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Mean Creek (2004)
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Great movie, 18 February 2008

Mean Creek shows the tale of a young boy who is bullied in school one day and he tells his brother and his brother gets his gang and makes a plan to get payback.The plan is to fake the little kids birthday and go on a boating trip in the woods.It all turns out that the bully is just a misunderstood kid that has problems in reading stop signs and minds his own business and likes filming stuff.Later,they decide to call the plan off but one lad doesn't want to abandon the plan and tries to make the plan work himself.Josh Peck stars in this movie and plays the part as the bully who is not a bully at all.I'm not a fan of the T.V show Drake and Josh but I watch it sometimes and I think that Josh Peck does a great job in this movie.

This is recommended to Drake and Josh fans and if you like drama movies.The acting was very good and had a few funny moments and memorable moments that won't go away.I would watch this again because I enjoyed this movie.

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Not the best but still good, 16 February 2008

I only like the show "Mr.Bean" if only his teddy is in the episode.I'm not really a fan of Rowan Atkinson but I have to say that he put on an excellent performance and Played the leading role as a secret agent called Johnny English.John Malkovich was brilliant as the French villain who tries to become king of England and turn it into the worlds largest prison.Johnny English is about an agent who becomes agent1 after all the other agents got killed in an explosion,but it really turns out that Johnny English is an idiot and makes too much mistakes which get him fired and because he won't leave a suspect alone.Johnny then just sits in his apartment wasting his life until he is offered a second chance by a woman who took his place.Can English stop the villain from his daring plan from taking over England.Watch and find out.

This movie just shows yet again Rowan Atkinson acting the idiot in yet another movie but at least he speaks proper English.This movie has a good plot and runs at a good pace and the acting was brilliant.I have liked this movie but some of the jokes weren't funny at all and Rowan Atkinson plays an idiot throughout and made me give it a 7/10.I hope it doesn't have a prequel or sequel because this movie will be 100 percent ruined.

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Boring and too long.A big disappointment, 15 February 2008

Too late the hero is one of the most boring movies that I've ever seen,well its not that bad,the action was good,the acting is decent and the battles are good.For a start,half way throughout the movie some things can just drive you insane and I'm not going to talk about that.It's about an American lieutenant who leads a platoon of British soldiers into a jungle somewhere in the Pacific to destroy a Japanese radio station.At that time a Japanese Major captured two men and are threatening the rest of the survivors to surrender or else he will kill them.As a lot of WWII movies are found interesting I found absolutely nothing interesting at all.The atmosphere for this movie is good and the effects are crap.

This movie is nothing but sheer disappointment nd nothing can change that(yes,even a remake).The blood wounds are cheesy for a movie that was made in 1969.I don't know what the deal was on making this movie,it was probably seen as spectacular for its time.I was going to give it a 5 at the start but the boring parts made me give it a 4 instead.Mostly if you see a war movie you are expecting to see a lot of action but this is a war movie that should be avoided because there is barely any action in this movie.War movie fans will be disappointed with this heap of junk.

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Eddie Murphy's worst performance in a movie, 15 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This has to be one of the one of the worst comedies to walk on the face of the Earth,the acting is dreadful,the plot sucked and Eddie Murphy put on a bad performance.I've seen Eddie Murphy in the Shrek movies and he put on great performances.It's about to lads who call themselves losers and put up a daddy day care center and they soon find out that they can't control the kids and an inspector comes and says they need more staff or else he will shut daddy day care down but fear not...the two boneheads have a plan that doesn't seem to work and daddy day care gets shut down.The only way to reopen it is to find a bigger place,more staff and try to get the kids back from some school for kids aged 2-4 or something like that.This movie is a real joke that can't make you laugh instead it makes you sleepy.The story isn't that bad but nothing is funny except the part when a kid comes out of the bathroom and says "I missed"and Eddie Murphy looks in the bathroom and the music from "Psycho" comes on.

Eddie Murphy fans will be extremely disappointed with this movie but I kind of doubt they will like it but its your choice to watch it.This really is a really bad movie and that includes Eddie Murphy's performance.

I would only watch this again if I have to pick a choice between "The Pink Panther" or this,I would watch this movie again This is a movie that should be avoided at all costs and don't say that I didn't warn you if you're disappointed.What a waste of time and film.

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Funny and unpredictable, 14 February 2008

Mickey,Donald and Goofy star in this cute musical as three janitors who dream of becoming musketeers because three of them saved them when they were young.When Pete is trying to steal Queen Minnie's thrown,he is hoping that his henchmen are doing a good job in kidnapping Minnie but when one fail attempt to "kidnap" Minnie(they thought they had to kill her)got in the way,Minnie wants musketeer bodyguards and Pete knows he's screwed but an idea comes to his head and he hires Mickey,Donald and,Goofy to become musketeers and protect her.But when Minnie was in a time of need when the henchmen kidnap her Donald hides only leaving Goofy and Mickey behind.Mickey and Goofy succeed but Minnie isn't safe for long....

