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The shorts in Melody Time
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Starting whit the two "Beatles" movie's; 7 and 12 times each, whitinn a few weeks, then.
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Some clouse to 10 times and will go to other, "Film's I have seen 10>15>20>25 times" list.
& more to come. ANd some rememberd when I see them again.
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See list "The 60's" from 1969
DAY,MONTH,YEAR = (My fathers seen).
"*" = Me seen.
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Why get used to blood and gore and violence. It's sick.
More to come.
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See list "The 60's" from 1969 "DAY,MONTH,YEAR" = (Date my fathers seen). * = Me seen.
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He have seen so many film's, as only the few, I think, and he had a filmclub. And he had 2 days a week in a theater where he compose which film to show, and it was "the good" and special movies, almost only. (+ all the movies he have seen on the TV).
And I was blessed to go whit him from my childhod on. I'm about to clean up my parrent house, and are stunned to refind all this. I will see which movies I have seen to, but forgot, till now. It will take a while to make this, step by step.
And I make the list's in decade, or maybe even in years, to make it more manageable. Time in the progress will show.
But this is from the 60's. (1969 for a start). I just took a handfull in the cardbordbox, for a start.
The date I write, is when he saw it as he write on the programme, "moviefolder" .
And the date is: DAY-MONTH-YEAR, as logic, used here in Denmark.
A "*" after the date means that I remember, or recall as I go by the programmes, to have seen it to. And mabye I have forgot to have seen some or al lot of them.
He did not rate the movies on the programs, so I don't know how he rate them, as he did in some of his book's.
This is gonna be an exciting experence travel in movie. For me and genuine movie-lovers out there.
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See list "The 60's" from 1969 for more! "DAY,MONTH,YEAR" = (My fathers seen). "*" = Me seen.
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See (almost) same list title but from 1969
DAY,MONTH,YEAR = (My fathers seen).
"*" = My seen.