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A school principal tries to get trashy slum kids to attend school, 29 January 2008

Sad to say, this dreadful film is a sickeningly violent reflection of American schools today where discipline is questionable and students are obviously more interested in drug deals than in getting an education. Having grown up watching films made in Hollywood's "golden era" I am wondering why the producer ever felt this story was worth producing. As a former screenwriter at MGM and a screen writing instructor at a Dallas college for over thirty years, I can only say, as I have for a long time, that contemporary films lack the quality and appeal of those made before 1979.Killings, stabbings, murders, car crashes and buildings being blown up do not constitute entertainment for me and in the case of this particular disaster, the actions of trashy slum teenagers have no appeal at all. TV viewers should be warned about the objectionable content of this film which should appeal only to trashy ghetto teenagers.

Bandits (2001)
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Ridiculously confusing, poor script, bad direction, instantly forgettable., 6 August 2005

As a former member of the script department at MGM, I can only say that this script should never have got to first base. A trio of losers start robbing banks but we never find out what happens after they do the deed. ånd there is not a single scene when bank security guards try to stop the robbery... I think this was supposed to be comedy but if so, it fails miserably, and above all else, the ending is atrociously bad, like the script, the poor direction and the overall unsatisfactory tone of this miserable attempt at a movie. This is one that makes one wish for the good old days back in the 40's and 50's when they really made good movies...

Twelve Mile Road (2003) (TV)
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Divorce doesn't mean a couple stops loving each other., 19 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thoroughly enjoyed this down-to-earth story of a divorced couple who get together again, love blossoms once more and a family is back together again. The entire cast does a great job in this very touching tale with a good message. I am very pleased that such an appealing film was even considered for production in today's hateful film climate where almost every movie has to have flaming car wrecks, burning buildings, grotesque monsters, space ships and godawful special effects. This film is about real people in real situations that touch one's heart. Let's have more like this. My only objection: Tom Selleck wears a grossly inappropriate monstrous moustache. Shave it off, Tom! And for scenes where you don't have a shirt on, you might shave your chest, too, which looks like an overgrown forest!

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A wonderful touching film for those of us who remember good films from a few years back., 13 February 2005

As a veteran screen writing instructor at Richland College in Dallas and a former MGM screenwriter back in the days of decent films, I am thrilled to have accidentally clicked on Channel 33 in Dallas tonight and watched this enchanting film in which Betty White is GORGEOUS and makes one yearn for the good old days of truly good movies before Hollywood started banging out all this crap for the teenagers. If a producer is listening, I'd like to state that there are enough of us over 60's who will happily pay a buck to see a movie that has no guns, no killing, no special effects, no sex and violence and just a good touching tale of human relationships that leaves you with a good warm feeling, as this film did for me.

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Ho hum... how dull can a movie get?, 12 February 2005

I am getting so sick and tired of movie with guns, killings and elements that make me reach for the OFF switch, go find a good book and curl up and read....and in that way one doesn't get visually offended by a bunch of scenes that are tiresome and offensive to one's sensitivities, as this film is, having a sweet little boy being instructed how to point and shoot a gun. No, thanks...this has too much repetitive action that doesn't have the sort of characters and story to prompt me to watch any longer than I need to in order to know this is NOT my cup of tea! Some viewers may like violence but I think we get enough of that in real life without watching it on TV.

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Yuck, yuck... a total bore, 9 January 2005

Having heard come good comments in the past I started watching it on TV tonight but gave up after about forty-five minutes. Dreary....dreary... just another example of the poor quality of most films over the past twenty years... I guess teenagers will love this but mature adults like myself will probably share my feelings about this attempt at comedy that comes off as another juvenile independent production foisted on the public by a bunch of recent graduates from film school. It takes a truly good film for me to become enthused over a movie today simply because having grown up watching films made before 1970, I am understandably disgusted with most contemporary efforts.

Cheats (2002)
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Atrociously bad depiction of American high school students, 8 August 2004

This is supposed to be a comedy. It is not. To me it is a total waste of time with regrettably negative images of students, teachers and the American school system. I sat through it on TV thinking it would improve, which it didn't. Skip this one. Teenagers of course will love it, but adults with a smidgeon of intelligence probably won't. As a former analyst at MGM studios in the 60's, I am wondering how this ever interested a producer enough to want to put it on the screen. But then, as I sadly have to admit, there are very few contemporary films that meet the standards of quality that I remember from films made before 1970.

Ho hum - yawn,yawn...., 1 February 2004

If anyone liked this film (I found it boring) could they identify the wretched would-be singer on the soundtrack? And let me know... I am very curious how an attempted top drawer movie could have used such a poor quality singer to louse up the soundtrack. I know that most rock singers today can't sing worth a hoot, but this one on the soundtrack hit rock-bottom as far as I'm concerned.

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Ho dull can a film get?, 28 December 2003

From the many viewer comments critical of this film, I guess I'm not the exception, but dear God, there must be better ways to waste two hours than watching this tedious tale of a man wrongfully accused of murdering his mistress. I am somewhat surprised that Harrison Ford took this part. Maybe he needed the money, but whatever he was paid, he did little to earn it other than remain grim-faced all the way through. I am really getting weary of the increasing amount of Hollywood product that is really not worth watching...In fact, I spend more time reading than I do watching TV. Hey, do you like to read? Check out my latest novel SHOT IN DALLAS, listed on, which was inspired by the pitiful attempts at movie making by Dallas would-be producers.

Two Much (1996)
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Jeez, but Hollywood must be hard up..., 14 September 2003

The basic plot of this made-for-TV movie has been done several times before, making it very predictable and not that funny. Antonio Banderas looks best without his clothes, which is about the only appeal that this actor has... The rest of the cast is instantly the film itself.

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