This a good tale on how Mickey's,Donald's and Goofy's dream come true as they go on wacky adventures and do hilarious stuff that can get them into trouble.The songs in it are good for an animated movie and the plot is perfect and goes at a good Pace.No matter what Mickey,Donald and Goofy do their friendship is never broken and they stick together in attempts to stop Pete in becoming king of France and its never too late to see this movie.This a good movie that could make your kids who are fans of Mickey Mouse to be quiet for at least an hour and a few minutes but you watch it too its great!

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Mickey Mouse hasn't grown old, 14 February 2008

"The lonesome ghosts" is one of my favourite episodes of Mickey Mouse.Its about four ghosts who get bored and want something exciting to happen so they call ghost busters who are also bored because they get no customers and not making money.When they get a phone call from the ghosts,one ghost has put on a fake accent to make the ghost busters believe their prank. Then Mickey,Donald and Goofy believe their prank and go there immediately with not so good equipment and unaware what surprise is in the house.I find it easy to say that Donald is the coward,Goofy is the goofy one and Mickey is the brave one,always encouraging the other two to do stuff that they are not so sure about but it shows in this that all three are cowards when they say they are professionals and fearless.It is always fun to watch this episode again and again because the humour never stops.

This a very exciting and funny episode that is enjoyable for the whole family and if you want to see it,get a copy of "Everybody loves Mickey" or "Mickey's house of Villains".Is it just me,or does Mickey Mouse never grow old?

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The book is better, 10 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I read the book by L.Frank Baum I became a fan of it the and wanted to see this movie because I was astonished with the mystical land of Oz.The wizard of Oz is about a girl called Dorethy who gets trapped in her house during a storm and ends up in a strange land with her dog called Toto.There,she has to follow a yellow brick road that leads to an emerald city so she can meet the wizard of Oz.On her journey, she meets a scarecrow that wants a brain,a tin man that wants a heart and a cowardly lion that wants courage.A few annoying songs can drive you insane but there is no real hassle because there is a good plot and the acting is decent enough.The only bad thing is it doesn't show how hard they traveled to the emerald city like it dose in the book and the length it took for Dorethy to get to the good witch of the north.The wicked witch of the west,I have to say has a very sensitive hate of water because a small splash killed her.

I'm giving it 6/10 for a reason. And that reason is the book by L.Frank Baum really explains the story and this movie just didn't explain enough.A few laughs made me give it 6 but if I were you I would read the book,watch the movie and then write the review.This is a movie that is recommend to people who are fans of movies that were made in the 30's.

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Shouldn't be ruined by a remake, 9 February 2008

Singn' in the rain is an unforgettable musical that still entertains people today.It is based in the year 1927 when talkie movies come in and one film company is struggling to get their movies right and try to dub their squeaky-voiced actress.When one of the actors named Don falls into a car when trying to escape from fans he meets a woman who mistakes him for a robber and he has to explain to her that he is a famous actor. She introduces herself and says that she is a stage actress.Don later introduces her to the film company and they try to find a way of dubbing the squeaky-voiced actress in secret....

Singn' in the rain basically shows you what silent films are like and how loads of mistakes were made when talkies came in (you know, when new things come in they can't be perfect all the time).The performances and songs were excellent.

This movie is Fun for whole family and is a must see for musical fans that have not seen it yet.This is a movie that dose not deserve to be ruined by a remake.

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Terrible!, 2 February 2008

Oh my God what the hell happened here?!! I'm not going to say this again but what sort of backward movie is this? The dubbing in this is way worst than the dubbing in "King Kong vs Godzilla",Linda Miller had to be the worst actress in it and the suits are really cheesy.Its about some villain called Dr.Who who gets henchmen to build a robot gorilla that has the same strength as King Kong but when this robot breaks down he builds another one and then tries to kidnap Kong.When he does(thats when Linda Miller gets annoying)he makes Kong his slave but everything goes wrong and King Kong escapes.Then Dr.Who sends the robot after him.

Later when I was watching the movie I got a headache when Linda Miller and the other clowns started moaning.As I sat through the misery of watching the DVD while it was playing I was hoping that the madness in the movie was going to end until the fight.The ending has to be a really bad one because they could've shown Kong back on his island fighting dinosaurs again.

Don't watch the movie under any circumstances or if you do... beware of the disappointment you will receive.

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A low for Godzilla and King Kong, 2 February 2008

To start the comment I would like to say that I found nothing interesting about this movie,for a start the fights are too short,the dubbing is poor and the plot is not good enough.If the plot isn't recognizable to you its about a doctor who sends 2 explorers on a mission to an island to see if Kong really exists but at that time Godzilla breaks out of an iceberg and is heading for Tokyo...soon the explorers find Kong and take him back to Tokyo unaware that he will fight Godzilla.

King Kong vs Godzilla is cheesy and I don't think they call it a classic because in my opinion its not and never will be and I know its the 60's but come on!the 33 version of King Kong has way more action but at least this movie is better than "King Kong escapes"and God Im not going to talk about that movie in this comment.

If you are disappointed with this movie don't say I didn't warn you. Avoid at all costs

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