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Not bad, 23 October 2007

I watched this movie today. People who are expecting something master blaster,NO its not something very special, But yeah its an interesting movie. I always think Javed Jaffery is an excellent actor and hes wasted in useless roles. This movie is good for relaxing, its a combination of comedy mystery and suspense. I enjoyed this movie, Anupam and Om puri ,this friendly couple is excellent. I think both acted very well. This movie is about a robbery of Diamonds. Truthfully i have not seen the original one. So i cant say which one is better.I wasn't expecting something excellent ,so when u watch this movie don't expect too much and you would surely enjoy it.Although songs doesn't fit the situations, even then its not bad. In short i enjoyed this movie, and i would recommend it to all light comedy movie lovers. You wont regret.

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Interesting funny movie., 29 September 2007

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I watched this movie today .Its an interesting movie, it contains the best past comedians. A funny story of different characters traveling from Bombay to Goa by bus. The story revolves around many characters who are trying to find a "khazaana". All these characters are funny.Glad there's no songs in this movie, songs could make it boring.Vijay Raaz is at his best as always. You will see all big comedy stars in this movie and some of the villains. Asrani, Shakti Kapoor, Vijay Raaz, Jagdeep,Raju and others.Situations and dialogs are funny. Its a different movie, I wont claim that its the best but its good comedy flick.

I would recommend this movie to everyone. You wont regret! AsToK