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Just a list of movies i enjoyed. Contains all genres over all time. Goal is to mention titles that arn't always listed in most lists
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Movies that disappointed me. In some cases i migh have expected to much though, mostly coz of misleading trailers/reviews
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For Those out there, i guess new in being a horror movie buff. These titles are mostly mainstream and are well known to the masses. Guess you can see this as a must see list to build a solid base for every starting horror/suspense/thriller fan

There's alot to be covered so i'll update the list once in a while

Feel free to comment

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What if you ran out of good Horror/Thriller/Suspense titles to feast on? Yes, it's possible. You've been through IMDB's Recommedation's lists and even dare to be unfaithfull by looking for other lists via google or whatever. Sure there's a lot out there but mostly the same old stuff from Nosferatu to Nightmare on Elm Street 2010. In between you'll come across good stuff like: Jason, Freddy, PinHead, Leatherface...80's..90's..SlasherTeenTorture..Reality..and so on and on and o...
Too make a Long story even Longer...
I like IMDB so i tried making a "diferent" sort of list of titles right here that I (a genuin movie freak) liked without stating the obvious. Keep in mind this list is random so don't see it as a "top" list, also i have to warn those out there that are still in a lower "Freak" Level as i am. Some of these titles made me into the horror freak i am today as in not for the faint of heart.

Check it Out and feel free to comment,

*Obvious to me are among many others;
-The Blair Witch
-The Shining
-The Grudge
-The Ring
Good Stuff but you know what i mean, if it has been on the white screen/mainstream it's mosly obvious.