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ibm, 12 July 2010

I like your entrance. This film will make your balls fire! In the Emperor's name, he rescues a child female prostitute from the streets of New York City! If Ed could act it... I believe people should be placed under arrest for prostitution... You will have to produce the evidence. The main actress in the film is taken b the "Taxi Driver", an Orpheus-like Hercules who never shaves his head because he is out of competition with the streets of New York City! If you knew... Who would have guessed that people feel empowered by the streets of New York City! I like the last scene shot at a private apartment with stairs! The taxi driver comes in and says: "Are you speaking to me?" The resolution of the film is excellent: excellent cinematography, excellent photography, excellent costumes, excellent music, et cetera. Finally the mother was sold for ten (10) dollars at a bus stop, á-la Rosa Parks with the difference that Jodie Foster is white and not black. Confused about the negative and positive? Check out these signs: - +.

Dracula, 23 June 2010

Chris is excellent in this movie: he can move your balls. If you put him in a sweet, soft film with a hunk back from him and a degree from Harvard U-U Thant holding his interests and no questions ask, he will fly your fifth Blue Angel: the invisible one. He has grown as a gentleman: he is soft butts (so you can come your butter in his popcorn's), his IT is appropriate, he weights lift every day at the secret location of his Alma Mater. His socks are from -Century 21- in NYC, the same place OJ Simpson bought his Bruno Magli shoes: the ones I almost bought in Ithaca, NY. Izmit, the town of Turkey, from where Al Pacino and Robert De Niro are, winning over the rest and overpowering the local Pizza Hut. I saw him one in New York City, close to Union Square: just before the Cinéma. I was having my popcorn and Pepsi and watching -Dune- the unclear film from the M.of M.A. MOMA(Museum of Modern Art) where Sting the English singer makes a cameo á-la Alfred Hitchcock in Psycho. Did you leave your granny at the showers?

Who won?, 14 November 2009

This film is excellent. The stairs at the B & W shots will stop your carriages at the "wild" caravan of wild strawberries, a final and census, albeit colorless, tour de force on movement. If you suffer from cerebral palsy and cannot move from your wheelchair, buy a home stereo, stretch your legs with -PETROLEUM JELLY- and stick your fingers in, you are off! When I was a student at Hunter College the year 1986 to the year 1987 I wrote a corporatist study between "Battleship Potemkin" and "Young Mr. Lincoln" overstraining in automatic writing the effects of history in the moving image industry and how much that costs for the imaginary of an ambition. Me at Auburn, New York watching LOST IN SPACE the year 1998 thought: "Where is Truman Capote's laundry, at which one of the universities?" The University of Moscow is not Cornell University, for example. A strawberry from Finland is not a strawberry from France, for example, a kiwi from Praha is not sold the same way as the kiwi from New Zealand is sold at the local supermarket, or else you are tripping on ice, or you are picking up eggs in Red Square.

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What did you say your name was?, 23 December 2008

Thsi is an excellent film. Set in medieval fantasy, this colorful fantasy will skip your doubts for the positive energies hiding in the past: Normandie (France), Rome (Italy), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Prague (Checkoslovakia), New York (United States), Tokyo (Japan), Casablanca (Maroc), Malmo (Sweeden) are all explicit in this movie for the adventures of a Baron, Munchaussen, a historical figure of middle chivalry. The base text, Tirant Lo Blanc, a Catalan account of the chivalrously love (excluduntur) takes this take into new heights: a mixed rock opera and detailed cinematography. The film is fun, enjoyable, sane, safe, spadeful, artful: it has many references to High Renaissance art (Boticelli et al). The end is made as a Chinese box: seven samurais get together in the forest of Renaissance imagery and try to imagine an end, to close a roll-over situation: the end is at the opening of the doors: a closure for the mind of the film and an opening for the spectator of the drama. White sand as in Bora Bora is pictured as if it were Moon-sand, or Moon-powder. The internal scenes of the galleon, the ocean ship, reads like Job inside the belly of the whale: a recurrent imaginary for scribes who assume the power of the seas.

Grease (1978)
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hizo una bonita labor con Maggie ..., 21 December 2008

This is the best movie I have ever seen! Grease your hair and get into this punky movie: it's a remake of the modern industrial revolution. Actors John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, both acclaimed classic actors, recount their encounter of a summer, the most romantic summer they have ever had. The soundtrack is fun, safe, sane, well taken care of in the distribution of the musical notes. One of the most intelligent scenes is at the house where there is a well staged scene of a "pajama party". The boy though is not feature in the "pajama party": he is racing cars -a la REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE-, an error of the movie perhaps. The final scene is a -rock opera- enthusiast of safe entertainment: the boy though is not well is those black leather pants, but the overall scenery is acceptable. Take it with Pepsi and popcorn.

