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Sets the bar very high !, 29 November 2012

Its an instant hit. Very fresh and super naughty. I am really amazed by all the negativity. The characters are new and distinctly appreciable. It hits hard at social issues,bullshit news and media, hypocrisy. And most importantly its well made. Its definitely not for the touchy, oversensitive judgmental people. Packs a lot of punch. Must watch. Congratulations and a million thanks to the creators. Attacks human stupidity directly. I have loved Family Guy and South Park always. And this is also good. It's gonna be the next BIG THING. Thank god I didn't get carried away by bogus reviews or I would've have missed something really awesome. Even my friends liked it. I am from India and the latest episode with the Outsourcing thing was quite funny. Class apart.

[Rec] (2007)
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It will send CHILLS down your spine !!!, 20 May 2008

Its a very interesting and grasping movie. You wouldn't miss a scene. It is a pure documentary style HORROR movie which develops gradually. The start is sluggish but it compliments the over all suspense.

As the story unwinds, you will be able to notice that its quite differently made than other similar movies. Its a lot better than THE BLAIRWITCH PROJECT. The acting is quite good, the sounds are heart racing.

It certainly creates an atmosphere of fear, action and excellent camera work. If you are a HORROR MOVIE FAN I bet you'll say this was one of the best ever made.

It's very different guys. A must watch. Don't watch it alone.

Anamorph (2007)
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Nice Plot, Bad Execution, 20 May 2008

This story deserves a better director. Someone who understands the subject very well. The idea was really cool but follows the same platform of movies like Silence of the Lambs. Acting is nearly good. I think with a little more effort and time it could have been more interesting.

There are too many co-incidences which spoil the mystery. The story is certainly dragged at places. And at places it makes you sleepy. The music is nothing great. Willen Dafoe tries his best to impress. So I think it is not the one to watch in a theater but its a good watch at home. Nothing Brainy about it. It won't keep you guessing.

10,000 BC (2008)
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Tic Tic Ha... ha ha ...What a crap !!!, 27 April 2008

Guys I've a good taste for movies. I've seen bad movies by mistake but this is "Mistake of The Century". I'm shocked and angry with the director. How much money does he have to throw away like that ? The Tic Tic character was so stupid and his expressions were so not needed. His smile shot my Blood Pressure all the time and he thought he'd look graceful. Owe Boll could a better movie with this budget. Avoid it all costs. Apocalypto by Mel Gibson should be a lesson for these guys. At least Mel wouldn't make his hero speak English while the other tribal people were working hard to look like a human and shout HOOO HOOO HOOO !!! So funny !!!

Revolver (2005)
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Elegance meets Intellect !!!, 21 April 2008

Wow ! This movie is really awesome. Jason Statham is one of the best actors in Hollywood. He's my favorite. He has that rawness and his strong voice. He's done a wonderful job as in CRANK, THE BANK JOB, CHAOS, THE TRANSPORTER.

The movie is very interesting though it is heavy on the brains if you are not in a mood. The scenes are too perfect. Acting is par excellence. The story is very interesting and will appeal immediately to everyone.

But you might need to watch it again to truly appreciate it. At the end of it don't try to judge it, enjoy it. Its an excellent movie. Hats off to U Ritchie.

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Its a work of a GENIUS !!! Its just PERFECT !!!, 16 December 2007

This movie is more than an epic. It is an example of a PERFECT movie with a Head, Body and Tail. I've seen almost every good Hollywood Movie and this is something worth remembering.

The director has done the best job. I'm sure he'll do better projects. But this movie has made him immortal. The movie doesn't have any flaw if U r not looking for mild technical mistakes. The dialogs are a perfect, genius blend of poetry.

The movie has awesome Action, Music,Acting is par excellence. I was taken aback. It has to be the Best movie ever. Very Enjoyable and a perfect MASTERPIECE for every person. It is a story of revenge and a strong political view. DON'T MISS IT !