentary are business men themselves who like sky divers who have floated for too long thinking themselves as fliers, now realize that they are falling, and although the ground is far away, they see how it is coming faster than previously thought. One thing lacking I believe is a larger expose on how to make the corporate world better as a whole. In the end we are left with the feeling that the corporation rides the turtle (earth) across the river like a scorpion, the very nature of the scorpion will destroy them both. Unless things change very soon we are a doomed planet.

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Nothing great, 31 March 2006

When you get a Sidney Polack movie you are going to get a lot of Sids supporters that somehow refuse to accept that every so often, good ol'Sid puts out an average movie that does not measure up. The Interpreter is one of those movies. First of all, the relationship between Penn and Kidman is a waste, not only isn't there much chemistry between the actors, but also between the characters. The plot starts to get very contrived towards the end with the movie trying to make the characters more interesting than they really are. By then the audience is completely uninterested, actually bored. Bad dialogue between the two main protagonists, a silly ending, too many closeup shots of a relationship without chemistry add to the disappointment. Too average, too slow, too pretentious, not worth the time invested. 5/10.

Hostage (2005)
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Another Willis disaster...haven't we suffered enough !, 25 March 2006

Folks, Bruce Willis has a special place in my life, he has been in the only two movies I've ever walk out of. The first beauty was Hudson Hawk, it was so long ago that i don't even remember it, but if you ever saw that pile of trash you know why I race for the exit 40 min into it. And now 20 or so years later he rewards me with my second bullet, Sabotage. All you have to do to know how awful this movie is going to be is to insert the DVD and listen to the music of the DVD menu. I knew at that moment before I even pressed 'play' that I was in trouble. 20 minutes into the movie, after watching Bruce and his usual 'I need some Peptobismol' expression, plus his one of his off-springs trying to act, i decided to start fast forwarding at 2x, 10 minutes later at 4x, and 10 min later I jumped straight to the last chapter and watch your 5 blow ups, 10 fires, exploding water, and all that crap that the movie gods seem to think we haven't had enough of. Pass up this dog. 2/10

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One of th worst movies i've seen this year., 25 March 2006

The are only two reasons i can think this movie has gotten such high ratings in this site, either the studio paid a bunch of posters to pump it, or they couldn't bring themselves to trash the film of darling Cronenberg. Either way stay away from this dog. This is the kind of movie that you find C. Thomas Howell in, but he was either busy or he thought this would be beneath him. For starters, the writing is really bad. The backbone of the story is a good one, there is tons of potential in it, but it seems that the words have been written by the last scrip writer left in Hollywood. Ed Harris and W. Hurt have a couple of nice little roles, but who cares, everything else is so fake that you can never get into the story. And then there is Ashton Hall, this kid must have earned his way into this movie the 'hard' way, because he is just AWFUL, every time he had a scene my girlfriend and I were screaming at the screen. If you want to go through the pain of a movie like this rent a Brian Buzworth film. Talk about letdown 3/10.

Saw (2004)
Yeah baby, this is the one you have been waiting for !, 10 January 2006

This movie is the balls. Just when you are tired of watching the same crappy rehash of stories that you can predict what is going to happen for the next 30 minutes here comes this dandy that locks you in right from the start, and I mean RIGHT FROM THE START. Yeah sure the killer has planned things a little too perfect but it doesn't take away from the original script, and to cap it all off you have a great twist(S) at the end. This is a story where the overlap between present and flashbacks is perfectly done, it actually enhances the flow of the film rather than detract or distract from it. It reminded me of the Usual Suspects in the cleverness of the script and the final twist(s), even though the subjects matter is completely different. The way in which people 'must' die or kill is in every case perverse and brilliant. I am not much for this type of movie but this one left me wanted for more. I have not seen Saw II but after seeing this one, I am gonna have to watch it, doubt it can come even close. For sheer entertainment value Saw gets a 9.

Dopamine (2003)
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A true find, all felling, no BS, 8 January 2006

Rare independent film about the nature of love, is love and feelings all chemistry or are humans blessed with something special that no other animal has? Well produced and with an excellent cast this film is carries along softly and yet never boring. Everything feels real and interesting. The director is a born filmmaker, unfortunately I don't see any other films-to his credit. We should see more of this very talented cast in the future. Checkout Nicole Wilder as Machiko, you can't play cute and sensual any better than that. Hope to see more films from this director and cast. If you are tired of watching the same crap over and over again, get yourself some Dopamine.

Sin City (2005)
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Visually stunning, highly entertaining, 3 January 2006

I have never read the stories that this movie is based upon so I could not comment on how it compares. That might be a plus since I got to experience this movie with no background information. An it was awesome. All stories in the movie are very good, but I believe it is Mickey Rorke's plot line which is the best part of this film, I think they should have put that story as the 3rd of 4 story lines, rather than 2nd (could not have been 4th because of the plot line) because it is so sooooo good that what follows, although very good, is no match. The look of the film is superb, the combination of black and white with color is stunning, the cars look real but with a story line look to them (check out the headlight of the car that flies through the air, little oval beams in front of it).

Sideways (2004)
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First rate characters, first rate casting, first rate acting, 22 April 2005

It is a joy not to be disappointed by a movie that you have been waiting to watch, and Sideways delivers. Kudos to the casting director that somehow saw that these were the right actors to play these roles. On first look you would not think so. Giamatti's performance is very good, as usual, but he has to be careful not to keep playing these roles of the guy with the anger management problem. Still he shades his character beyond that, and there are some gut wrenching scenes in this movie (i.e. Giamatti opening his mother's drawer) where the feelings experienced by his character comes through the screen in spades. But it is Thomas Heiden Church in my opinion who shines here, he delivers one of the great comedic performances of the last 10 years. His tiger growl after Sandra Oh invites the two buddies to her home is hysterical. Sandra Oh, one very underrated actress, is again perfect in her role. And finally Virginia Madsen, what a joy to see her given a character that is worthy of her talents, her monologue on why she likes wines is delivered with a Deneuve sensuality that freezes you on your couch. 9/10

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