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should have been titled Worzel Gummidge in New Zealand, 11 December 2007

since when is New Zealand called Down Under. i'm sure Down Under refers to Australia, The Show Should have been retitled Worzel Gummidge in New Zealand Worzel Gummidge. It isn't the only UK series to do a series or 2 out of the UK shows such as Are you being Served, Doctor Down under' Correct title done in Sydney Jon & Una are the only reasons it worked OK outside of the UK. I don't recall seeing it on TV here in Australia not sure if it was on commercial channel or The ABC TV i got the complete set of Worzel series. ;) Its a great Boxset cheers. I like all the heads Jon used for Worzel during the run and una stubbs was good as Aunt Sally .

The Club (1980)
i reckoned a modern version would be good, 14 March 2007

The movie was great i'd like to see a up to date version with current AFL players i reckoned it be one that would work if it was remade :) bring Back Jack Thompson :D I bought the DVD and its now on Pay TV Fox Classics :D the movie hasn't really dated gee look at a young John Howard to him today big changes you wouldn't at him now i read he was around 29 when he was in The Club. great scenes of Melbourne, why did they have to base it on Collingwood ;) surly they could have done more then 1 i love the up their Cazaly great tune :) it was good to see real Footy when they played for the love of sport. Now its a Business money money money ,

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great movie, 15 December 2006

I really Enjoyed this one and the Original movie i found out a error when queen Dragora says i;m not a duck I'm a drake the script writer should have put hen as Female Ducks are called Hens and Male Ducks are called Drakes i liked the drake costumes and how Cristian Motriuc Plays both Swanson/Dr. Schmott especially when their in the same room ? as you do see in their 2nd movie i bought the 1st one the 2nd one was on TV in Australia not that long ago a year or 2 the first one hasn't not sure if has been or not it was good to see the first one to see how it all began. it was hard when i hadn't seen the first one to know what was happening in the Sequel . i hope it gets a DVD release

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love the show, 9 December 2006

i've seen them all Live in Melbourne, didn;t see the original Pirates though saw the one they did for the Anniversary in January 2003 i got to Meet Jon English, Gerry Connolly, David Gould, Sheila Bradley& Carmell Parentel and they signed my Program Guide i meet them at the Stage Door :) they were extremely nice and happy to sign the Program for e i meet the Conductor Kevin Hocking after the Hms Penifor and he signed the hms book for me i loved what he did to Jon English in Pirates made him do a song about 4 times ;)

i like the Singletts their so good :)

i wrote to Simon Gallaher and he sent me a signed Photo :)

has anyone seen the one with Anthony Warlow i just saw it on Abc TV in Australia

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Good News series 1 & 2 of A Country Practice coming April 3, 10 March 2006

hi all i saw on A Country Practice series 1 & 2 are coming out April 3 so for all your die hard fans its nearly here i can see it selling well and hope they release every series, be a lot of DVD box sets Their finally releasing a lot of Aussies series hope they release others like The Flying Doctors & Hey Dad and Carsons law or even the Sullivans cheers i use to love watching A Country Practice from start to end i was looking through Ezydvd and came across it in the future releases part i;m checking up for any other good shows that deserve a DVD release please distributor take notice we want other Aussie content on DVD not in the volt to get worn