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Every movie, series, cartoon, documentary, short film, etc. I ever saw. Or at least any one I can remember.
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Films that feature hell, the devil, or "the realm of chaos" or whatever a specific director decided to name an incarnation along the same lines.

I've left out the films with a single demonic possession like The Exorcist (1973) or witches or people being accused of witchcraft like Vredens Dag (1943) or The Wickerman (1973), but limited it those films where "the dark realm" or the depiction of it is an important element. Likewise, I've also left out vampires, werewolves and zombies.

Because I think that, although some people (and some films) may associate these things with the devil and they aren't mutually exclusive, they are distinguishable themes. I think this way it will make for a more interesting, focused list of films.
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"l'Enfer c'est les autres" -- Jean Paul Sartre
Hell is other people.

Heated discussions, dinner parties turning into nightmares, old memories coming back to haunt, painful confessions. Many of these are basicly 'one room dramas', but not all of them. And in turn, not all 'one room dramas' fit into this list, because many of them are horror films and (crime) thrillers like Saw, Cube, 1408, Rear Window and Pontypool. Those are great films too for another list!

But here, I've tried to avoid the "put eight stereotypes into a small cube and let them fight for their lives" and focus more on the dialogue driven socio-psychological 'dramatic thrillers'.
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Drama & romance, to some people not the most exciting combination of genres to look for a great film. Still... there are plenty of jewels out there based on (mainly) these two elements. These are my favorites.
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You all know those guys (for some reason it's mostly guys *) that seem to pop up in every goddamn film out there.

* Although there are also some very talented & prolific women in this list!

Sometimes you can't even tell them apart because all you know is "There's that guy/woman again!". Quite often, their performance is what makes a film memorable, even though they only appear for like 30 seconds. And some of these people have become quite famous for it by now.
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Some films, even though they are (very) high up the IMDb Top250, just can't keep me interested. And although it makes you feel guilty to yawn during a film that is way up in the ranks and praised by everyone, the inevitable conclusion is that, at least to your personal viewing experience, some films just stand the test of time a lot better than others. Some older films, as revolutionary and shocking as they may have been at the time, really do feel awfully outdated.

But every now and then you come across a film that within 15 minutes makes you forget you are looking at a black and white classic made decades before you were even born. I must admit this is very personal. Anyway, this is my list of those films so far. The result is (I hope) a list of 50's and 60's films that even young film enthousiasts (like myself) that are used to watching more contemporary films, will be able to enjoy.

To keep the list somewhat coherent and compact, I've limited this collection to the period 1940-1960. New films may be added over time as I work my way through the Top250. ;)
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Films and episodes featured on the TV-series "Elvira's Movie Macabre" from 1981, and subsequent revivals and similar Elvira series from later years.

The series features some (measured by IMDb rating standards) pretty bad films, introduced by Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, and every now and then featuring an intermezzo with Elvira's witty remarks and innuendo. Compared to another famous series with a similar approach, "Mystery Science Theater 3000" (see my other lists), E.M.M. has a more strict focus on Horror films.

Another interesting thing to note is that E.M.M.'s choice of films isn't limited to "bad" films. There are 10 films on this list with a 7.0 or higher rating, including all-time Horror classics such as Frankenstein and Dracula, and a total of 60 films with a 5.5 out of 10 or higher. This compared to 5 films with a 5.5 or higher on the MST3K list. On this list there are 2 titles with a 2.0 or lower IMDb rating, compared to 73 (!) such titles on the MST3K list.

Another interesting fact: there's 7 titles featuring "Satan" or "Devil" in the title. Which maybe at first glance doesn't seem that suprising in the Horror genre, but on second thought... there aren't that many (Horror) films to have this at all, so 7 on a list of 158 I think is a noteworthy concentration.

There are 13 entries with "blood" in the title, 19 titles with "dead", "death", "die", "murder" or "killer", 8 titles with "horror" or "terror", and 5 titles with "scream", 2 of which feature the word twice.

There are also four titles on this list that were featured on Elvira's Movie Macabre, Mystery Science Theatre ánd Cinema Insomnia. So apparently they are popular subjects for [witty remarks] / [ridicule] (pick one). These are "The Brain That Wouldn't Die", "Santa Clause Conquers The Martians", "Eegah" and "The Giant Gila Monster". See also the notes besides the specific entries.

This list includes:
- The original 5 seasons
- The 2010/2011 revival season of 20 episodes.
- The 2014 Series '13 Nights of Elvira'
- The 2004 Time Life series of special Elvira DVD's titled "Elvira's Horror Classics" which was done in a similar fashion to Movie Macabre.

Default sorting order is the order in which they aired.

