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Brainless fun, 21 March 2006

It's really not that bad! Let's not delude ourselves into believing that it will inspire you, or impact your life in any way, shape or form, but it was fun. The cast is young and talented but fell victim to low budget film-making. The production team used them for cheap labor, and managed to get some good performances. It's really not their fault the movie doesn't have a better impact. The scariest thing about this movie is that it is advertised as a horror movie and not a comedy. Although, that guy from RATT is pretty scary. If you are a young actor in LA, unfortunately, this is the sort of preliminary work offered to you. The saddest thing would be if the cast never broke away from this genre and remained in the B-movie section at Blockbuster forever. That would be a punishment worse than having this one movie, or mistake, on their resume.

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A must see how BAD it really is..., 30 December 2002

I'm not sure what everyone is talking about. "The best movie of the year", "MORE THAN JUST THE BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR, IT"S ONE OF THE GREATEST EPIC'S OF OUR TIME." Maybe the had something in their popcorn that I didn't.

This movie started strong, but (after what felt an eternity) ended terrible. The only redeeming factor was Daniel Day Lewis' performance. He made this movie watchable. He truly deserves an Oscar.

I can only pray the the reason this movie felt so unsettled was due to mandatory editing. Then again, this movie was 3 hours long. You'd think that would be enough time.

With a little more explanation, relationship development, and attention to detail, this movie would have been amazing. Instead, it looks like budget ran out, on a script the size of a bible, that wasn't worth reading in the first place.

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Suddenly you're crying..., 3 September 2002

I'm not sure why they chose the huge cast they did. This movie would have still been wonderful if Paulie Shore had been in it. The screenplay is so meticulously perfect, that it would be almost impossible to ruin it. The cinematography is breathtaking. The music is chilling. This full circle movie actually makes you think. The lines and actions of the characters are not forced, they just happen in a way that lets you feel how you must. Your interpretation is required. You fall in love, not with Tom Hanks or the cute little boy, but you fall in love with their decisions. Emotions are universal, making this movie timeless and meaningful to all who open their hearts to it. I held up a barrier to this movie through the most traumatic points but, right before the end, suddenly I was crying.

Possession (2002)
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When a coming attraction lies..., 27 August 2002

Coming attractions are part of the movie going experience. Their purpose is to excite interest in the upcoming film, thus "possessing" you to spend $10 to go see it. I'm okay with this concept! BUT, I expect my reaction of the preview to at least somewhat resemble my reaction to the movie. "Possession's" preview describes an amazing journey into the depths of love, transcending time, making Shakespeare look like the writer of "Not Another Teen Movie", and uses Enya to further add atmosphere to the scene, with her chilling emotional sound, filling your stomach with a mixture of magic, desire, and most importantly a NEED to see the movie. So I did, and what I got was a plot as riveting as dust, with a love (for lack of a better word) story as romantic as a date with the pope. Not even the acting was able to redeem the nightmare! Which made me ask the question, "HOW IN THE WORLD DID THEY GET THESE AMAZING ACTOR's TO SIGN ON?" And then it hit me, they must have shown them the preview first.