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Jack (2014/I)
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Jack and Manuel, 5 October 2015

I'm a real fan of stories about children lost in life because of parents that don't seem to care about them, or a society that looks another place when this things happen. Jack tries to survive in Berlin, day and night, looking after his young brother Manuel, with nothing to eat, sleeping in an old car, facing adults, and trying desperately to find his mother, this idea moves them with enthusiasm despite the difficulties they are finding every minute. The main characters, two young boys, 10 and 4 years old, are amazing, their looks, their expressions, their illusion trying to go back home, will make you think that even in an modern and European city, childhood is not always the place you always want to return.

Marshland (2014)
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New Spanish cinema, 30 September 2014

2014 is being a fantastic year for Spanish movies. Critics and viewers are supporting made in Spain movies that are shown month by month. La isla mínima is a very remarkable film whose highlights are the plot, the narrative structure, the characters, the beautiful locations, the way that information is given to the viewers, and the rain that falls and envelopes everything around a small southern village in the late 80s. Leading role Javier Gutierrez has been awarded as best actor in San Sebastian film festival, but my favorite one is Raul Arevalo, his disturbing look to everybody, and how he tries to introduce different investigation procedures and different ways of thinking in a society that is still stuck in the past. Highly recommended.

Betibú (2014)
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Great film making, 16 September 2014

I'm a real fan of film noir, and also fond of crime stories, so I must say a film like Betibu had to catch my attention. The film does work as a thriller, the actors are really superb, especially Mercedes Moran and Daniel Fanego, can't say the same about Jose Coronado or Alberto Amman, probably they try to do their best bus the result is not remarkable. But the main strength of the movie comes from the powerful narrative dominion director has. The characters are complicated, interesting, believable, funny,and deeply human. It's lovely watching it in Spanish, though Argentinians speak their own Spanish, and enjoy the brilliant dialog between all the characters. Highly recommended.

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You will love Guillaume, 6 April 2014

Went to watch this movie hesitating about I would like it, and I have to say the film becomes much more interesting once the half hour has passed, the leader actor seems to feel more comfortable into the story, and also do the watchers. The songs, the blue and grey photography, and the misse en scene really catch you more and more. Guillaume is a boy really cute who loves his mother, his aunts, his grandmother, and all the womwn around him. He tries to get along with his thinkings and his feelings despite his father, who doesn't agree with his ideas and wants him to play football and to be a boy just like his brothers are. The movie starts slowly but goes faster and deeper and when you realize, the film will be over and you'll leave the theatre really pleased to meet Gullaume and his family.

Kamikaze (2014/II)
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Strange movie but I liked, 31 March 2014

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Hard to find whether Kamikaze is a comedy, a drama, or none of either, but that group of people, lost in a remote hotel in the middle of Russia, made me feel laugh, sympathy, sadness, when they show a part of their lives and try to help others to keep going on. Nice characters, fantastic plays, an outstanding Eduardo Blanco with a kind of out fashioned red stilettos, catches us from the first minutes of the film until we know where they really go when the plane finally lands. The story about Lola is one of the bests of the film in my opinion, and especially the way she tells to Nancy, the unhappy girl with a really suggestive voice that will rescue Slatan and herself from their past lives.

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a really funny movie, 17 March 2014

Don't miss one of the funniest film of the year, for sure.Dani Rovira, a famous actor from El club de la comedia, (Rafa)has to travel to the Basque Country to follow Amaia, a basque girl he has met in Seville, despite of the advisements of his friends, who think he will fail in his attempt to seduce Amaia. Once there, he mets Anne, a middle aged lady from Caceres, who also lives in the Basque Country because she felt in love a long time ago, now she is a widow, and she will help Rafa when he wants to give up. We will met Amaia's father, a basque fisherman who hates everything and every people out of his land, but finally he accepts Dani like her daughter's boyfriend ans treats him like a real basque. Me and the rest of the audience spent and hour and a half laughing, and I guess you will do exactly the same.

Home (2008/II)
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highway to hell, 3 November 2009

Very interesting and surprising film starring one of my favorite actress, Isabelle Huppert. The film describes the changes that take place into an ordinary family who lives next to a highway.One day the highway is opened, and still life turns into a nightmare.Each member of the family deals with the problem in a different way. All of them try to keep on doing the same things in their own way, but things go wronger day by day.The cast play such excellent roles that you can feel the anxiety as they do.I was asking myself during the film Why don't they leave ? But there are no answers, only questions. Enjoy the film and try to find why.

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My family and me, 5 July 2009

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One of the most celebrated films at the Spanish Film Festival of Malaga, Three days with the family is about the relation between three brothers and one sister, with their wifes and sons, whose father has just died. They don't see each other often, and their different opinions about common problems soon become a problem itself. The cousins, gorgeously depicted, also have to spend two days together, they know each other well, and still have things in common, like they did when they were younger. Nevertheless, their characters are very different, and their ideas about life, family, too. The plot may seem not very original, but the film is. The supporting roles are brilliant, the emotions are revealed through the eyes, through the silence. In less than twenty minutes, you feel involved with these typical catalan family, and really interested in what's coming after.

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After the war, the fear, 16 February 2009

Winner of the first award at the Berlinale, La teta asustada is the second film made by Claudia Llosa, director of the brilliant and exotic Madeinusa. The movie shows an interesting picture of a village in Peru, the life of a family, the things they do to earn a living, and the fears of Fausta, a girl whose mother taught her the power of songs to send away tears.Fausta keeps a secret, and she wants no one to discover it. Meanwhile, he tries to save money to make a wish come true.Magaly Solier plays a gorgeous role, like she did in Madeinusa, and makes us share her feelings through her eyes and her voice. Besides, the film shows the customs of a family and the way every member helps doing his best with a smile. Don't miss it.