Xanadu (1980)
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helicopters, 21 December 2008

Colors, colors, colors... the first of a series of B-post 70's films, this Australian bombshell will fly in your penis! She is asexual as a whore: your left exit will not be able to exit without the authorization of the administration. The male actors in the movie are asexual. The plot is basic: a bimbo roller-skates to the tank in THE invisible submarine and declares war on abusive racks. The Cornell University locker room is featured in a cameo taken from -DEBBIE DOES DALLAS-, the nemesis. Olivia Newton John is at her best in this tropical classic. The laptop is basic colors and when exiting and connect my TV I heard Pr. Margaret Tatcher commenting: "The punks, they want Margaret Tatcher!" -ELLE NE PORTE M^EME PAS FRANCOIS M" is the -SUBLIMINAL- text to the plate: if you left, you crash, the best is straight. The infamous acoustic base of the Atlantic OCEAN -ATLANTIS- is invisible to the human eye, so she keeps her skirts bellow the knee. Her escort, a male prostitute form the state of California, has a .8 thick dick that will rock the screen to death: I love my mother to death!

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1,998, 21 December 2008

This is an excellent suspense drama. I escaped with my popcorn and Pepsi form the theater and upon convexing my TV I overheard Pr. Margaret Tatcher commenting on the film: "The punks, they want Margaret Tatcher." The plot is simple, basic, exuberant, exiting: an agent is caught in a reel of negatives and they cannot decide which one is the good positive. The "denouement" is: I am the son of -MARTIN HEIDEGGER-. The inscription on the board, erased by the agent at central quarters of the C.I.A. is privileged by central-computer in a brilliant "tour de force": the .3 minutes left for the audience to capture the -moving image- and its significance, makes this film a classic XXeth Century movie. If you like -THE ADAMS FAMILY- originals, you will love the voltage of this one: Canadian counter-intelligence at its best! The sub-drama focuses on ghetto issues, such as: prostitution, exposure, secret trade, harassment, interstate-pricking, pinking, winking, chuckling, inter-mingling with -IMPOSTORS- of the infamous C.I.A. Did you know that the -HOUSE THAT DADDY BUILT- is a sugardaddy, -MILKY WAY- lookalike installation in the State of New York, at the Cornell University: it is the house of Carl Sagan.

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it's a perfect ass ..., 20 December 2008

This is an excellent movie, It move your balls: that if you need a pass, you know. The book received at this colossal moving image is like a waterfall in your dream: the most infamous line reads an "asshole" speaking to the public. The actual "asshole" is, one, I would say, one of the wonders of modern and contemporary cinematography: here we have another "light brother" speaking to nobody but the "plural", "unknown" public. The film is an adaptation form the book published and its cinematography is excellent, clean, transparent, to the point of expressing the cinematographic dichotomy between the B & W 50's detective genre and the contemporary, current style of -new wave- cinema, softly crafted to make the mastermind pleased. The plot is easy to follow. A hit for the generations and the history of the moving image.

Why were you crying?, 19 December 2008

I can cry a river over you...this butterfly effect is superb. -CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND- is impossible because this Catholic film will satisfy your seeds: set in rural Alabama, the prologue or -OPENING LOGOS- is the anti-chambers of the C.I.A. -the F.B.I.- a complex system of -ALTERED STATES-. 50 people get together in a trunk and decide to end the dispute over who is going to be the driver of the Van: Halen? They are known as the -CHARLES MASON FAMILY- a group of filmmakers who are positive in the camera: How is your lasagne at Champs Elys'ee, for example? People who travel are like that: old money, f-f, this is accepted in Casablanca: you trade your 17 and with success you will win. If you do not win (meaning: if you make an error) you loose. The gain? It depends: if you are a King and bet your kingdom, and you win, you win securities for your kingdom. If you are an Emperor, and you win, you win securities for your Empire. If you are a Prince, and you win, you win securities for your Principality. Now, if you are a gambler and you only have your tail to bet, you have to win: otherwise, you will loose your tail. And so forth: the rules are explicit in every move and every move on its turn is gathered by light: it is the continental theory.

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the safe of the universe:to bring back his body, 16 December 2008

This is an amazing film: set in the HISTORY of the imaginary, this human tale of courage and badge, of honor and glory, of fantasy and the future Chinese present tense, will inspire to be careful with those "burritos": you will begin to experience gases in your stomach which are of another atmosphere. Think of guacamole: of what color is made the book -PAUL ET VIRGINIE- by St. Pierre and how much did Paris cost you? -FLASH- say cheese: your red eyes as a cherry will blow any horn in the industry. S-G? Think again: who's your daddy pappy? Homosexuals have been around the Colliseum since the Roman Empire but this futuristic tale will bring Japanese tears to your eyes! After the Futbol catch, Flash is instructed by the camera not to move and drop the ball: the angle will work at a hidden location (invisibe to the human eye). Once the -PANOPTICUM- recognizes Flash has catched the ball, it acknowledges Flash in his cry for the life of the King: he jumps his balls and screams at the mirror: LONG LIVE THE KING! A most infamous line reads: "... to bring back his body!" A command by a counter-intelligence spy working at the Cornell University. The failure of the expectations of the desired commands of the average public, which includes a set of English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arab speaking people (the six official languages of the United Nations)is at the end when a Dracula-like recuperates the perennial ring -the GRAAL- from the ashes of the surface of a floor and laughs at the punch-line of the same closing experience: it is an open-end film, where the remembrances of the public are in the music score, fantastic, safe and sane, punctual. Flash is about the dream of knowing if you are at the Moon or at Planet Earth, because the Sun cannot obviously carry your body, unless you are crazy.

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