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Hard Candy (2005)
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So bad that it makes people set up accounts in IMDb and write reviews, 18 September 2007

I will try to make it simple and painless (as our main girl character would say). I decided to set up an account just to write this comment and warn others: do not loose time watching this movie! I can imagine the idea was great: a movie about disgusting, bad man and a little nice girl who fights for other hurt girls. I even had an enlightenment that the whole mystery is about swapping a strong man and a weak girl positions. It was a really short enlightenment that evaporated in the middle of the story.

The movie is empty, hasn't got any moral. The move is boring and predictable. In the end, it consumes 100 minutes of our life for nothing, it does not make us wiser, it does not make us laugh, it does not even make us scared as a thriller movie should.