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Two disks of magic..., 18 July 2006

I caught a bit of this concert on public television and knew I had to have it. The boys give everyone at the Royal Albert an excellent, often thrilling performance complete in every way. Pure, too - no synth, no smoke-shrouded lasers and strobes, no grandiose entrance (and an unstoned, serious, and appreciative audience, all of whom left their bottle rockets at home).

If you're a Cream fan (or if you've only heard of them); if you're a blues fan; if you're a rock 'n' roll fan; you will not be disappointed when you view and listen to this DVD. You also will never lose this DVD because you'll never lend it to anyone. (This DVD justifies selfishness! Tell them to get their own!) It's too good and too replayable; you'll want to keep it within easy reach.

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Old but good sci-fi, 10 July 2006

I saw this at the theater in 1961 and thought it was the last word in science fiction. I recently saw it on the tube and cringed a bit at the unlikely plot and cheesy dialog, but it's still great early sci-fi. Those familiar with Irwin Allen's overwrought disaster films (the original Poseidon, the Towering Inferno) will recognize his touch but find Voyage a more enjoyable film. The photography is beautiful as is the sub itself (the innovative Seaview, a design still unmatched by the world's navies), and the movie features a good mix of older and younger stars, including a very cute, pre-Jeannie Barbara Eden (and her then-husband Michael Ansara).

Watch and appreciate this movie for what it is: a fun, groundbreaking, modern sci-fi prototype.