NOTE: there is one title missing. There's supposed to be a title called "The Pigs" on episode S3E21 (between "Circus of Horror" and "Schizoid"), but I can't seem to find it on IMDb, and even Google isn't any help in finding anything useful about it.
EDIT: Found and added 20/7/2016 !
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People from the beautiful year of 1981.
I limited this list to the most famous ones.

How many famous people are from your year of birth?
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Films that used to be in the Top250 but now aren't anymore.

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According to popular cultural, there are several tried & true methods of raising the living dead, i.e. create zombies.

It's interesting how over time, these explanations of where zombies came from changed between (voodoo) magic, evil scientists, demonic curses, nuclear weapons, chemicals and pesticides, aliens, bioweapons, virusses and sicknesses, with the odd case of crashed meteorites or even sheer force of will.

There are also those films who don't supply an explanation at all; i.e. the explanation you get is that people become zombies by getting bitten by zombies (duh) without explaining where the first zombies came from, although these examples are harder to find than you might expect in the zombie genre.

Additions are welcome. I am trying to limit the number of movies with identical explanations and limit it as much as possible to cases that are at least marginally different from other films in some small way.
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Movies in which a radio transmission is an important part in the plot.
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Films directly or indirectly referenced/spoofed/parodied in 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'
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My current personel IMDb Top25, excluding the obvious ones that are already at the top of the Top250. Think of it as 'the other 25 films' that I think you really should see. This list can change at any time.
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These films were featured on the show "Mystery Science Theater 3000". In total 198 episodes were broadcast from 1988 to 1999. UPDATE: this list now also features the (short) films, series and documentaries that were featured in several shorts, mostly at the beginning of each episode.

Of course there are listings elsewhere, like on Wikipedia, or by simply looking up the episode listing for MST3K on IMDb. But having them in an IMDb list here offers additional features. For instance you can now sort them by descending IMDb user rating (or ascending... depending on what you are looking for) to find a cool movie to watch tonight.

The default sorting order is the order in which they were aired, or were supposed to air, starting with the unaired pilot episode from 1988 featuring "The Green Slime" (1968). This list now also includes the films that were featured in the shorts.

It's interesting to see that there are [only 5 films] / [still a surprising 5 films] (pick one) on this list with an IMDb rating of 5.5 out of 10 or higher - that is if you include the TV-series "General Hospital" that was featured in a few shorts.
On the other hand, there are 64 titles with a rating of 2.0 or lower...

It's also interesting to see that the posters for some of these films' IMDb entries attest to the fact that they are most (in)famous above all for being featured on MST3K.

There are four titles on this list that were featured on Mystery Science Theatre, Elvira's Movie Macabre ánd Cinema Insomnia. So apparently they are popular subjects for [witty remarks] / [ridicule] (pick one). These are "The Brain That Wouldn't Die", "Santa Clause Conquers The Martians", "Eegah" and "The Giant Gila Monster". See also the notes besides the specific entries.
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A list of titles featured on the "Cinema Insomnia" TV-series.

It is interesting to note that, unlike TV series with a similar approach, "Mystery Science Theater 3000" and "Elvira's Movie Macabre", C.I. also features other films besides Horror and Sci-Fi, like comedy films and actions films.

There are several titles that were featured twice; in different seasons of the series. There are also four titles on this list that were featured on all three of these series. So apparently they are popular subjects for [witty remarks] / [ridicule] (pick one). These are "The Brain That Wouldn't Die", "Santa Clause Conquers The Martians", "Eegah" and "The Giant Gila Monster". See also the notes besides the specific entries.

Default sorting order is the order in which they aired.
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Out of all 7 seasons of the original Star Trek series, this is my list of episodes that you must see, either because they are outstanding, exceptionally fun or because they are key episodes in the series. You can use this as a short list if you don't feel like watching the entire seven seasons.

In this list is a taste of all the basic ingredients that made TNG great. Some excellent Scifi, some Q, some Data, a few of the "just a lotta fun to watch" episodes, a little philosophy, the holodeck, some Romulans, Klingons and Vulcans and even some of the Borg. That about sums TNG up!
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This is a list of cartoons featured in the opening sequence of Futurama, either displayed on the giant TV-screen above the city skyline, or referenced indirectly.

Still missing from the list:
- "In a Cartoon Studio" from Aesop's Film Fables (1931) - used in episodes #402 and #403 - can't find it on IMDb, so I can't add it (yet).
- Episode 301, 307, 320, 601 - unknown cartoons

Another cartoon that was featured, which is not in the list below, is the original video clip of ЗОЙЧ ("Zoich"), the blue toad which was the proposed olympic mascotte for the 2014 Sochi games. According to it's creator, Yegor Zhgun, Zoich was influenced by the Hypnotoad from Futurama. This video clip can be found on YouTube. This was featured in episode #623.