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Nightwatch (1994)
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Over rated!!, 20 May 2006

Somebody wrote here: '(Most) US reviewers find this mediocre or 'not interesting' and suggest we should see the American remake. European reviewers all like it! I like it too' Oh well, I'm European... so what? I love GOOD cinema of any kind but sadly I got really disappointed with this over-rated and feeble thriller. The story is so obvious and cliché-ridden as any Hollywood mainstream movie of this type and in the last 30 minutes it's like an idiot-plot compendium. It begins promising enough, there are a couple of superb scary scenes in the first half, tons of creepy atmosphere along the way (great locations and camera-work) and some decent performances. But that's all. OK, if the point with this movie was character development it fails with this, too. There's not a single complex or even sympathetic character. And that slight social commentary is uninteresting because it doesn't match with the thriller elements at all.

I haven't seen the American remake and I don't feel like to do it after seeing this one.

Anatomy (2000)
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German version = original voices, 20 February 2004

I've read a lot of mistaken reviews about this movie affirming that its original shooting language is in English. That's not true. Those who has been watching the English version were listening to a poor dubbing. "Anatomie" was actually shot in German and that's the original language of the players. Anybody who pays attention to the sound quality can easily notice that the German version keeps clearly the acoustics attributes and shape of direct sound recording on shooting. On the contrary, the English version just sounds like what it is: a poor, flat studio dubbing. Watching the German version with English subtitles is definitely the best option if you like seeing films in the shape its creators really made it.