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Whoever wrote this must've had a glass brain too, 15 April 2002

I went and saw this in the theatre, But it wasn't till I saw it again on video that I realized how horrible this movie was. It's got very little action and what little bit that it does, It's really all that impressive. The heroine of this movie isn't all that bright either. And the only real mystery of this movie is trying to figure out exactly where she got suspicious of the Glass's killing her parents for their money. I never really saw much indication that something was wrong there, Except for her and her brother sleeping in the same room which i still can't figure out what the reason for that is. But the main thing i could get over was how stupid Ruby is. I mean how could anyone dumb enough to drive through a road block after they've stolen a car going to uncover this little conspiracy between the Glass's not only that she puts all her trust in an estate lawyer. but in short this is a high budget movie with a made for T.V quality.

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If it wasn't for the talented actors this movie would blow, 9 April 2002

Al Pacino and Sean Penn make this movie what it is. other than that this movie really isn't all that great and in all honesty the best performance in this movie is done by Sean Penn Even though you hate his guts before the movie's over. But then again that's what he's trying to accomplish otherwise he'd be a bad actor. Al Pacino does good but this isn't his best. For all of those who want to see Pacino's extreme acting talent watch Devil's Advocate or Scent of a Woman. This is a good movie for Pacino Fans but the praise really must go to Penn. I give it a *** out of ****.

Ticks (1993)
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See this on USA and move on with your life, 9 April 2002

This is one of those movies that come on USA at 3o'clock in the morning and viewed mostly by insomniacs. This is a good late night movie you watch avoid infomercials. It's okay it's nothing you'd pay money to see. The concept of giant ticks is disturbing to me. mainly because I hate ticks I give it ** out of *****

Jean-Claude is all that made this movie good and thats pretty sad, 8 April 2002

The Street Fighter video game really didn't have enough of a story line to make a movie adaption. So all in all this movie is pretty homolicious. Jean Claude's performance is pretty good about as good as it usually gets with him. The animated Street Fighter movie is a lot better even if you're not a fan of animie (which I'm not). It's sad though that this garbage was Raul Julia's last movie. But as far as Van Damm movies are concerned this ones better than Death Warrant ** out of *****

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The best in the series, 4 April 2002

Toulon's Revenge is the best in the whole Puppet Master series (With the exception of part 1 of course. This one goes back to World War II where the Nazi's are p****d off because of Aundre Toulon's

puppet shows giving negative buzz about the Gustopo. And soon they discover that his puppets are actully alive and decide to use Toulon's technology to revive soldiers that were dead to replenish their army. Needless to say everything goes south and puppets spring into action to protect their master.

What makes this movie great is it tells who the puppets are and shows the making and birth of leech woman I give it a 10

Finally a high budget horror film that isn't a Scream rip-off, 3 April 2002

Since 1996 it's been pretty rare to see A horror film That wasn't a sequel to an 80's movie - (e.g Halloween H20 , Bride Of Chucky)or some "who's the killer slasher films" So Jeepers Creepers is a breather from the Popular Plague of Scream rip off's with a plot lines that are about as original as a Britney Spears song. Jeepers Creepers has an original villian, Great special FX , A GOOD PLOT LINE , and promise for a sequel. I give it an 8 on a 1 to 10 scale

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Fulci is God, 2 April 2002

This man is the greatest horror director ever. Gates of Hell A.K.A City Of The Living Dead is simply a masterpeice. The hand made gore effects (Which look about as real as they could possibly look) are exellent. Not only that this movie will also scare the hell of you. This has the most creative and well crafted death scenes ever. It has everything Example: A drill through the head the camera doesn't switch away once you'd almost believe a drill is actually going through the victims head. A chick tosses her cookies along with her intestines, stomach, liver,and the rest of her digestive track. On a scale from 1 to 10 ( 1 the worst 10 the best)I give it a 10. Fulci is great. He can take a movie about killer toilet seats from outer space and it would be a horror masterpeice

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I've seen better film on teeth, 2 April 2002

What kills this movie is not the budget. there are lots of great low budget flicks like Rumplestiltskin or the first Halloween for example. What destroyed this movie was the acting and the horribly ugly women only one of them looks decent and she gets butchered within the first minute she appears. The directing is pretty wretched too. Most of the dialoge scenes are shot so far away you can even tell who's talking. My best advice is if you're gonna watch this, cover your popcorn with shroom butter it's the only way you'll enjoy it.

The Best vampire flick this year, 2 April 2002

It's Interview With A Vampire meets the Matrix. It's got an awesome soundtrack, good special effects, and a good storyline however this movie wasn't perfect it had it's flaws. First of all if Lestat just awoke from centuries of sleep NOW. What's with the ending of Interview With A Vampire. He wasn't sleeping and still looked like a lizard. Not only that he was also awake to talk to Louis in that cemetary. : Obviously Tom Cruise Isn't Reprising his role as Lestat, Not that Stuart Townsend does a bad job in fact he does a great job (And for all of you fellow Crow fans he looks exactly like Brandon Lee. the resemblence is mind blowing). And What ever hapened to that rule stated in "Interveiw" Vampires must be Powerful and beautiful. Most of the vampires in this one look like the clientell of a Coal Chamber concert Which is far from Beautiful. But on my 1 to 10 scale I give an 8. It's Great Xspecialy in the theatres