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Entertaining, 3 March 2003

This film was quite enjoyable, although I can't help but think that that was because Jack Nicholson had the leading role. It was as if the story was written for Jack as no other actor would have played the part as well as he did, in fact, no other actor would have gotten away with the film being a hit like Jack did. Although the story line was slow enough, Jack made it all worthwhile. His facial expressions and excellent acting was a credit to him throughout. Kathy Bates was very good also, especially when she shocked us all by stripping before entering the jacuzzi. What I also enjoyed were the hidden messages throughout. Firstly how it was made obvious that no one is indispensable when Schmidt retires and realises he won't be missed and things will go on without him. Although there was humour throughout, you couldn't help but feel sad for Schmidt as old age catches up on him, and loneliness, and he realises he may not have much time left. I would recommend this film, but have to repeat that it is mostly thanks to the 'wonderful Jack'.

Alone (2002)
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Awful, 28 February 2003

In my opinion this film is one of the worst I've ever seen. It was weird. As I would never watch a film without seeing the end I persevered to the end in the hope that it would have some answers, however, the ending is worse than the whole film put together.

It was extremely amateur and doesn't deserve to be on video or even TV. The sound and camera effects were silly and did nothing for the film neither.

I'd give it 1/10 and that's being generous.

The Ring (2002)
Gripping, but lacking something, 28 February 2003

The Ring is a very gripping film, it will certainly have you engrossed the whole way through. I enjoyed it and thought the acting was good, especially Naomi Watts. I felt it had a "Sixth Sense" feel to it though, the eeriness and the plot. The only flaw I can find in the film is the way in which it felt unfinished at the end. The story-line throughout did not fall into place at the end, although I am aware they may be leaving that for The Ring 2, but all the same. I'm a regular cinema-goer and enjoy most films, from Shrek to Lord of the Rings to films like The Ring and would give it 6/10. It's well worth seeing.