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A very different place for David to work..., 12 November 2011

Despite the overall rating for this episode, I thought it was a very good episode.

It had a solid script written by Carol Baxter (who guest starred in earlier episodes "Haunted" and "Prometheus, Part 2") and a stellar performance from Christine Belford (who guest starred in the earlier episode "Wildfire" and was featured in John Carpenter's/Stephen King's "Christine").

The cinematography and effects in some of Leigh Gamble's (Belford) POV shots are some of the most interesting shots in the whole series, at least I think so.

The reason I give it a 9/10 is because in some places it seems really drawn out and the Hulk-outs are pretty much self-induced. A very dramatic episode, but very minimal on the action. And I don't know if it's just me but there seems to be some undertones of the original "House of Wax" (1953), with Vincent Price, in this episode.

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And the Hulk took the bait..., 12 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Being the only episode in the series directed by Bill Bixby (thought he did well with it), this isn't a perfect episode, but the premise of it is interesting and rather fun.

The idea that wealthy mercenary La Fronte (Jed Mills) wants to kill the Hulk just for the sheer challenge and, I also think, for the fun of it makes this episode fun to watch. La Fronte spends millions setting up a trap for Hulk. Now I've heard that the tighter a plan the more likely something will go wrong and that the goal of said plan won't be achieved. Of course, dealing with the Hulk that's exactly what happens.

For a pretty fair predictable episode, it does have a very fine performance from Jed Mills, who had an earlier guest spot in the show's third season episode "Broken Image."

I give it an 8/10.

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A very difficult matter for David to overcome., 10 November 2011

Personally, I think this is a stellar third season episode. Not wanting to give a lot away, this episode has I think one of the biggest surprises in the series and how that surprise is played out.

The two major guest stars, John McIntire and Jeanette Nolan, give wonderful performances. Having just found out that John and Jeanette in real life were married makes this episode even better. And this wasn't their only film credit together. They both lent their voices to Disney's "The Rescuers" and "The Fox and the Hound" and played a married couple in one my favorite childhood movies "Cloak & Dagger" starring Henry Thomas (Elliott from "E.T."), Dabney Coleman (WarGames, Tootsie, You've Got Mail), and Michael Murphy (Angel's father from "X-Men: The Last Stand").


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"Most Dangerous Game" Hulk-Style, 9 November 2011

Now I have not read the novella by Richard Connell, but I HAVE seen the premise of it before. Seeing it in this "Hulk" episode is the third time I've seen it. The first time was with the Gilligan's Island third season episode "The Hunter," and the second time was with the re-worked vision for the 1959 horror movie "Bloodlust" starring Wilton Graff as the hunter and Robert Reed (TV's Mike Brady of the Brady Bunch) as one of the hunted.

With the Gilligan's Island episode it's very comical and with "Bloodlust" it's more or less horrific, but with "Hulk" it's a great dramatic piece that really excels. Bradford Dillman gives a great performance as the hunter. Just like Wilton Graff's performance in "Bloodlust," Bradford gives off an aura of being suave, sleek and very dangerous.

I highly recommend others to see this episode.

Definitely 10/10.

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My Favorite Martian Meets The Hulk, 8 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Considering Ray Walston guest stars in this episode, the episode title is a nice wink to Bill's and Ray's former acting job together on their hit TV show "My Favorite Martian." Having seen a few episodes of "My Favorite Martian," I think it's great that this episode reunites Bill and Ray working together and sparring off each other again.

Having known prior to watching this episode that Bill in real life was a professional magician made this episode very enjoyable for me, especially when David tells Jasper (Walston) that he doesn't know anything about magic (I had a good laugh at that). Having only one sequence of a magic act, it doesn't disappoint especially when the Hulk makes his appearance. A very funny moment occurs after the magic act of a husband and wife coming across the Hulk outside and asking for his autograph and to take his picture. Although, white eyes and very bright lights don't mix. Your eyes would be very sensitive. Lastly, this is a kind of a filler episode with David taking a scheduled serum to try to help keep the Hulk at bay. It's not a perfect episode, but it's very enjoyable.

This episode boasts great guest stars, including Ray, with Scatman Crothers (The Shining, Twilight Zone Movie), Robert Alda (father of Alan Alda), and Anne Schedeen (TV's Alf).