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Fantasia (1940)
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Worst Children's' film I have seen to date, 9 August 2005

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Worst Children's' film I have seen to date.

I was thoroughly disappointed at this film. Not because of the quality, not the length. But at the material that ended up being this movie.

I rented this expecting this to be a beloved "Disney" classic. But instead all I saw was an orchestra and a few snippets of cartoons. I would have no problem with solid cartoons, with classical music accompanying the drawings. But to showcase an orchestra, for almost the entire length of the film, is a bit much.

If you are looking for a classic "Disney" movie, with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, etc. Avoid this one.

I give it two thumbs down.

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A great classic Universal picture of the area., 5 January 2004

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A great classic Universal picture of the area. The Black Cat delivers two of the greatest horror actors ever born. Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi are an interesting enough as a pair, but it appears Karloff is better of the two in this movie.

Karloff's house is quite an astonishing site, for homes or movie-made homes of the area. With doors that slide to open/close, use of spiraling staircases and Karloff's attire, is just out of this world.

A couple of drawbacks seem to be the 'black cat' element and Karloff and Lugosi's off-the-cuff attitude towards killing each other. A black cat crosses the path of Lugosi, he cowers in fear, kills it and no one seems to care. An oddity in itself, but seems a little more story explaining should ensue. Karloff and Lugosi's 'killing game' seems to portray them as two bored school boys, daring each other and no one seems to mind the consequences (in this case death to the loser).

Aside some lack of back-story and some 'strange' storylines, The Black Cat comes through as a Horror Classic!

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Pretty good compared to the original..., 30 December 2003

I have read complaints regarding this latest addition to the TV Scooby shows. People can say what they want, but this cast does a real good job!

Casey Kasem as 'Shaggy' - There is no other 'Shaggy'. (Apologies to Scott Innes, Who has done an ok job as 'Shaggy' and a pretty good job as 'Scooby'). Frank Welker as 'Freddy' - Again, there is no other.(Although I do believe someone else could do a better 'Scooby'. Sorry Frank. Don Messick is definitely the only 'Scoobert'.) Mindy Cohn seems to do a pretty good 'Velma' and Grey DeLisle's version of Daphne, as heard in previous 'Scooby' movies, is perfectly acceptable.

For me Nicole Jaffe will always be 'Velma'. Heather North will always be 'Daphne'. Stefanianna Christopherson from the original 1969 series will always be the first 'Daphne', but Heather is the voice I'm most familiar with.

Despite all the dynamic changes, it's a really good show! Keep up the good work!

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Thrill Ride Every Minute!, 29 November 2003

Best local program on a TV show in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota Area. I grew up in the early to mid 80's, with a horror host named "Son of Svengoolie". Not only did I enjoy the movies shown, I loved the skits shown in between commercial breaks.

Uncle Ghoulie and crew, remind me of this style of hosting. The characters and their brand of comedy is definitely unique, I love it! Their style is quite different from previous horror shows through the years, not even having a host at all!

Movies shown on Horror Incorporated seem to satisfy all sorts of tastes. They are not your "run of the mill" Universal or Hammer standards. No, in fact a lot of them can be revered as "lost classics". A plethora of 50's through 70's "late show" style shows, is what you will get. Add wonderfully written and executed comedy skits to the mix and this would complete the thrill ride a minute called.Horror Incorporated!

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Although the holes were rather small, I had to count them all!, 10 November 2003

Holes, holes and more holes. A fair amount of information is missing to get the picture of this movie. Where is the history of The Baron prior to 1661? Why does he change into a "monster" before he sucks the brains out of his victims? Why, why, why! Apparently substance was cut out of the production for lack of funds. Definitely a "snoozer".

Fight Club (1999)
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I guess psychotic would be the best way to describe it., 16 April 2002

I totally did not understand this film. I guess psychotic would be the best way to describe it. Brad Pitt plays a "psycho" as usual and apparently Edward Norton has a major problem with reality. The film really lost me.