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Some kind of wonderful, 24 December 2004

I don't really know what it is about Dirty Dancing.. there is some sort of absolute magic in this movie.. I cannot possibly recount the hundreds (yes, hundreds)of times I've watched it, beginning to end... but every time I do come upon it on TV, I am entranced and mystified and sit myself down and there I am, for two hours, loving the movie as if I'm watching it for the first time. Although Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey absolutely hated each other throughout the making of this film, they possess a beautiful chemistry on the set.. it makes the viewer enjoy it that much more, to see this passion and commitment.. and I can't help tearing up a tiny bit at the end, when Patrick comes up to the Houseman family and tells her dad, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner". (classic moment) For all those people who believe this movie is corny and sappy, maybe in a way it is, but it was the penicle of the 80's films, and put Patrick Swayze right on the map; his performance was immaculate.

Three Cheers for Dirty Dancing !!

Ps- The soundtrack is fantastic, an absolute masterpiece

Bubble Boy (2001)
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BuBbLe Boy Kept Me RoLLiNg!!!, 6 April 2002

Alright, I have to right away say that Jake Gyllenhaal is ADORABLE!!! this movie was just as adorable as him.. its cute and sweet, and totally shows the innocence and good will of this young boy... It might not be very deep, but it is MY type of humor, and I was on the floor.. I saw it because my friend suggested it.. at first I scoffed, but its one of my favorite movies! GO JAKE!! (ya'll go watch October Sky if drama is more your style =)