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These are just my favourites. It is an extremely subjective list, created with absolutely no intention to rank any of these true works of art. Still have a lot of cinema to watch, hence this is a dynamic enterprise.

What is Art house cinema: I am not sure about the exact definition used by academics. However I felt the name art house cinema appropriate for my list as all of these films, I feel, are sincere attempts at creating a work of art on the wonderful canvas: Cinema.

You do not see any apparent attempts to please or to cater to the self indulgence of the audience; rather they engage and appeal to you psychologically, emotionally, philosophically, and artistically.

They are bereft of any artistic or commercial prejudices, and pretensions.

A word of caution: Some of these movies are not exactly entertaining, and can be emotionally, psychologically draining. They are best viewed with an open mind with no prejudices.

Most of them are R rated and are not to be viewed by or with minors