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The Other Man (1970) (TV)
great overlooked film, 17 August 2008

Having seen only once and in the dawn hours, I can't seem to forget this haunting film. A mix of mystery, suspense, and heartbreaking romance it reminds me of Vertigo.The actors, though not that well known are good especially Joan Hackett in one of her best performances.You believe in her, in her love,in her newfound quest for freedom brought by her love, and in the end in her overwhelming pain.The plot is ingenious and compelling and does not stretch credibility. The direction and technical stuff certainly could be better but they do not compromise the overall effect. And it has one message: don't let revenge blind you, you can became its last victim.A real pity it has not been remade, but perhaps it is a period piece better left alone.

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operatic miniseries, 25 May 2008

This was the apex of La Piovra, an Italian miniseries that is unsurpassed. In its own way it is the Godfather in an operatic way. Its villains are over the top (Remo Girone has a great performance going overborad but within limits) as the heroes and heroines are above reproach (great performances also by Michele Placido and the judge). Even the beautiful pawn acted by Simona Cavallari is well done.Its ending is real, if a bad omen to the Piovras that followed ,that went into a sea of mediocrity. I learned Italian especially to understand this miniseries. It is a great pity that it is not on the net. If you like mystery and police stories this is for you. I have never seen a miniseries as good.

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a good Gothic, 30 March 2008

I liked this film. It depicts the hypocrisy of Victorian times and how difficult life was to a female servant.The direction is conventional, I grant it, the material deserved an accomplished director that could better express the underlying tensions between the main characters.

In its day it was one of the first film that dared to speak about class in England.

Despite the innocuous director specially Jean Simmons and Stewart Granger manage to imbue their characters with some complexity. It is suspenseful to the last scene.

I disagree that W W Jacobs is a second rate author. The Monkey's Paw and Whistle and I Will Come are classics.

On the other hand I think Young Bess although somewhat entertaining to be second hand to a fault.All that fantasized story. Thomas Seymour is at best a rapist.

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a hitchcockian thriller, 19 January 2008

A film of almost unbearable suspense, who starts lightly and goes darker by the minute.

It works on various levels: as a critique of the society we live in ( the voyeurism and excessive competition), as psychological (the characters have their behavior well explained by the movie).

It is the best movie I have ever seen from Thailand.

Thai cinema is evolving and proof is Sick Nurses, an stylish exercise in horror better than most American movies and 13 Beloved, who is also very well served by its actors and director.

If you like suspense, don't miss that film

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perfect, 12 January 2008

a film about the corrosive power of evil in destroying lives, not only the obvious ones but everyone who is remotely touched by it. And also a reflection on the ordinariness of the same evil. Don't miss it.

I didn't get the political side, but, in a way , it also enabled to have a bigger picture of it. Also don't miss a Tale of Two sisters, A very good movie about guilt.

Interesting enough the message doesn't interfere with the content, so this is a very suspenseful film, you can't take your eyes of it. Also Cat of nine Tails is one of the least inspired serial killers movies I've have ever seen, although I like director Dario Argento (less and less with the passing of time).