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A very entertaining sci-fi film
27 December 2008
I found this film very entertaining from start to finish, There was good performances from the cast and the effects were brilliant.

It's about a bunch of rebels fighting against the evil empire and are trying to restore freedom to the galaxy. In one battle one droid called R2-D2 is sent on a secret mission with the stolen plans of the Death Star. With his friend C3-PO they escape the battle and go to the planet Tatooine. They then meet Luke Skywalker and little does Luke know that his life will change for ever.

I found this film very entertaining and I think it always will be. George Lucas must have a big imagination to have been able to put this film together. I think that this film is an all time classic and is one of the best films in the world and the Star Wars saga.
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A good sequel to a good film
30 April 2008
Beneath the planet of the apes is a continuation of the first.Astronaut Brent is sent on a rescue mission to find Taylor and his whereabouts.Brent ends up on the same strange planet that Taylor did and is captured by the apes and suffers the same faith as Taylor did only in a shorter version.Brent also discovers a mysterious under ground place where mutants worship an atomic bomb as their god.Little does Brent know the ape army is trying to track him down and kill him.Brent gets reunited with Taylor but the ape the ape army are getting closer and time is running out.

Some bad acting and stupid parts of this film made me give it a 6 rating.This is a classic but to me its losing some of its magic.Recommended to Planet of the Apes fans,sci-fi fans and people who finds Planet of the Apes interesting.This is enjoyable to some but not all.I hope the next sequels are as good as this.
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Enjoyable,what else is there to say?
30 April 2008
Planet of the apes is a classic with the apes the rulers and man the primates. The make up was fantastic and so was most of the acting.Three astronauts end up on a strange planet where apes speak and rule the planet and the three astronauts are taken captive by the apes.One of the astronauts Taylor is trying to make many attempts to talk but he can't because of the pain in his throat.One of the apes, Vira pays more attention to Taylor because of his major attempts to speak and keeps asking Cornelious and Dr.Zais what will happen when he speaks and one reply is:"human see,human do!"

Planet of the apes did start boring but it got good in the middle and the ending was amazing.It was followed by four sequels and a remake.The sequels are called:"Beneath the planet of the apes","Escape from the planet of the apes","Conquest of the planet of the apes" and "Battle for the planet of the apes".I recommend this to sci-fi fans nd those who are interested in watching it.
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I, Robot (2004)
Creative,but gets far-fetched at times
21 March 2008
I find this movie creative and far-fetched.I think it's creative because it is set in the year 2023 and robots have been invented.I think it's far-fetched because it seemed that the makers were trying to make the film longer by adding some stuff that wasn't necessary.It's about this scientist or doctor who designs a more up to date version of the other robots.When the scientist happens to commit suicide one detective gets very suspicious about the new robots and tries to find the missing answers to the scientist's death.When the new robots get delivered to the city,they have a revolution and set up a curfew.The detective tries to shut down the main machine but will he succeed?

I enjoyed this movie,but I found a bit of it far-fetched and made me give it a seven.I,Robot can keep many entertained with the action.Will Smith put on a good performance as usual.Recommended to Will Smith fans ,sci-fi fans and if you liked the movie "Robots".I thought it was great,but I didn't love it.
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When you read the book after you watch the film you'll have to give it a lower rating
16 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I have seen this film before I read the book and wrote the review, now I have read the book and found it much better. Watership Down is a fantastic story that I will never forget. The film itself is not a very good adaption but it leaves out a lot of parts in the book which I thought should have been in it.

The film is about a young rabbit called Fiver who sees a bad danger coming to his warren, at first his brother Hazel doesn't believe him and doesn't like the idea of running away. The chief rabbit also doesn't believe it and thinks Fiver and Hazel are a bunch of lunatics. Hazel and Fiver set off and so does half the warren. Half of them get captured and only leaves eight to set off and find a new home. Along the way they encounter some dangers that are life threatening. When they reach their new home they make friends with a crazy bird called Keehar. The rabbits then realize that there are no female rabbits so they ask Keehar to find some. He finds another warren called Efrafa and says there are many rabbits. So the rabbits must find a way to take some females and finish Woundwort once and for all.

