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I'm back again, and in the spirit of the holiday (Friday the 13th) I figured why not make a new list of one of horror cinema's most notorious film series, "Friday the 13th"...
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There are tons and tons of movies that have great music, but every once in a while there area few that just stick out more, and are easily identified after hearing only a few notes. John Williams dominates the list, but there are so many greats as well by Danny Elfman, Jerry Goldsmith, and more... Here's a few of the best...
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It's been a while since I've done a list, so I figured to hell with it. This time around for "Movie's We Secretly Love", I've chosen to chronicle a few of the films that the beloved comedian/writer/director (I officially stand on the conclusion that it should be a "Mel of all trades" instead of Jack from now on, because Mr. Brooks does so much more) Mel Brooks. His name guarantees the highest-class of low-brow comedy. He has had so many films over the years that people still quote and refer to all the time, even today. Here are is a list of his work as a director...
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Okay, This is the beginning of a little mini-series of lists, I guess. Since I've started listing things now, like it's a thing to do. Semantics aside, the point of this "Series" is movies that we secretly love, but won't admit to it, be it a group of movies, or film series, what have you. In the first installment I give you one of Warner Brother's finest, that no one will admit to loving, but there is a reason it has lasted this long and is a guilty pleasure for many. The Police Academy series, has had a long a fruitful history, let's take a look, shall we??? (You don't have to answer, it's rhetorical, your already
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A list I had made not too long ago chronicled those times when I've went into a movie sequel or highly talked about new film. and expected to hate it, only to be pleasantly surprised. Although some of the titles may be obvious, I figured why not list the 10 times that were the most anticipated only to be let down horribly by the film. Those movies that we waited endlessly for, only to wish the day had never come. It would be too easy to just do a worst sequels list, but that's been done to death, and it's usually no surprise when a sequel or remake let you down. Here are the times though that a lot of people thought they were waiting for...
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I've thought long and hard about it. Denied it, and several other steps. Scoured the years of films and which ones stuck with me, and ones that most people know, and for some reason, the better part of the 80's just had some of the best and longest lasting movies that have become a part of pop-culture and the lives of many. Part of it may have been because Home Video was becoming the latest craze, but it still can't be argued that throughout the 70's and most of the 80's the movie studios released less than 150-200 titles per year (In 2009 the average was over 600) and each of those films grossing around 10 million on average in that nearly 20 year span compared to the overblown market now. The year 1984 in particular stands out as a year that was so full of movies that are memorable and most people have seen. I haven't even seen all of the films on this list yet, but am aware of them, and hope to see the few I haven't or have not in so long. It's so hard to believe that in a time when less than 200 movies were released on average per year, this many movies managed to not only turn an average profit at the box office of about 15-20 million dollars (Not counting the huge numbers that pulled in close to or over 100 million on their own at a time when the average budget was 5-10 million). Here is a list of the ones that stick out, 60 movies in a year that only 181 were released, right down to the lesser known at the bottom of the pile. It could have been longer, but here are the movies in a year that was so awesome to be a film lover, and have stayed with us the longest...
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Some may call them guilty pleasures, most find them vile and unwatchable, forgettable schlock. For some reason they have all earned some sort of cult following over the years, here's 10 of the best of the "worst"!
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For better or worse, good movies sometimes have characters that are so stupid they bring the movie down, or detract from what could be a better movie, generally have nothing to do with the plot, or everything that is wrong with it. These are a few of those obvious examples...
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Horror movies have been around as long as film itself, just as the horror sequel goes far back to those days as well. I decided to sift through what I have actually watched and pick the 10 best horror sequels. Particularly in the slasher genre, that started with Psycho. Here are a few that actually weren't that horror-able...moo ha ha ha hhah!
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How dare they! We're talking about sequels that just should not have been enjoyable, but manage to crawl under your skin and actually get you to enjoy them! Most sequels I have seen met at least most of my expectation, knowing they were probably not going to be as good as the original I am generally impressed with those sequels that manage to be decent enough, like The original Star Wars sequels, Indiana Jones sequels, Batman Returns, and Dark Knight (that was a bit of a surprise that I liked it as much as I did, but I did go into that with high expectations), and some just meet that quota or manage a few extra ordinary good ones like a lot of the Nightmare On Elm Street Sequels. Yeah they aren't high-art, but I mean, when you go into a movie with a negative attitude due to the bad experience you may have had with the last sequel, or the idea that another one was actually made, and are actually surprised by the result, it just makes it that much sweeter. There is that pretty definitive list of movie sequels that are better than the original, but sometimes there are sequels that you think your going to just hate and they shock you. Here's a few of those shocking movies.
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With all the squabble over Comedy Awards, and if now that the Academy has a category for Best Animated Feature, some feel it is time that Comedy gets it's own category as well. There have been so many comedies over the years that had performances, music, or technical aspects, that gained an Oscar nod or win, and a few are on this list. There are some that probably would be, but they actually got a lot of Oscar recognition (like MASH, The Odd Couple, Tootsie, and Arthur). A couple actors and behind the scenes talent show up a couple times that actually have been nominated for different films than the couple on the list. It seems years ago Comedy was much more respected than in the last 30 years, so most the films are from that era fairly. The list could be 3 or 4 times longer, but I wanted to keep it simple so as not to over state the obvious.
At any rate...It's a tough thing to be funny, it's even harder to create a film that is not only a comedy but manages to rise above what most people usually consider comedy, throw away entertainment, that never seems to get any real recognition when it's good, but panned to death when it's not so good.
Some will argue that giving comedy any type of award is below comedy, or hypocritical for those who make comedy to pat themselves on the back and give themselves awards because they are either above it, or it demeans what they are doing.
I could go on and on about the issue, but I just decided, hey if it were to happen, what movies in the past probably should have gotten a few of those awards if they ever were to come about...
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Sequels have been a part of literature and film since their inception. Every so often Hollywood decides to cash in on a big movie, or an unexpected hit. Instead of filling my list with strait to video dud sequels to movies that weren't even that inspired in the first place, I tried to make a list comprised of those movies that a lot of people decided to spend a lot of money on, and they had no real reason to other than to cash in on a hot commodity. I could list all the BAD sequels till I'm blue in the face. There are movies that are suited for a second or third helping but just didn't cut it, that's not what this list is about though. Trying to avoid the obvious pit-falls in the action, horror (especially horror), and sci-fi realms (note: No Star Wars Prequels), television movie sequels, comedy, or sequels to already bad movies. There are also a lot of family films that get rancid sequels, but those are just too easy and I have a place for the worst offenders of them all on this list (5).
I tried to find movies that were just totally uncalled for. We're talking about movies that stretch the ideals of sequels in general. A few on the list may fall into one of those categories above that I'm trying to avoid, and you may think they do not belong, but they are here because they tried to reinvent themselves in this try (Take 8 and 9 for example). The list could be a bit longer, so I will just give honorable mentions to a few that didn't make it, ones that stink so bad I haven't even bothered to see them-(Staying Alive, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, and The Sting II to name a few.) Here is my list of sequels that no one asked for, well, I didn't, did you?