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Dead to Rights II (2005) (VG)
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hilarious - you must play this game., 22 September 2007

I can't say this is a great game...but I can say that its so bad, its good...know what I mean. It is absolutely hilarious. Jack - the main character fighting crime with his ridiculous side kick Ruby the stripper (and she fights crime in her red thong!). Jack even has a stripper pole on his motorcycle so that Ruby can dance as they are riding down the highway...I mean, how hilarious is that!! The duologue is just like the animation - so bad its good and really (unintentionally) funny. I have played this game several times, and I've gotten many friends hooked on the experience! Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed.

"As If" (2002)
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should still be on the air, 22 September 2007

i was able to see bootlegged copies of all the American episodes created (those that aired, and those that didn't) and i truly think it was a crime that it was taken off the air. The show was a victim of a merger where other programming was cheaper- so it didn't matter what the rating were, the show was getting the axe to save money. Its a shame because all 6 of the characters have stellar moments through out the series. Moments that let their talent really show. Its a terrifically talented cast that manages to show the humor, fun, monotony and tragedy of growing up and figuring out who you are. Learning how to deal with life. I hope they release it on DVD.

good, but could be better, 22 September 2007

Fan of film noir? You'll appreciate the effort that went into making Yesterday's Dream. The concept behind it is great. It involves a happily married couple who's life comes crashing down on them when the wife is killed in a tragic, unexpected car accident. The husband struggles to move on and get his life together...but its not working. His only moments of happiness come from imagining his wife back in his life - this happens when he uses heroin to blue the present and bring back the happiness of his past. His friends try to help him out of his downward spiral but nothing can save this man. Or he is saved, depending on how you look at it. Its a tragic and sad story, but full of heart and shot with an eye for romantic detail.

Creepy and fabulous, 22 September 2007

The story of a girl's obsession and how that effects everyone involved. A simple idea that is complicated by human emotions and deception. Whoa! Beautiful direction that brings our three complicated performances - especially from Adrienne Wilkinson. i was stunned by her character as it was so different from anything I had seen her play. You feel sorry for her. You feel scared of her. You want her to win. Its a fine line to walk, but she does it! There is one look she gives near the end of the film that says it all. You think she's lost...but no she revels in the small victory, knowing a larger one is around the corner. Its a great story, and its the tiny details in the writing that really bring it to life. The music is so haunting and adds to the over all effect. I want to own a copy of this film!

Reflections (2008/III)
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Wow, 22 September 2007

Saw an industry screening of this film this past weekend. Had no idea what to expect. i loved it enough that I wanted to leave a comment about it. I saw it in conjunction with several other projects and Reflections blew them all away. I have no idea where you can see this film, but if you hear its in your area - get in line to see it! Somehow the film managed to be creepy but reassuring. It was frightening but empowering. And it really made me think. I was so surprised by such a stellar cast in this little gem of a film. How did they find so many talented actors to participate? The best part is the ending. I won't spoil the surprise by saying in detail what happens - but lets just say that it gives me shivers down my spine to think about it now. Great movie!

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loved it - wish it was longer, 22 September 2007

i saw a screening of this film and really loved it. Both of the women were really talented. knowing that its based on a true story makes it that much more fascinating. it was in black and white - which sometimes I find boring or snobbish, but it made the story that much more real and true to the time period of the early 1960's. They definitely captured the glamor and chaos of the relationships. it was also interesting to see the problems repeated between father and son. Loved the wardrobe! My only complaint was that it wasn't longer. i would love to see the full version of this film as soon as its made. I lived in Chicago for a while, and they really captured the feel of the city - both the the big and small aspects of living there.