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Mouse and cat, 15 March 2003

A average, but not bad thriller in a kind of Hitchcock-mood. Dillon think his brother is killed, but off course we know better... and soon he is hunted for the McGuffin: A disk of spy names from the Torn Curtain-time. There are many failures in this movie, but if you can accept them, you get a good Dillon, a lovely Roth and first of all a fine story. 5½/10

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A little masterpiece, 3 November 2002

A fantastic movie. One of Malmros greatest (and that say a lot) Its a wonderful comedy, with a dangerous undertone. The incest-tema is just a little melody, who is near to came out, every time. A brilliant film, who it will be a shame to revealed to much about.

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A party, 26 October 2002

Of some reasons Foreign Correspondent has been forgotten - and that is a big shame. Its Hitch in full gear, with all his known trademarks. Many people see the brilliant 39 STEPS as NORTH BY NORTHWEST little brother, but this almost closer. 39 has a fantastic dialogue, but is not so technically brilliant as this. Perhaps the intrigue is too long, but this is enjoyable Hitchcock party, nobody should miss.

Frantic (1988)
Overlooked, 16 October 2002

This Hitchcockiaen suspense thriller, is very overlooked, and far better than its reputation. Its start very good, with Ford (our times Jimmy Stewart) searching for his wife and i think the film failed a little, when Polanski introduce his muse (later wife) Emmauelle Seigner (which is not a sophisticated Hitchcock heroine). The story take some un-satisfild ways, but after all is a good thriller with celebration of Hitchcock and Kafka. But when you see Polanskis talent for suspense and horror in his young age (Repulsion, Rosemary, Chinamtown etc) its not a film, who live up to this talent. 8/10

Vertigo (1958)
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Genius, 11 October 2002

I could write of VERRTIGO forever, but many thing has already been said and for the (hopefully few) who dont have seen this grandiose picture, it would be shame to revealed to much. But... I can say that the film is Stewarts way to the death, you can see this from the beginning. There are no way he ever could have been saved. I can say that Stewart (as in REAR WINDOW) looks like a surrogate for Hitchcock. And that is seems to be Hitchcocks most personal film. Actually it seems to be the reality of that time, where Hitchcock desperatly looked for a new Grace Kelly, and drive his actresses to madness with his obsession. Therefore it was naturally that Vera Miles should have played Madeleine/Judy. She was in a another place, as Tippi Hedren later should be, now it was the most a-normal Hitchcock heroine one can imagine, Kim Nowak, who played the part. It seems to be perfect that a "wrong" girl has the part. And that she was never a good a actor is not a problem. Yet it had been intresting to see, how Miles would have been in the role, perhaps it was to close the the real world. VERTIGO is a amzing masterpiece (rank it at number 28, as IMDB, is totally crazy) My favoritte film of all time is Rear Window, which is easier tó love, than this haunted film. VERTIGO remains the possible most genius film ever.

P.S. Hermanns score is fabolous

P.P.S It never manage Hitchcock to find a new Grace Kelly, and after it failed to give Grace Kelly a comeback with MARNIE, Hitchcocks creative gens retired.

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Wonderful, 1 October 2002

Using the WW2 as a background, for a much more universal and timeless story is not try often, but here you see a wonderful poetic story with perfect acting. Kjeld Jacobsen has his best role, and Willaume, Brusck, Miehe-Renard and Ingdal is all great. Funny, beautiful and classic - Rifbjerg/Schmidts best. 9/10

Good, 25 September 2002

I never imagine, i should comment on a teen-show, but this is better than the most. Indeed better acted. The first season of the show is diffently best. But in all american tv-series its more valuable to secure the financial side than the quality. The actors is very talented: James van Der Beek seems to BE Dawson Leery, Katie Holmes is probably the most promising young actress in USA (Not much compettion, but anyway great), Jackson fights with all the cliche, but manage them perfect. I dont like Michelle Williams or her charecter, probably, because i dont like that "kind" of girls. Kerr Smith is in a diffecult role and is not always confortable with it. His gay-role is a big cliche and political-correct. There are not many question about the strange in his sexuality, which i would have like. His sister (Monroe) is anoying. She seems to do what she shall, but is so extremly irritating, that it is impossible to like her. Dawsons father is great, his mother boring and bad acted. And in the end i would like to name Brittany Daniel, who played Eve in season 3. She have a enormusly potential, but sad enough she dont seem to get a good role. 7/10

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Underrated, 16 September 2002

UNDER CAPRICORN has always been dismissed, as Hitchcocks failure nr.1. Its not true (none of his film was failures) Hitchcock made a lot of masterpieces, therefore even a good film by him, would be dismissed. UC is a very strange Hitchcock film, but beautiful and interesting. Ingrid Bergman, who was briliant in NOTORIOUS and SPELLBOUND is not good in the leading role (she was said to be unconfortable under the shooting). Cotten is best, a very underrated actor. Its not one of Hitch masterpieces, but less can do it. 7/10

Mogambo (1953)
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Underrated - just underrated, 4 September 2002

MOGAMBO is not a groundbreaking masterpiece, its not Ford, Gable or Kellys best performance, but its highly entertaining and a real "Hollywood-picture". Its actually better than "Red dust", which its a remake of. The color-picture fit perfect to the film (Really old-time Technicolor-fashion!) It also show Gable fantastic ability, that he 20 years later can play the same role with this power. Gardner has her best role and Grace Kelly is on right way (still she missed Hitch) she is funny: DID HE BURN YOU OFF? and off course - but not necessary to say - incredibly beautiful. Sinton on the other hand is a little bit boring, but actually it fit OK in his role. 8,5/10

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Great Cooper, 2 September 2002

Coopers Oscar-winning performance is among his best, also great Hawks. The first half of it is a masterpiece, but when ´he became a soldier it lost some of its spirit, but a great movie - GIVE ME THAT OLD TIME RELIGION !


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