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Surprisingly Very Good, 1 January 2015

I watched this documentary on HBO and I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. One does not have to be a fan of J.Lo or her music to appreciate this documentary. It is thoroughly entertaining from start to finish. It was very funny at times and a little sad at others, but most of all, it was realistic. I am not a big fan of her music, but I found this documentary to be excellent. We get a brief history of her start in the business, and we get to see her interact with her fans, and the members of her tour group. We also get to know about her mother and what it is like to be on a world tour. There was a surprise at the end of her tour when she finished it in Puerto Rico.

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PBS Telecast: The Good and the Bad, 31 December 2013

This documentary was shown by PBS, in my area, on Monday 12/30/2013. That was GOOD, since otherwise, I would not have watched it, because I didn't even know this 2012 documentary even existed. The BAD part of it, is that PBS showed it from 11pm to 12:30pm, therefore they showed a close to a 1:30 hours documentary and the running time of it is 1:50 hours. That's 20 minutes of footage missing from the original documentary, which was filmed with a running time of 110 minutes. Documentaries are usually well edited, that's why there is always a lot of "extras," deleted scenes and so on. GOOD for PBS for showing it, but BAD (very bad) for cutting 20 minutes from it.

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2013 Update, 11 April 2013

As of April 2013, 5'10" Shoni Schimmel along with her sister 5'5" Jude Schimmel are playing basketball for the University of Louisville. Shoni is a Junior and Jude a sophomore. They, along with their teammates, led Louisville into the Championship Game of the 2013 Women's NCAA Tournament where they lost to UCONN, but they upset defending champion and the number one ranked team in the nation at that time Baylor which had a record of 34-1 when they played Louisville. They also upset #2 seed TENN and #2 seed California. Louisville ended the season at 29-9. Both Schimmel's sister will return to play again next season for Louisville university.

The Prize (2009)
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Good Film. Not many viewers., 29 June 2011

I like to watch foreign films. Most of the time, I select those that are widely acclaimed, but I picked this one up even though I had checked IMDb prior to renting it and saw that, at the time, only 13 people had rated it, there was no professional nor viewers reviews, and it had close to a 6 rating. I really liked the film. It had a good story arc, good photography and acting, interesting characters and a good ending. I think this was the first Peruvian film I have watched (maybe the second). It gave me an insight on the daily living of a segment of the Peruvian people, those in the city and the ones from the country side and the film showed, to me, that people are about the same everywhere. There are good, honest people and there are those that are not so good people. The country doesn't matter. Human condition and values does.

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Excellent Documentary, 25 September 2010

This film is a look at what a mess the Iraq situation is under American occupation. It was filmed from June 2004 thru February 2005. Among other things, it shows the emotional toll the occupation has caused on Iraqis and also on the American soldiers and one wonders what became of the people that appeared in the documentary and if the occupation was worth it. This film was one of the five nominated for an Oscar in the Documentary Feature category during the 79th Annual Academy Awards. Another film nominated and dealing with this subject was "Iraq In Fragments" which I recommend, although I liked "My Country, My Country" better. The winner of the Oscar was "An Inconvenient Truth" --- The other two films nominated were "Deliver Us From Evil" and "Jesus Camp," both were excellent. All five of these documentaries deserve to be seen and they are worth your time. ADDITION (10/7/10): Another excellent documentary dealing with the subject of the Iraq war, is "Gunner Palace" (2004) which I also recommend.

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Not that good but not that bad either., 28 August 2010

A young man, who doesn't appear to have much of a life, whose mother is seriously ill, works as a toll-booth collector but is not that great at it, by some circumstances, become obsessed with the Jewish faith and the Holocaust and gets deeply involved in documenting testimony from Jews concentration camps survivors, with mixed results. His involvement with the daughter of one of the survivors is interesting and brought life to the script, and the revelations of the survivors, many of them actual (real) survivors, was very effective. Some have called this film a "psychological thriller," but I would not go that far. I found the film interesting. Not that good, but not that bad either. Just satisfactory. I am glad I saw it, but I would not recommend it to anyone, saying, "Hey, you have to watch this movie (The Memory Thief) it is really good." because, to me, it wasn't.

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A Pleasant Surprise, 7 May 2010

I ordered this film online from my public library, without knowing too much about it. Once I got it and I read the DVD jacket, and saw that it was a Christian film, I was hesitant about watching it. I decided to do so and I was pleasantly surprised. The film was very entertaining with a good plot line and good acting all-around. It has a wholesome message about faith, marriage, friendship, forgiveness and life in general. To me, the film was a little "preachy" but I learned something from it and I enjoyed watching it. To tell you the truth, I have no idea why I ordered this film, since I had not heard anything about it and it was not reviewed in my hometown newspapers. Maybe it was meant to be.

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A Frank Reyes Film!, 25 January 2010

When one watches a Frank Reyes film, one knows the movie will be entertaining and there will be plenty of action. Reyes is a disciple of John Singleton. One watches his films for entertainment and for escapism, nothing more. Thirteen years after her father was slain, and now a New York City homicide detective, she (the lead actress) sets out to discover the truth behind the gruesome murder. The movie has a kind of religious theme and is a psychological thriller with a nice arc from start to finish. Great acting from John Leguizamo, Harvey Keitel and Wanda De Jesus, who is a "regular" from Reyes films. Don't analyze every frame, just take it for what it is and sit back and enjoy the film.

The Take (2007)
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A Film Worth Seeing!, 30 August 2009

I was surprised by the low ratings this movie has received in this forum. "The Take" is an independent film made with practically no money and filmed in a short period of time, but it is a very good film nonetheless. John Leguizamo was very good as an armored-car driver who survives being shot in the head. Rosie Perez was nominated for "Best Supporting Actress" in the 2009 Independent Film Spirit Awards. Bobby Cannavale, Tyrese Gibson and the rest of the cast are also very good. The film has great locations from East Los Angeles, depicting the daily life of a working-class family. It has action, humor, it is very entertaining and holds your interest to the very end. What else do you want in a movie?

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Surprised by the low ratings., 23 March 2009

I was surprised by the low ratings this film has received among IMDb voters (4.9 as of today). The film has an excellent cast and its entertaining throughout. Sure, some of the things that occur during the film could never happen in real life, but the exaggeration of the situations makes it funny. It is a zany, madcap comedy of the kind Hollywood used to make. You can't analyze this film to see if it is logical or the situations are real. Just sit back, relax your mind, and enjoy the ride. If you want a light comedy in which you can forget about everything for one hour and forty minutes and watch good acting and funny situations, then the Spanish film "Noche de Reyes" is for you. Watch it, and if you agree with me, lets raise its IMDb rating to at least a 6.

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