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For old fans and new listeners alike, 13 April 2003

One of the best live concert films ever released. Touring Band 2000 is a compilation of some of Pearl Jam's best performances of their 2000 Tour to support their Binaural album. While each of the performances is from the U.S. tour, there are also some montage sequences of the European tour in the special features. Hardcore fans and newcomers alike will love the tracklisting as they play some of their lesser known works, as well as some of their "radio friendly" tunes. Special features include several music videos, some montages of the European tour as well as kind of a gag reel of the band goofing off throughout the tour. Also included is the "Matt Cam" which is a camera set on drummer Matt Cameron as he does his stuff to several songs. This is a must have for all music lovers, and especially Pearl Jam fans, as it gives a very intimate look at what was once a very private band.