This film is good with its beautiful scenery and good artwork and was a bit gory. John Hurt does a great performance as Hazel. When I first saw this I thought it was fantastic and I gave it ten, now That I've read the book I had to give it a lower rating. It leaves out a few characters from the book and left out the stories Dandelion tells. I recommend the book more than this film. This film is recommended for those who love animated films. This film would have been a lot better if went exactly like the book. There was a television series that went like the book which I haven't seen.
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4 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Thru the mirror is a very creative animated short of Mickey Mouse.In this short Mickey has fallen asleep after reading "Alice in wonderland",during his sleep he dreams that he has just after walking through his mirror.There, the furniture is alive(e.g a foot stool acts like a dog).Thru the mirror has some very funny moments like the part where the king of cards is trying to kill Mickey when Mickey is caught dancing with the queen of cards and when an army of cards are chasing Mickey,Mickey grabs a pen,jumps into a clothes basket and squirts ink at the cards, also a dance Mickey starts doing lasts for half the short.This Mickey Mouse short is very creative and if you want to see it get a copy of "Everybody loves Mickey".Recommended to Mickey Mouse fans all over the world.
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King Kong (1976)
Brilliant remake
28 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is a remake from the 1933 version but,of course doesn't go with the plot of the original.It's about a man who is trying to strike oil on an island before any other oil company gets there.Meanwhile someone sneaks aboard the ship and everyone is accusing him as a spy,but he really isn't.A woman called Dwan is found unconscious in a raft and is brought aboard immediately.Soon she falls in love with Jack(the guy who sneaks on the ship).When they reach their destination, the island seems to have natives living on it,but they don't pay attention to them they're to bust looking at an oil patch.The chief sees them and offers six of his women for Dwan.They refuse but the natives take Dwan anyway and claim her the "bride of Kong".

This movie has a very good story and is directed very well and a brilliant performance by Jeff Bridges.Also the scenery of the island was beautiful.The effects were terrible and the effects from the original had better.The reason I'm giving it 7 is because some acting wasn't great and at some stage it got into a pattern of boring to good and that pattern repeated over and over again.Recommended to fans of monster movies,Jeff Bridges and King Kong movies.
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Quite good
22 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
In Hawiian holiday Mickey,Minnie,Donald,Goofy and Pluto are off on holiday and doing a lot of stuff to keep themselves occupied.Goofy is trying to surf,Donald is avoiding harmful sea-creatures,Pluto tries to make friends with a starfish and a crab,Minnie is doing the "Hoola"and Mckey is showing off with a guitar.This is a funny short and anybody would like it.

Hardly anyone hates Mickey Mouse or dislikes him but people who are not fans might even find this funny for example the sea won't let Goofy surf the waves and they just keep hurling him back to the beach. This is a funny short and no one will be disappointed.Recommended to Mickey Mouse fans.
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Not a good Mickey Mouse short
22 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This Mickey Mouse short starts off with Mickey and Pluto walking through the jungle with a boomerang and Pluto thinks it is some kind of thing wanting to attack him and Mickey.I am a fan of Mickey Mouse but this is a very disappointing short in my opinion.This just shows Mickey trying to calm Pluto down and the boomerang gets stuck in Pluto's mouth and Mickey is trying to steal an ostrich egg.Mostly I laugh through these shorts and would love to watch them again but this put me off in watching it again but a few funny parts made me give it 5.This has aged well but it lost its magic and normally these shorts don't.This is watchable but not great.
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I'm sorry but was I supposed to laugh?
18 February 2008
What is so good about this movie?I saw it a first time and thought it was hilarious but the second time time really puts you off on seeing another cartoon movie.I like the Simpsons but this movie shows nothing special about the T.V show,in fact it is just a normal episode except it is longer and gets worst every time.I don't know what gave me the nerve to watch it again but it was like torture.It is about everyones favourite character Homer Simpson who gets the town in trouble by the government because he pours pig dung into the lake witch causes pollution.The town gets really mad and the family have to run away and hide,but how?the town is trapped in a bubble and they have to escape.

I began to hate this movie when I saw it a second time because nothing was funny anymore.And I say you're thinking that I have no sense of humour but the first time I saw it I laughed my head off but the second time made me bored stiff.Simpsons fans will be disappointed or maybe they won't but I'm one unhappy Simpsons fan.
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